Anatomy of a Warrior

Anatomy of a Warrior

by Alexander Lanshe


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This book is based on 2 and 1/2 years of research and 120 interviews with the most successful leading authorities on human violence and the prevention thereof.

Author Alexander Lanshe sought to gain clarity on this question: "What virtues are the most essential for a warrior to live by in order to prepare for, protect against and prevent human violence?"

The results of his extensive research revealed seven core virtues that were most often referenced by the 120 interviewees.

The book takes a revolutionary approach to preventing human violence in society by focusing on developing the virtue of the individual protector (professional or non-professional).

Among the interviewees are world recognized leaders of human violence including:

- Lt. Col. Dave Grossman
- Gavin de Becker
- Massad Ayoob
- Rory Miller
- Alexis Artwohl, PhD
- Ken Murray
- Clint Smith
- Chuck Taylor
- Gary Klugiewicz
- James Hamilton
- Tom Taylor
- Michael Dorn
- Patrick Van Horne
- Rob Pincus
- Dr. Sudip Bose
- And more!

This book is ideal for the current professional protector in the military, law enforcement, government agencies or the private sector.

It is ideal for you if you are a private person who knows that protecting yourself and loved ones from violence ultimately rests on your shoulders.

These virtues can be applied by the professional and non-professional alike. Due to the nature of the virtues, the barrier to entry is non-existent - there is no gear you need to buy, no elite tactical training you need, nor advanced degrees required to become someone who lives out these virtuous in your daily life.

In addition to neutralizing violent threats, these virtues have tremendous extra benefits that are vast in scope. These virtues can be used and applied to:

- Help to survive & overcome the emotional aftermath of a violent encounter

- Give each daily task more meaning and purpose

- Neutralize other non-violent stressors such as verbal fights, work related stress, self-destructive habits, and negative self-talk.

Alexander Lanshe envisions a nation that has been equipped with the seven core warrior virtues and believes that these core virtues are absolutely essential towards neutralizing unjust violence in our society.

He accomplishes this vision through selling the book, speaking on stages (large and small) for Warrior & Protector Groups (Professional, Non-Professional, Public and Private), businesses, corporations, Universities, Churches, and High Schools; and producing virtuous warrior based content on his website,

If you believe that our society is in desperate need for a re-infusion of warrior virtue - this is the book for you!

If you are ready to transform your life and make your sphere of influence just a little bit safer and secure, this book is for you!

If you believe in individual responsibility and that a society transformed by these virtues will be better able to combat the evil of our times, this book is for you!

Whether you are a hardened professional warrior or a young person just beginning your journey on the warrior path, this book has something to offer you!

The collective wisdom of 120 of the greatest minds and most experienced practitioners lies within your grasp - men and women who have been there, done that, and are still doing it!

Join Alex Lanshe in his mission to neutralize violence, destroy evil, and keep good people safe from bad people. It starts with you, you can do this!

Live with virtue!

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