Anotha Storm: Storm V

Anotha Storm: Storm V

by Steven Paul-Germané

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Youre a fucking puppet, he let out. And Victor is pulling the strings. And youre not? I challenged, counterattacking. The only difference between you and me is youre getting fucked up the ass with a hand. No, he returned, snapping, youre getting fucked by everyone, and Im not. He was right. I did feel like a puppet. Thats the fucking difference, and you know it, he exposed. You didnt have a fucking problem fucking this ass, I reminded him angrily. In fact, if I recall correctly, you enjoyed it. I wanted to scream but couldnt. My entire life seemed like it was no longer mine. It belonged to someone else. If I was given a chance to make things right, could I do it? Would I do it? There was so much that was wrong in my life over the last year that I almost didnt know what to say, think, or do. I felt as if I couldnt trust anyone except my lovers, Julio and Antonio. Everyone around me seemed different, especially Patrick. Victor had put me through so much, and now all I wanted was justice and having him in custody where he belonged. That would be the start of that justice, I believed. But then again, I could be wrong because with the kind of money that Victor and his brother Travis and Christopher possessed, they could buy the country and still have money to burn. In fact, I would not be satisfied until I knew that they would all be behind bars and the key thrown away so theyd never get outif they ever made it to jail. I kept playing the idea of me being Victors son in my head, and knowing what he had put me through himself personally and had allowed others on his behalf to put me through, it only pissed me off and caused me to become more bitter by the moment. How could he force me to do those awful things, and how could he use me the way he used me? And to think my family unbeknownst to them it was me or I, them, and they played a part in his wicked, sick game. I was a puppet, and he was right when he told me I was one. However, I was hell-bent on cutting those strings and freeing myself of Victor and anyone else that was associated with him. And regardless of what I believed, I had a choice to make, and the only question was, would I make the right choice at the end? More sex, more drugs, more taboo, and more forbidden games. I would do whatever I had to do to see the fall of Victor Grant. He was going down, one way or the other, and I would do whatever I had to do to make sure I was the one who took him down.

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ISBN-13: 9781524622350
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/02/2016
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About the Author

Steven Paul-Germané is from Los Angeles, California and was raised some in a small town in Oklahoma. He pursued a computer information systems business degree from the University of Arkansas. After years of being married, he divorced his wife Kimberly a few year ago and commutes from the Dallas, Texas area to Fayetteville, Arkansas where he continues to raise his son Kah’Vanti. He has written several books with seven of them published. This is his eighth book being published and the fifth in his Storm Series. Mr. Germané is also a talented singer and songwriter, although none of his music has been recorded. He eventually would love to have his songs recorded and his books turned into movies for the LGBTQ community. His books are diversified and stimulates your mind, body and soul and he hopes to inspire other writers, to expand on their controversial subjects and actions and express themselves through their writings. There are heroes in all of us and no matter what gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity or anything else that mainstream seems to denounce, we - as a people and as individuals - have a voice and whether that voice is on paper or in verbal sayings, we have a right to express ourselves and live free and love freely. There are no limits except the ones we place on ourselves and hopefully we realize that the sky is the limit to what we can do. And that is infinite. Endless.

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Anotha Storm

Storm V

By Steven Paul-Germané


Copyright © 2016 Steven Paul-Germané
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-2236-7


Seeking Justice

My dad, brothers and Julio were waiting for me at the hospital. Antonio stayed at home watching over mother. When they heard what had happened and the capture of Victor, Tate and Chris and our call from the coast guard saying we were on our way to Cedars, dad made sure I knew he would be there waiting for me and for Adam. He personally wanted to thank the man who was there with his son and saved his life. Once we landed on the roof of the hospital, they were all standing on top of the building waiting for us; my brothers and father running up to me and grabbing me and hugging me and then father shaking Adam's hand. We were cold. Wet.

"Look young man," father addressed Adam. "Thank you, for being there for my son ... with my son," he paused. "I knew it was the right decision when I requested you to handle this case. I knew you were the right man for the job." The helicopter was loud and he had to yell, but we all heard him as he approached me. We crouched down low to avoid the copter blades. Everyone had smiles on their faces.

Julio hugged me and kissed me in front of everyone. He did not care about a thing or his pain from his injuries. "Thank god you're ok baby," he let out loudly. "I'll never leave your side again," he promised. It was sounding like a broken record. "I love you." Promises that I knew that would never be kept because of me. I told him I loved him too.

I saw Adam's facial expression as I said it loudly over the blades sounding off as the hospital staff had Adam and I, both to lay down on gurneys so they could take us to examining rooms. Julio and my brothers walked along side me as father walked along side of Adam. I kept trying to look back and see Adam but it wasn't working and we ended up getting separated.

My brothers made sure that I was taken to a private room to be examined because the paparazzi had gotten wind of me being taken there. Once inside the room they left Julio and me alone for a few minutes before the doctor came in to look at me. Julio didn't waste any time kissing me again and holding me, as I sat on the edge of the bed. He was making me hot and although I wanted him as badly as he wanted me, I couldn't help but think about Adam in the other room with father. I didn't know what they were talking about, if anything. I did know that it was taking father forever to come into the room to check on me.

"What's wrong?" Julio questioned me because he noticed me glancing at the door every chance I got.

"Nothing," I lied. "Everything is perfect now," I released. "I'm home with you ... father has mom back ... everything is ok," I added. "My uncles have been captured and we can finally have closure to all this madness," I believed.

"Yeah," Julio returned. "We can go back to living a dull boring life now," he laughed out loud, looking at me and then kissing me again. "But then again, there is absolutely nothing boring about your life and the people you come in contact with," he added.

"Yeah, I know right," I laughed back. "In fact, I'm pretty sure that my uncles have tons of things planned for me and my family," I assured him. "The three of them are very powerful men and we'll see just how the justice system plays out with all that money they have between them."

Julio looked at me annoyed by my response and then chimed in. "Antonio and I have a big surprise for you once you get home," he released. "And as far as your uncles are concerned. Let's not talk about them right now." I agreed with him by shaking my head and then kissing him, just to be caught by the doctor who came into the room.

"I'm Dr. Steven Phillips," the doctor let out. "I hear you've had a pretty crazy day," he laughed out a little. "I'm going to examine you then let you go home to your family," he said looking at me. I smiled at him. Dad had spoken highly of Dr. Phillips and he had taken care of mom and dad when the two of them had medical emergencies. In fact, I figured dad had him on his payroll, if not now, eventually.

Thirty minutes later, I was walking out of the examining room, still in my damp clothing, heading down the hallway to Adam's room, where father was still located. My brothers were in his room as well and once Julio and I got to it, he looked at me and smiled as did my brothers and father. I knew that look on my brother's faces and I knew that smile on father's face too. Julio had my hand in his hand holding it in front of everyone.

"Does someone want to clue me in on what's going on?" I asked curiously.

"Yes," father started. "Adam will be coming to work for the company," he admitted. "I've asked him to take over Jake's position for the company since Jake is no longer with us."

"I figured as much," I started in. "Adam's a great lieutenant, just like Jake was," I acknowledged. I looked at Adam and smiled again.

Dr. Phillips came into the room and examined Adam with us all standing there watching and then released him as well. We all walked out of the hospital together with the Escalade Cadillac XL limo waiting for us. It was good to see Douglas there standing with the door opened and umbrella's hovering over our heads as we were led to the limo trying not to be photographed and because of a rare storm we were having.

I couldn't believe how badly it was still storming in Los Angeles and when I looked at Adam standing there in the rain, with it falling onto him, I thought about how beautiful he was and how lucky I was to have had an opportunity to have him in my life. I smiled at him as Julio looked at me and smiled and then left me there with Adam alone for a few moments, as he walked to the limo without an umbrella getting soaked.

"Thank you," I said reaching out my hand for Adam to shake it, standing there in the rain.

"For what?" Adam questioned.

"For everything," I returned. "I wished I could have all three of you," I began.

"All three of us," Adam laughed. "You know that will never work," he remarked. "Besides they don't even know about us," he continued.

"Keep thinking that," I replied. "Julio and Antonio know more than you think," I confessed. "I love you ... you know," I hesitated a little.

"I know.." Adam echoed his sentiments likewise. "And I love you too," he returned.

"Then why does it feel like this is the end?" I asked sadly.

"I don't know," Adam hinted. "It's only the beginning," he whispered softly. "I'll be working for the company and probably living at your place," he added. "That safe room will probably be my home," he teased. "And when you get your mind back, you'll be in my bed before you know it," he joked.

"I do love you, Lieutenant Adam Clark," I said still holding his hand. My back was to everyone so they couldn't see what we were doing.

"And I love you Mr. Phillip Eugene Stevens," Adam acknowledged, looking me into my eyes.

"Can we give you a lift?" I asked him as I dropped his hand and turned to walk away, with the rain falling on me. "I still have that disc to watch too by the way," I added.

"Yeah about that disc," Adam joked. "I can't wait to see it. And, no," he spoke out. "I think I'm going to just hang out in the rain for a while, go find Jake's casket and get that coke out of it and then go file the report of what happened in Cabo and on the way home. I'll swing by, meet you in the safe room and fuck the shit out of you before going home to my house. Besides, I still have some loose ends to take care of."

"I'll be waiting," I insisted as I walked away from him and ran to the limo, getting into it where everyone had been watching and waiting for me.

Julio looked at me as I sat near him. He took my hand in front of father and my brothers and said exactly what Adam had just said, "I love you Philip Eugene Stevens." He kissed my hand and then me.

My brothers started saying yuck, yuck although I knew they were playing. I looked at Patrick and at father and then at Phil. I laughed because father had kissed a man before, Patrick had kissed a man too. And Phil, although I think with his luck and women, it wouldn't surprise me if he and Phu ended up together or something.

"I love you too, Julio Jesus Ramirez Gomez Gonzalez Mendoza. ..." I could have kept going. He knew I was playing with him as well as the others as everyone started laughing.

"You got jokes," Julio replied shutting me up with a kiss. "It's just Julio Mendoza," he laughed out loud kissing me yet again. Everyone else laughed also.

"Ok, Ok," father let out. "You boys can do that when you get home," he chatted.

The ride home was filled with laughter and relief knowing that justice would soon be handed down to my father's brothers. My thoughts were filled with thoughts of Adam, Antonio and Julio knowing that I was not going to give any of them up because I had enough love for all of them. But I also knew that although my uncles were captured, they could walk away from all this as well. All bets were off as far as I was concerned and them. However, for right now I couldn't wait to get home and see mother, Carmen and Mimi as well as Antonio and try to put back the pieces of our lives and hopefully make some sense of everything that happened to all of us. Too many people got hurt and too many lives were lost and hearts broken.

* * *

Once we arrived home, I got out of the car. I could see mother standing under the covered entrance way to the door and Antonio. I ran to her and hugged her getting her a little wet and then hugged Antonio for what seemed a life time, although it was brief. When everyone else got to us at the door, we had one big group hug. We went into the house where we all went into the library and talked about things, laughing and crying at times, but thankful. Finally, around one a.m. the following morning, we dispersed with me finding time to text Adam, telling him that we'd have to meet up later and he replied by telling me he was still downtown at the police station trying to finish up his report and he was going to call it a night once he finished. We could get together later that day.

And finally, it was just Antonio, Julio and me in the comfort of my bed, dead ass tired and instead of making love we just held each other falling asleep in each other's arms, thankful that everyone was safe. I was right where I should be at this time, with the two of them. I had a lot to look forward to. I was definitely looking forward to seeing my uncle's pay for their ignorance and the destruction of so many lives; especially Jason's, Bethany's, Monica's and Mario's. And Maime's. I knew this was far from over, in fact, it was just the beginning to another storm coming straight at me.


Pending Allegations

It was apparent that my uncle wouldn't go down without a fight. Somehow or another their attorney's would convince the judge, I'm sure along with millions of dollars, that they weren't flight risks and that they all should be put through mental evaluations because of them not being in the right state of mind at the time of Victor shooting Maime' and the alleged kidnapping of my mother. Mom went on her own free will because she was under the impression she was leaving with dad.

There was no proof that Victor, Travis or Chris were involved in any other killings or injustices that had been inflicted upon my family and anyone else in our realm. After going over the discs with Adam, he himself said everything was circumstantial because not once, did we see any of their faces on the disc. We only saw Carlos and Stefano as well as Chuck, Jeff and Chase and that was basically with me using drugs and having orgies or should I say well-orchestrated gangbangs.

Although there were at times, mentions and references to dad, mom, brothers and uncles and other people in my life, there was no actual proof that they committed any crimes with Victor and there was nothing directly linking them to Maime' at all, even though Tate was there, but he didn't pull the trigger. Victor knew how to work the system. He could say self-defense or he felt threatened or it was an accident and that although there were numerous witnesses that could be called to say otherwise, Victor had tons of money to buy them all off.

Tate could easily use the abandoned as a child thing to make it look like he was suffering from some psychological issues or he was bipolar acting out because of forgetting to his medicine and that caused him to act out and he concealed his identity out of fear. They could all walk away without spending any time, locked up anywhere. All they had to do was find the right judge and they'd be free to continue to wreak havoc on me and my family.

I still hadn't looked at the new disc. I honestly was scared too. It could be anything. I just hoped and prayed that the justice system wouldn't let me down or my family as it had done so many other times to good people because the bad guys always seemed to have enough money to buy their freedom.

Maime's family needed closure to all this madness and they needed to know the real reason why she was shut up permanently. If there was any connection to Jason, Mario, Bethany, Monica, our guards, the plane and even the yacht fire that killed Debra's mom, all of those people needed closure and answers to why they were killed, murdered or whatever you wanted to call it.

Jason didn't have to die the way he did. Why were father and mother run off the road almost killing them? What was so important to my uncle or uncle's that caused them to want to harm my family and my friends? I couldn't understand what was going on, but for some reason we had a big target on our backs that was put there by family. Not the competition. What about all the lies and the unnecessary bullshit that I personally had to go through, being made a sex slave servicing so many guys and women, because of being made a druggie, because of my party boy image? And then all the bullshit that happened in Cabo, was that really necessary? I wanted answers as did my family.

It would be labeled the trial of the century and our friendly reporter Shawn Murphy would turn it into a movie script because of her reporting about what had happened and what was happening and all the secret meetings with prosecutors and defense attorneys and all the pleas for reasons of insanity and crimes of passion and so forth. The entire country would see how the rich lived and played and dealt with the law.

My brothers and I couldn't go anywhere without being rushed by the paparazzi and news reporters. Father and mother stayed locked in the house, even putting up a huge gate to keep everyone out of the drive way. It would stay open during the day but closed at night, unless it was crazy outdoors like it was now. It was nothing to hear the helicopters flying over the house daily or nightly trying to get pictures of us. It was becoming a nightmare.

At least Antonio, Julio and I were still going at it daily with them being part of my life at work and at home, while Adam built his case around my uncles and their deception and of course working with the prosecuting attorney to seal their fate behind bars. We were still together also and although he hadn't started working for our company yet, he was still very much coming aboard but was allowing Antonio to perform his position for him until the case had been brought to trial.

Because of the nature of the crimes that were committed in the U.S. and also in Mexico, this was being handled on a federal level. My uncles were all in federal lock up instead of regular facilities and had the world handed to them from three different mental institutions that held them. Their lawyers demanded that they be evaluated for being mentally incompetent due to their separation at birth from one another and the acknowledgement of them being triplets with the exception of Casey, who was considered crazy because of his addiction to cocaine and neglect too.

* * *

It seemed like Adam had basically moved into the house with us as much as he was there getting statements from Verna. She was staying in our house and working since she wasn't allowed to go back to Victor's house in Calabasas due to the house being the center of secrets all this time. The brothers had obviously been living right under everyone's noses and running Victor's corporation. Tate however was something else, knowing he knew my father but chose not to reveal himself and then when the first incident happened he busted Victor out as father's brother instead of implicating himself in any of this, while calling all the shots himself side by side with his other two brothers. It was a tangled web of deception and revenge.


Excerpted from Anotha Storm by Steven Paul-Germané. Copyright © 2016 Steven Paul-Germané. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, vii,
Prologue, ix,
Chapter 1 Seeking Justice, 1,
Chapter 2 Pending Allegations, 7,
Chapter 3 Long Days, 14,
Chapter 4 Surprises, 22,
Chapter 5 Here We Go Again, 30,
Chapter 6 Keeping Promises, 38,
Chapter 7 Unwinding, 45,
Chapter 8 Releasing Pressure, 55,
Chapter 9 Changes, 64,
Chapter 10 Attempts, 72,
Chapter 11 Security, 83,
Chapter 12 Strained, 97,
Chapter 13 Concessions, 107,
Chapter 14 Scandal, 116,
Chapter 15 Barriers, 127,
Chapter 16 Currents, 140,
Chapter 17 Forbidden Desires, 151,
Chapter 18 Mistakes, 162,
Chapter 19 Time, 171,
Chapter 20 High Profile, 178,
Chapter 21 Calling the Shots, 193,
Chapter 22 Spot Light, 207,
Chapter 23 Warning, 213,
Chapter 24 Continuation, 231,
Chapter 25 More Games, 240,
Chapter 26 Mirrors, 266,
Chapter 27 Masks, 280,
Chapter 28 Tricky Treats, 288,
Chapter 29 After Party Flashback, 306,
Chapter 30 Expectations, 325,
Chapter 31 Awkward, 350,
Chapter 32 Party Crasher, 371,
Chapter 33 Bracing for the Storm, 379,
Chapter 34 Potential Results, 398,
Chapter 35 Storm Over, 407,
Chapter 36 Karma, 421,
Chapter 37 Home, 435,
Chapter 38 No Warm Welcome, 453,
Chapter 39 Final Storm, 467,

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