Antarctic Science: Global Concerns

Antarctic Science: Global Concerns

by Gotthilf Hempel (Editor)


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Public awareness of the importance of Antarctic research, particularly in relation to global problems, has increased. The book spans a broad spectrum of Antarctic science from the "ozone hole" to microbiology to the sea ice. The main focus is on the role of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean in the world climate system, e.g. the formation of sea ice and its relevance to ocean circulation, the biological pump in relation to CO2 release. The past climate history is revealed by the analysis of ice cores and sediments. Studies of plate tectonics and fossil records reach further back in earth history. Key words in the biological chapters are krill and the rich Antarctic benthos. Finally, the potential conflict between conservationists, researchers and tourists is discussed.

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ISBN-13: 9783540575597
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 07/22/1994
Pages: 287
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Table of Contents

Antarctic Science — Global Concerns: Introduction.- Environmental Protection and Science in the Antarctic.- Conflicts of Interest in the Use of Antarctica.- Antarctica — Where Space Meets Planet Earth.- The Antarctic Sea Ice Cover.- Ecological Significance of the Sea Ice Biota.- The Polar Ice Sheets: A Chronicle of Climate and Environment.- Biological Impacts of Seasonal Ozone Depletion.- The Southern Ocean: Biogeochemical Cycles and Climate Changes.- Detection of Change in Antarctica.- Antarctic Krill — Changing Perceptions of Its Role in the Antarctic Ecosystem.- Impact of Shelf and Sea Ice on Water Mass Modifications and Large-Scale Oceanic Circulation in the Weddell Sea.- Evolutionary History of Antarctica.- Geological Contributions from Antarctica.- Antarctica as a Space Laboratory.- Antarctic Benthos: Present Position and Future Prospects.- Future Ocean-Atmosphere Research in the Antarctic Region.- Future of Antarctic Science — Biosphere.

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