Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914-1920

Anti-Jewish Violence in Poland, 1914-1920

by William W. Hagen


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Widespread anti-Jewish pogroms accompanied the rebirth of Polish statehood out of World War I and Polish-Soviet War. William W. Hagen offers the pogroms' first scholarly account, revealing how they served as brutal stagings by ordinary people of scenarios dramatizing popular anti-Jewish fears and resentments. While scholarship on modern anti-Semitism has stressed its ideological inspiration ('print anti-Semitism'), this study shows that anti-Jewish violence by perpetrators among civilians and soldiers expressed magic-infused anxieties and longings for redemption from present threats and suffering ('folk anti-Semitism'). Illustrated with contemporary photographs and constructed from extensive, newly discovered archival sources from three continents, this is an innovative work in east European history. Using extensive first-person testimonies, it reveals gaps - but also correspondences - between popular attitudes and those of the political elite. The pogroms raged against the conscious will of new Poland's governors whilst Christians high and low sometimes sought, even successfully, to block them.

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ISBN-13: 9780521884921
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Publication date: 04/19/2018
Pages: 566
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About the Author

William W. Hagen is Professor Emeritus of History at the University of California, Davis. He has published extensively, including German History in Modern Times (2012), which was selected as an 'outstanding academic work' by the American Library Association's journal, Choice.

Table of Contents

Introduction: culture and psychology of the Polish-Jewish relationship; Theoretical footnote: ethnic violence in social science and historiography; Part I. War, Hunger, Revolt: Galicia, 1914-1918: 1. Peacetime precursors, Russian invasion, and the first wartime pogroms, 1914-1916; 2. West Galicia's Jews, 1917-1918: objects of envy, targets of rage; 3. Polish dawn, Jewish midnight: the November 1918 Pogroms in West Galicia and Lwów; 4. Reading the November Pogroms: rage, shame, denial, denunciations; Part II. National Independence's After-Tremors: 5. Jews in Russian Poland, 1914-1919: German friends, Russian enemies, Polish rivals, Zionist prophets; 6. In National Freedom's morning light: disarray in Warsaw, social war in Galicia; Part III. Pogroms' Path Eastward, 1919-1920: 7. Soldierly antisemitism, Pinsk massacre, and Morgenthau's mission: pranks, exorcisms, explanations, exculpations; 8. On apocalypse's edge: army and Jews during the Polish-Soviet War, 1920; 9. In Armageddon's shadow: anti-Jewish violence in the Polish-Soviet War Zone, July-October 1920; 10. In Eastern anarchy's orbit: Polish soldiery among Cossacks and anti-Bolshevik Warlords; Conclusion: lords of commerce, lords of communism - print antisemitism, popular anti-Judaism; Bibliography; Index.

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