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Apple Records Box Set [Limited Ed.]

Apple Records Box Set [Limited Ed.]

CD(Remastered / Bonus Tracks / Special Edition)

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The Apple Records Box Set inculdes the following full-length CDs:
  • James Taylor - James Taylor
  • Badfinger - Ass
  • Badfinger - Straight Up
  • Badfinger - No Dice
  • Badfinger - Magic Christian Music
  • Billy Preston - Encouraging Words
  • Billy Preston - That's The Way God Planned It
  • Doris Troy - Doris Troy
  • Mary Hopkin - Earth Song Ocean Song
  • Mary Hopkin - Post Card
  • John Tavener - The Whale / Celtic Requiem
  • Jackie Lomax - Is This What You Want?
  • Modern Jazz Quartet - Under The Jasmin Tree / Space
  • The Radha Krsna - Temple
  • The Best of Apple Records - Come And Get it

The set also includes a double-disc collection of bonus tracks:
  • 1. Badfinger - I’ve Been Waiting (previously unreleased unedited remix)
  • 2. Badfinger - Dear Angie (mono mix)
  • 3. Badfinger - Think About The Good Times (previously unreleased mono mix)
  • 4. Badfinger - No Escaping Your Love (mono mix)
  • 5. Badfinger - Arthur (previously unreleased remix)
  • 6. Badfinger - Storm In A Tea Cup (mono)
  • 7. Badfinger - Yesterday Ain’t Coming Back (previously unreleased mono mix)
  • 8. Badfinger - Love Me Do (instrumental version)
  • 9. Badfinger - Get Down
  • 10. Badfinger - Money (earlier version)
  • 11. Badfinger - Flying (earlier version)
  • 12. Badfinger - Perfection (earlier version)
  • 13. Badfinger - Suitcase (earlier version)
  • 14. Badfinger - Sweet Tuesday Morning (earlier version) (previously unreleased)
  • 15. Badfinger - Mean Mean Jemima
  • 16. Badfinger - Loving You
  • 17. Badfinger - Get Away (previously unreleased version)
  • 18. Badfinger - When I Say (previously unreleased version)
  • 19. Badfinger - The Winner (previously unreleased version)
  • 20. Badfinger - I Can Love You (previously unreleased version)
  • 21. Badfinger - Piano Red (previously unreleased)
  • 22. Billy Preston - Through All Times
  • 23. Billy Preston - As I Get Older
  • 24. Billy Preston - That’s The Way God Planned It (alternate version)
  • 25. Billy Preston - As Long As I Got My Baby
  • 26. Billy Preston - All That I’ve Got (I’m Gonna Give It To You)
  • 27. Jackie Lomax - Going Back To Liverpool
  • 28. Jackie Lomax - Sour Milk Sea (mono mix)
  • 29. Jackie Lomax - The Eagle Luaghs At You (mono mix)
  • 30. Jackie Lomax - Little Yellow Pills (mono mix)
  • 31. Mary Hopkin - Quand Je Te Regarde Vivre (Let My Name Be Sorrow, in French)
  • 32. Mary Hopkin - Watashi O Kanashimi To Yonde (Let My Name Be Sorrow, in Japanese)
  • 33. Mary Hopkin - Jefferson
  • 34. Mary Hopkin - Quelli Erano Giorni (Those Were The Days, in Italian)
  • 35. Mary Hopkin - Que Tiempo Tan Feliz (Those Were The Days, in Spanish)
  • 36. Mary Hopkin - An Jenam Tag (Those Were The Days, in German)
  • 37. Mary Hopkin - Le Temps Des Fleurs (Those Were The Days, in French)

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Product Details

Release Date: 10/25/2010
Label: Capitol
UPC: 5099991837226
catalogNumber: 18372
Rank: 107256


Disc 1

  1. Come And Get It
  2. Crimson Ship
  3. Dear Angie
  4. Fisherman
  5. Midnight Sun
  6. Beautiful and Blue
  7. Rock of All Ages
  8. Carry on 'til Tomorrow
  9. I’m In Love
  10. Walk Out In The Rain
  11. Angelique
  12. Knocking Down Our Home
  13. Give It A Try
  14. Maybe Tomorrow
  15. And Her Daddy’s A Millionaire [*
  16. Mrs. Jones
  17. Sali Bloo
  18. See-Saw Grampa
  19. I’ve Been Waiting

Disc 2

  1. I Can't Take It
  2. I Don't Mind
  3. Love Me Do
  4. Midnight Caller
  5. No Matter What
  6. Without You
  7. Blodwyn
  8. Better Days
  9. It Had To Be Me
  10. Watford John
  11. Believe Me
  12. We're For The Dark
  13. I Can't Take It
  14. Without You
  15. Photograph
  16. Believe Me
  17. No Matter What

Disc 3

  1. Take It All
  2. Baby Blue
  3. Money
  4. Flying
  5. I'd Die, Babe
  6. Name of the Game
  7. Suitcase
  8. Sweet Tuesday Morning
  9. Day After Day
  10. Sometimes
  11. Perfection
  12. It's Over
  13. I'll be The One
  14. Name of the Game
  15. Baby Blue
  16. Baby Please
  17. No Good At All
  18. Sing for the Song

Disc 4

  1. Apple of My Eye
  2. Get Away
  3. Icicles
  4. The Winner
  5. Blind Owl
  6. Constitution
  7. When I Say
  8. Cowboy
  9. I Can Love You
  10. Timeless
  11. Do You Mind
  12. Apple of My Eye
  13. Blind Owl
  14. Regular
  15. Timeless

Disc 5

  1. Those Were the Days
  2. Lord of the Reddy River
  3. Happines Runs (Pebble and the Man)
  4. Love is the Sweetest Thing
  5. Y Blodyn Gwyn
  6. The Honeymoon Song
  7. The Puppy Song
  8. Inch Worm
  9. Voyage of the Moon
  10. Lullaby of the Leaves
  11. Young Love
  12. Someone to Watch Over Me
  13. Prince En Avignon
  14. The Game
  15. There's No Business Like Show Business
  16. Turn Turn Turn (to Everything There is a Season)
  17. Goodbye
  18. Sparrow
  19. Fields of St. Etienne

Disc 6

  1. International
  2. There's Got To Be More
  3. Silver Birch & Weeping Willow
  4. How Come The Sun
  5. Earth Song
  6. Martha
  7. Streets Of London
  8. The Wind
  9. Water, Paper & Clay
  10. Ocean Song
  11. Kew Gardens
  12. When I Am Old One Day
  13. Let My Name Be Sorrow

Disc 7

  1. Speak To Me
  2. Is This What You Want?
  3. How Can You Say Goodbye?
  4. Sunset
  5. Sour Milk Sea
  6. Fall Inside Your Eyes
  7. Little Yellow Pills
  8. Take My Word
  9. The Eagle Laughs At You
  10. Baby You're A Lover
  11. You've Got Me Thinking
  12. I Just Don't Know
  13. New Day
  14. Thumbin' A Ride
  15. How The Web Was Woven
  16. You've Got To Be Strong
  17. You Make It With Me
  18. Can You Hear Me

Disc 8

  1. The Blue Necklace
  2. Three Little Feelings, Pts. 1-3
  3. Exposure
  4. The Jasmin Tree
  5. Visitor From Venus
  6. Visitor From Mars
  7. There's That Rainy Day (Carnival Of Flanders)
  8. Dilemma
  9. Adagio From Concierto De Aranjuez
  10. Yesterday

Disc 9

  1. Do What You Want
  2. I Want To Thank You
  3. Everything's All Right
  4. She Belongs To Me
  5. It Doesn't Matter
  6. Morning Star
  7. Hey Brother
  8. What About You
  9. Let Us All Get Together Right Now
  10. This Is It
  11. Keep It To Yourself
  12. That's The Way God Planned It
  13. Through All Times
  14. As I Get Older
  15. That's The Way God Planned It
  16. Something's Got To Change

Disc 10

  1. Right Now
  2. Little Girl
  3. Use What You've Got
  4. My Sweet Lord
  5. Let the Music Play
  6. The Same Thing Again
  7. I've Got A Feeling
  8. Sing One For The Lord
  9. When You Are Mine
  10. I Don't Want You To Pretend
  11. Encouraging Words
  12. All Things (Must) Pass
  13. You've Been Acting Strange
  14. As Long As I Got My Baby
  15. All That I Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You)
  16. How Long Has the Train Been Gone?

Disc 11

  1. Govinda
  2. Sri Guruvastak
  3. Bhaja Bhakata/Arotrika
  4. Hare Krisna Mantra
  5. Sri Isopanisad
  6. Bhaja Hure Mana
  7. Govinda Jai Jai
  8. Prayer To The Spiritual Masters
  9. Namaste Saraswati Devi

Disc 12

  1. Documentary
  2. Melodrama and Pantomime
  3. Invocation
  4. The Storm
  5. The Swallowing
  6. The Prayer
  7. In the Belly
  8. The Vomiting
  9. Celtic Requiem: Requiem Aeternam
  10. Celtic Requiem: Dies Irae
  11. Celtic Requiem: Requiescat in Pace
  12. Nomine Jesu
  13. Coplas

Disc 13

  1. Don't Talk Now
  2. Something's Wrong
  3. Knocking 'Round The Zoo
  4. Sunshine Sunshine
  5. Taking It In
  6. Something In The Way She Moves
  7. Carolina In My Mind
  8. Brighten Your Night With My Day
  9. Night Owl
  10. Rainy Day Man
  11. Circle Round The Sun
  12. The Blues Is Just A Bad Dream
  13. Sunny Skies
  14. Let Me Ride
  15. Sunshine Sunshine
  16. Carolina In My Mind

Disc 14

  1. Ain't That Cute
  2. Special Care
  3. Give Me Back My Dynamite
  4. You Tore Me Up Inside
  5. Games People Play
  6. Gonna Get My Baby Back
  7. I've Got To Be Strong
  8. Hurry
  9. So Far
  10. Exactly Like You
  11. You Give Me Joy Joy
  12. Don't Call Me No More
  13. Jacob's Ladder
  14. All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You)
  15. Get Back
  16. Dearest Darling
  17. What You Will Blues
  18. Vaya Con Dios
  19. All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) [

Disc 15

  1. Those Were the Days
  2. Carolina in My Mind
  3. Maybe Tomorrow
  4. Thingumybob
  5. King of Fuh
  6. Sour Milk Sea
  7. Goodbye
  8. That's the Way God Planned It
  9. New Day
  10. Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight
  11. Give Peace a Chance
  12. Come and Get It
  13. Ain't That Cute
  14. My Sweet Lord
  15. Try Some, Buy Some
  16. Govinda
  17. We're On Our Way
  18. Saturday Nite Special
  19. God Save Us
  20. Sweet Music
  21. Day After Day

Disc 16

  1. Dear Angie
  2. Think About The Good Times
  3. No Escaping Your Love
  4. Arthur
  5. Storm in a Tea Cup
  6. Yesterday Ain't Coming Back
  7. Love Me Do
  8. Get Down
  9. Money
  10. Flying
  11. Perfection
  12. Suitcase
  13. Sweet Tuesday Morning
  14. Mean Mean Jemima
  15. Loving You
  16. Get Away
  17. When I Say
  18. The Winter
  19. I Can Love You
  20. Piano Red

Disc 17

  1. Quelli Erano Giorni
  2. Que Tiempo Tan Feliz
  3. An Jenam Tag
  4. Le Temps Des Fleurs
  5. Quand Je Te Regarde Vivre
  6. Watashi Wo Kanashimi To Yonde
  7. Jefferson
  8. Going Back to Liverpool
  9. Sour Milk Sea
  10. The Eagle Laughs At You
  11. Little Yellow Pills
  12. New Day

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ralph McTell   12-string Guitar
Dave Cousins   Banjo,Guitar
George Harrison   Background Vocals,Musician
Paul McCartney   Bass,Musician
James Taylor   Guitar,Percussion,Electric Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Freddie Redd   Organ
Jackie Lomax   Musician
Nicky Hopkins   Musician
Kevin Peek   Classical Guitar
Joey Molland   Guitar,Piano,Vocals,Group Member
George Martin   Strings
John Tavener   Organ,Conductor,Hammond Organ
Peter Asher   Percussion,Tambourine,Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Hal Blaine   Musician
John Barham   Musician
Alan Branscombe   Musician
Louis Cennamo   Bass
Eric Clapton   Musician
Brian Daly   Classical Guitar
Tom Evans   Bass,Vocals,Group Member
Mike Gibbins   Drums,Vocals,Group Member
Pete Ham   Synthesizer,Piano,Vocals,Group Member
Spike Heatley   Musician
Richard Hewson   Percussion,Bassoon,Conductor,Oboe,screams
Mary Hopkin   Guitar,Harmonium
Skaila Kanga   Harp
Larry Knechtel   Musician
Danny Kortchmar   Electric Guitar
Tony Newman   Musician
Bishop O'Brien   Drums,Musician
Don Schinn   Organ,Harpsichord,Electric Piano
Klaus Voormann   Musician
Mick Wayne   Guitar
Terry Weil   Cello
David Atherton   Conductor
Raimund Herincx   Baritone (Vocal)
Anna Reynolds   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Danny Thompson   Bass
Geoffrey Brand   Conductor
Margaret Lensky   Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Joe Osborn   Musician
Pop Arts String Quartet   Strings
Richard Starkey   Musician
Peter Clark   Musician
Charley Larkey   Bass
Amici String Quartet   String Quartet
Aeolian String Quartet   String Quartet
Clive Antree   Cello
June Barton   Soprano (Vocal)

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Joaquín Rodrigo   Composer
Ralph McTell   Composer
Tom Paxton   Composer
Pete Seeger   Composer
Irving Berlin   Composer
Badfinger   Composer,Producer
Ray Charles   Producer
Bob Dylan   Composer
George Harrison   Arranger,Composer,Producer
John Lennon   Composer,Producer
Paul McCartney   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Harry Nilsson   Composer
Billy Preston   Composer,Producer
Todd Rundgren   Producer
Joe South   Composer
Yusuf (Cat Stevens)   Composer
Steve Stills   Composer
James Taylor   Arranger,Composer,Percussion Arrangement
John Lewis   Composer,Producer
Ray Noble   Composer
W.C. Handy   Composer
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Jackie Lomax   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Cover Design
Harvey Andrews   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Yoko Ono   Composer,Producer
Doris Troy   Composer,Producer
Tokens   Producer
Joey Molland   Composer
George Martin   Composer,String Arrangements
Phil Spector   Producer
Mikis Theodorakis   Composer
Ken Scott   Engineer
John Tavener   Composer
Frank Loesser   Composer
Peter Asher   Producer,Liner Notes,Percussion Arrangement
John Barham   Orchestration,String Arrangements,Orchestral Arrangements
Peter Bown   Engineer
Johnny Burke   Composer
Rick Cartey   Composer
Tony Cox   Producer
Geoff Emerick   Producer
Bernard Estardy   Composer
Mal Evans   Arranger,Producer,Cover Photo
Tom Evans   Composer
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Bruce Fisher   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Composer
Mike Gibbins   Composer
Pete Ham   Composer
Alan Harris   Engineer
Billy Harrison   Producer
Richard Hewson   Arranger,String Arrangements,Brass Arrangment,Orchestral Arrangements,Percussion Arrangement
Darrell Higginbotham   Composer
David Horowitz   Composer
Melvin Jernigan   Composer
Jesse Kirkland   Composer
John Kurlander   Engineer
Richard Lush   Engineer
Graham Lyle   Composer
Sid Maurer   Art Direction,Cover Painting
Linda McCartney   Cover Photo
Bill Price   Engineer
Gene Raskin   Composer
Don Schinn   Arranger
Barry Sheffield   Engineer
Armin Steiner   Engineer
Sylvester "Sly Stone" Stewart   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Derek Taylor   Liner Notes
Malcolm Toft   Engineer
Lon & Derrek Van Eaton   Composer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Tony Visconti   Producer,String Arrangements
Klaus Voormann   Composer
Tony Wilson   Producer
Jean-Pierre Bourtayre   Composer
Ron Griffiths   Composer
Chris Hodge   Composer
Chris Thomas   Producer
Joseph Young   Composer
Ray Schinnery   Composer
John Kosh   Artwork,Original Sleeve Design
Mukunda Das Adhikary   Arranger
Geoffrey Brand   Arranger
Gene Mahon   Cover Design,Original Sleeve Design
Richard Polak   Cover Photo
Nicholas Snowman   Original Liner Notes
Bernice Petkere   Composer
Mack David   Composer
Clive Westlake   Composer
Alan Aldridge   Artwork
Miljenko Prohaska   Composer
Richard DiLello   Cover Design,Original Sleeve Design
Brute Force   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Richard Imrie   Cover Photo
Buddy Pepper   Composer
Inez James   Composer
Donovan Leitch   Composer
David Most   Composer
Darren Evans   Redesign
Martine Habib   Composer
Aaron Bremner   Management,Archives Director
Larry Russell   Composer
Georges Chatelain   Composer
Richard Starkey   Composer
Mike Bremner   Producer
Jonathan Clyde   Production Guidance
Mike Heatley   Reissue Producer
Geoffrey Emerick   Engineer
Marnay   Composer
Gerry Collins   Engineer
EJ Hughes   Composer
Gregory Carroll   Composer
Garth Tweedale   Production Guidance
Andy Davis   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer
R.L. Williams   Composer
Jeremy Colebrooke   Memorabilia
Arthur Fullilove   Composer
Wayne Schuler   Producer
Jeff Jones   Production Guidance
Bob Dawbarn   Original Liner Notes
William Sanson   Composer
Bernard Gallagher   Composer
Tony Mehan   Producer
Reina Sutcliffe   Composer
Mike Sutcliffe   Composer
Liz Thorsen   Composer
Darek Taylor   Original Liner Notes
Carole Joyner   Composer

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Apple Records Box Set [Limited Ed.] 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
An eclectic assortment of Beatle proteges, friends and outstanding artists all together in some great and interesting music. A definite bridge from Beatle albums to their solo albums in the early seventies. Many familiar songs I did not know who the artist was until now.