Anglo-French Relations since the Late Eighteenth Century

Anglo-French Relations since the Late Eighteenth Century


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This work, intended to commemorate the centenary of the Entente Cordiale in 2004, examines aspects of Anglo-French relations since the late eighteenth century when both Britain and France were pre-eminent great powers at war with one another through to the post-Second World War period when both had become rival second class powers in the face of American and Soviet dominance.

The chapters in this book examine and illuminate the nature of the Anglo-French relationship at certain periods during the last two hundred years, both in peacetime and in war and include political, economic, diplomatic, military and strategic considerations and influences. While the impact of Anglo-French relations is centred essentially on the European context, other areas are also considered including the Middle East, Africa and the North Atlantic. The elements of conflict, rivalry and cooperation in Anglo-French relations are also highlighted whether in peace or war.

This book was previously published as a special issue of Diplomacy and Statecraft.

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ISBN-13: 9780415495004
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 12/10/2007
Pages: 284
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction: the Entente Cordiale and the Sea Serpent Philip Bell 2 Talleyrand and England, 1792–1838: A Reinterpretation Alan Sked 3 Castlereagh and France John Charmley 4 Palmerston and Anglo–French Relations, 1846–1865 David Brown 5 From “War-in-Sight” to Nearly War: Anglo–French Relations in the Age of High Imperialism, 1875–1898 T. G. Otte 6 Clemenceau’s Contacts with England David R. Watson 7 The Anglo–French Victory on the Somme William Philpott 8 Austen Chamberlain and Britain’s Relations with France, 1924–1929 Gaynor Johnson 9 Anglo–French Imperial Relations in the Arab World: Intelligence Liaison and Nationalist Disorder, 1920–1939 Martin Thomas 10 Yvon Delbos and Anthony Eden: Anglo–French Cooperation, 1936–1938 Glyn Stone 11 “A Very Great Clerk”: Sir Ronald Campbell and the Fall of France, May–June 1940 Christopher Baxter 12 Entente Neo-Coloniale?: Ernest Bevin and the Proposals for an Anglo–French Third World Power, 1945–1949 Anne Deighton 13 Separated by the Atlantic: The British and de Gaulle, 1958–1967 James Ellison 14 Britain, France, and America’s Year of Europe, 1973 Keith Hamilton

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