Aquaman Archives, Volume 1

Aquaman Archives, Volume 1


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Apretty impressive title, but over the years perhaps no other major DC character has moved through so many titles and gone through so many retoolings and relaunches. He first appeared in a backup feature in more fun comics #73 (November 1941), moved on to adventure comics in 1946 for a long run, and then popped up for a brief run in detective comics (July 1961) and world's finest Comics (May 1962). He was a charter member of the Justice League of America (not to mention the Super Friends!) and has had two of his own titles and three limited series. He has even had two completely different origins. A pretty busy guy, and it certainly isn't over yet! The stories presented in this Archive Edition mark one of Aquaman's true high points, beginning with the story where he really entered the Silver Age of comics -- a story that just happens to contain a revised origin. Volume One of the aquaman archives showcases over twenty underwater adventures by some of DC's finest writers, and features art by one of the all-too-few female stars of comics, Ramona Fradon. So come on in, the water's fine!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781563899430
Publisher: DC Comics
Publication date: 04/30/2003
Series: Aquaman Series , #1
Edition description: REV
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 6.98(w) x 10.49(h) x 0.76(d)

Table of Contents

How Aquaman Got His Powers Adventure Comics #260 May 19597
Aquaman Duels the Animal-Master Adventure Comics #261 June 195914
The Undersea Hospital Adventure Comics #262 July 195921
The Great Ocean Election Adventure Comics #263 August 195927
Aquaman and His Sea-Police Adventure Comics #264 September 195933
The Secret of the Super-Safe Adventure Comics #265 October 195940
Aquaman Meets Aquagirl Adventure Comics #266 November 195946
The Manhunt on Land Adventure Comics #267 December 195953
The Underwater Archers Adventure Comics #267 December 195961
The Adventures of Aquaboy Adventure Comics #268 January 196068
The Kid From Atlantis Adventure Comics #269 February 196075
The Menace of Aqualad Adventure Comics #270 March 196082
The Second Deluge Adventure Comics #271 April 195989
The Human Flying Fish Adventure Comics #272 May 196096
Around the World in 80 Hours Adventure Comics #273 June 1960103
Aqua-Queen Adventure Comics #274 July 1960110
The Interplanetary Mission Adventure Comics #275 August 1960117
The Aqua-Thief of the Seven Seas Adventure Comics #276 September 1960124
The Underwater Olympics Adventure Comics #277 October 1960130
Aqualad Goes to School Adventure Comics #278 November 1960137
Silly Sailors of the Sea Adventure Comics #279 December 1960144
The Lost Ocean Adventure Comics #280 January 1961150
The Creatures from Atlantis Showcase #30 January-February 1961157
One Hour to Doom Adventure Comics #282 March 1961183
The Sea Beasts from one Million B.C. Showcase #31 March-April 1961196

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