Anti Inflammation Guide - The 30 Day Inflammation Elimination Protocol - Anti Inflammatory Foods, Lifestyle Changes, Tips, Anti Inflammation Cooking, Daily, Weekly, Meal Plans, & More...

Anti Inflammation Guide - The 30 Day Inflammation Elimination Protocol - Anti Inflammatory Foods, Lifestyle Changes, Tips, Anti Inflammation Cooking, Daily, Weekly, Meal Plans, & More...

by HR Research Alliance


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This guide book is printed both in paperback & eBook formats for readers convenience.

This 30 Day inflammation elimination protocol guide book, is packed with an easy to follow plan, that can be easily applied to anyones daily life immediately.

Take a look at what is discussed in this guide...

What is inflammation? ---

What are the effects of inflammation? ---

General tips for a localized inflammation attack: ---

How to Follow the Inflammation Elimination Protocol: ---

PROTOCOL STEP 1 - Start with understanding what your next steps are. Make a plan:---

Step 2 - Eliminate lifestyle and diet causes!---

Step 3 - Begin and keep these habits!---

Step 4 - Incorporate These Lifestyle Changes:---

Step 5 - Learn These Basic Foods Do's and Dont's:---

What are the benefits of doing this 30-day protocol to eliminate inflammation?---

Diet Protocol Overview:---

A More In-Depth Overview of the Food Groups in the Protocol:---

Cheat Sheet for Protocol Foods:---

Sample Daily Menu Plan:---








Sample Weekly Menus:---

Order your copy today, & educate yourself, and help educate others on the subject of Inflammation. You do not have to suffer with it forever. Through your qualified Doctor's help, and your own changes in lifestyle, this can be relieved.

You owe it to yourself, & your health.

Chronic Inflammation:

Chronic swelling, puffiness, and bloating can be aggravating and in some cases, dangerous. Inflammation is not something that is meant to be a chronic condition. Chronic inflammation can be systemic or localized. Some examples of a local chronic inflammation are specific joint arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease that may come and go for years, and psoriasis of the liver.

As mentioned before, inflammation can be a response to chemicals, foreign bodies or pathogens. This could mean alcohol, an allergen in a food you like or particulates in smoke in your favorite cigars. If you continue the behavior of eating the same bad foods that irritate your body such as high doses of sugar, excessive omega-6 fats and chemicals or alcohol that you are sensitive to or irritate your gut lining, the inflammation becomes chronic and a stressor to your body. Just like your body swells around a splinter to push it out, your intestines and internal body swells to push out the irritants. You may not feel pain when the internal inflammation has started, but it is still there, just as it would be if you had a splinter.

Some diseases cause systemic inflammation such as Crohn's disease, celiac disease, and some autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases. Chemicals called cytokines that are important to the immune inflammatory reaction in your body can even help make some serious diseases even more threatening. In addition to compounding existing diseases, inflammation can actually be a root cause.

Ongoing inflammation, no matter what first triggered it, is now believed to be a primary cause for several debilitating health conditions. Heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, autoimmune diseases and thyroid deficiency. Here's a scary thought: it's even believed to be responsible for causing over 10% of known cancers. Dementia, Alzheimer's disease, chronic lowered immunity, Parkinson's disease, depression and obesity can all be partially or fully caused by chronic inflammation.

Following an inflammation elimination protocol will give you natural options to get rid of the chronic inflammation without chemicals, side effects from prescription medications and will help prevent other diseases from developing due to chronic systemic inflammation.

In this protocol, we are going to give you a 30 day plan to help eliminate chronic inflammation

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