An Eye on the Sparrow: The Bird Lover's Bible

An Eye on the Sparrow: The Bird Lover's Bible

by Sally Roth


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The Bird Lover's Bible

"Sally Roth is one of the most talented nature writers I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Everything she writes is an absolute delight, and this book is no different. Get ready to be entertained while gaining a whole new knowledge and appreciation of birds. " -Stacy Tornio, Editor, Birds & Blooms magazine


"Why?" is my favorite question. It's one I ask myself again and again, every time I poke around outside looking at plants and birds and bugs and everything else under the sun.

And wondering "Why?" is how this book came into being.

Why might a dove bring an olive leaf back to the Ark?

Why did a rain of quail fall upon the sleeping, starving Israelites?

Why would ravens carry food to Elijah?

Not in a religious sense-that's not my department. But in a bird sense.

Might it be possible, I wondered, that every mention of a bird in the Bible is based on science? On the true nature of that bird?

And might the true nature of each bird have something to teach us about the Bible? A better understanding of the verses, once we know the habits and behavior of those birds?

Every line of Scripture that mentions a bird has a "Why?" in it.

As you meet the birds that are named in the Bible, and get to know their North American counterparts, you'll find the answer to that question. The normal behavior of birds in their natural surroundings is one of the keys to understanding these Scriptures-and these Scriptures are one of the keys to understanding birds.

But at its heart, this is a bird book. Because, at my heart, is a love of birds. And a love of looking for the answers.

-Sally Roth

"Sally's done it again. Her latest bird book is a treat! Perfect for bird watchers or anyone interested in the Biblical lands; you will be amazed at what you didn't know. Well researched, of course, but I most appreciated how she interspersed the science and history with interesting tidbits, light-hearted humor, firsthand observations, and illustrations. It will be a great gift for friends and family." -LaVonne Ewing, publisher, PixyJack Press, and birdwatcher

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ISBN-13: 9781483962818
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/12/2013
Pages: 312
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About the Author

Sally Roth is an award-winning author of 20 or so popular books about birds, nature, and gardening, including the best-selling "Backyard Bird Feeder's Bible," and a contributing editor for "Birds & Blooms" magazine. She's also an enthusiastic public speaker, whether it's grabbing a stranger on the street ("Hey, want to see something cool?") or talking to an audience of hundreds ("Hey, want to see something cool?"). She and her husband Matt Bartmann share their home in the high Rockies with two dogs, one cat, a family of pine squirrels, a hard-working packrat named Sisyphus, a spotted skunk who lives beneath the house, a well-fed bunch of birds at the feeder, and a stable of old Volvos. Come visit us at We'd love to see you!

Customer Reviews

An Eye on the Sparrow: The Bird Lover's Bible 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kristie Ingerto for Readers' Favorite An Eye on the Sparrow: The Bird Lover’s Bible by Sally Roth is a must-have book for anyone interested in birds, nature and/or the Bible. Roth transports the reader back to Biblical times and lands in a study of the birds that play prominent roles in well-known Biblical accounts. The author also includes lesser known instances. Verses and stories from the Bible containing references to birds are analyzed. The birds are discussed in detail, providing the reader with information as to the birds’ environments and typical habits in the Biblical era compared to here and now.  As soon as I started reading this book, it was obvious that Sally Roth put a great amount of time and effort into writing it. I can tell that Roth did a huge amount of research as the book is written in depth and discusses so many birds. Roth’s passion and enthusiasm for the subject is apparent as well and I love the layout of the book and the style of writing. The humor, knowledge, and little tidbits interspersed throughout left me feeling that I had learned so much about birds, but gained a deeper understanding of Biblical accounts as well. Heather Dieter Bartmann’s illustrations are a nice addition. I am not good at identifying various birds when I see them; therefore it was helpful to see a picture of the bird that I was reading about to help connect the name and details with the illustration.