Arcturians: How to Heal, Ascend, and Help Planet Earth

Arcturians: How to Heal, Ascend, and Help Planet Earth

by David K. Miller


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Go on a mind-expanding journey to explore new spiritual tools for dealing with our planetary crisis. Learn new healing techniques for rebalancing Earth. Study the groundbreaking concepts of between-lives therapy, and learn to release personal trauma so that you can proceed on your path to ascension. Included in this book are new and updated interpretations of the Kaballistic Tree of Life, which has now been expanded to embrace fifth-dimensional planetary healing methods. Learn new and expanded Arcturian spiritual technologies, which include the concepts of shimmering, Biorelativity, and holographic healing methods.

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ISBN-13: 9781622330027
Publisher: Light Technology Publishing
Publication date: 04/28/2013
Pages: 336
Sales rank: 877,963
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Book 1, Part 1 1

1 Introduction to Spiritual Light Technology: Juliana and the Arcturians 3

The Sides of the Sacred Triangle 3

Biorelativity 4

The Spiritual Light Quotient 5

Shimmering 6

Thought Projection 6

2 The Planetary Tree of Life: Juliano and the Arcturians 9

Balance in Judgment and Compassion 10

An Energetic Balance Must Be Kept 11

Guided Meditation: Planetary City of Light Activation 12

3 The Eleventh Etheric Crystal in Istanbul: Juliano and the Arcturians 15

Exercise: Amplify Thought Energy 16

4 The Ascension Ladder and Shimmering: Juliano and the Arcturians 19

The Arcturian Crystal Lake 19

The Technique of Shimmering 20

Exercise: Shimmering 21

5 The Keys for Ascension: Archangel Metatron 23

6 Chief White Eagle Talks in Istanbul: Chief White Eagle 25

Sacred Words about Earth 25

Feminine Energy and Light 27

Projecting Energy for the Fifth-Dimensional Earth 29

The Planetary Cities of Light and the Just Society 30

7 The Year of Planetary Healing: Chief White Eagle 33

Book 1, Part 2 35

1 Trauma and Emotional Energy Gudrun Miller 37

Surviving Trauma 37

Acceptance and Expansion Rather Than Fight or Flight 38

2 Life-between-Lives Therapy Gudrun Miller 41

Meeting Your Soul Family and Your Spiritual Council 42

Choosing Your Next Life 42

Awakening in This Lifetime 44

Book 1, Part 3 47

1 Tools for Ascension: Juliano and the Arcturians 49

Tapping into the Fifth Dimension 49

The Iskalia Mirror and the Ring of Ascension 51

Planetary Cities of light 52

The Waves of Ascension 54

2 Messianic Energy and the Sacred Triangle: Sananda 57

The Sacred Triangle and the Power of Grace 57

Messianic Energy 59

Experiencing the Presence of Adonai 61

A Galactic Understanding of Adonai 62

We Need the Native Energies Back in Full Force 62

3 Activation of Two Planetary Cities of Light in Brazil: Juliano and the Arcturians 65

Increasing the Power of Your Thought Energy 66

The Interconnected Pung Energy Fields of the Cities of Light 66

The Pulsing of Protective Energy Fields 67

Brazil's Leadership Role in Spiritual Planetary Work 68

Book 2, Part 1 71

1 Planetary Crisis of Earth, Ascension, and Exercise with the Cosmic Egg: Juliano and the Arcturians 75

The Delicate Balance of Earths Feedback System 75

You Are Living on the Edge of Evolutionary Change 76

Laying the Fifth-Dimensional Foundation 77

Your Physical Body Knows How to Ascend 78

Learning to Pulse Your Aura 79

Separating the Pulse of Your Aura from the Pulses of Your Physical Body 80

Do Not Ascend Before Your Time 81

Another Exercise to Pulse Your Aura 82

2 The Sounds of Ascension and Unlocking the Codes of Ascension: Archangel Metatron 85

Let the Doorway of Ascension Be Opened to You 85

The Sound of Ascension 87

3 The Ascension: Sananda 89

Heart Energy Is Your Entrance Key to Ascension 89

The Transformative Energy of Agape 90

4 Planetary Healing, Arcan Energy, and Etheric Crystals: Juliano and the Arcturians 93

Earth's Crisis of Spirituality Versus Technology 93

Planetary Cities of Light 94

Establishing a New Balance 95

Etheric Crystals Help to Rebalance Earth 96

Explosive Solar Activity in 2012 96

Food-Related Issues 98

Questions about the Planetary Cities of Light 99

5 Thought Projection and the Crystal Lake in Arcturus: Juliano and the Arcturians 101

Thought Projection Is the Fastest Energy in the Universe 101

Interdimensional Corridors and the Arcturian Crystal Lake 102

Awareness of Your Multidimensional Presence in the Fifth Dimension 103

An Exercise for Inhabiting Your Fifth-Dimensional Body 104

Returning to Your Third-Dimensional Body in Perfect Alignment 106

Traveling to the Arcturian Crystal Lake on Your Own 107

Cleansing and Clearing Third-Dimensional Diseases with Fifth-Dimensional Energy 108

6 Shimmering and Biorelativity: Practice Using Etheric Crystals and Arcan Energy: Juliano and the Arcturians 111

Exercise: Shimmering into Your Fifth-Dimensional Body 111

Etheric Crystals Amplify Thought Power 113

A Biorelativity Exercise: Healing Spain 115

7 Medicine Wheels: Chief White Eagle 119

8 The Mental Body: Vywamus 121

Life Lessons and Wealth in This World 121

Changing Your Self-Talk to Clear Your Mental Body 122

Working with Your Body to Stop Your Mind 123

Creating More Positive Self-Talk and Controlling Fear 124

9 Grace Mary 127

10 The Holographic Healing Chambers Helio-ah 129

Holographic Worlds and Doppelgangers 129

The Eclipse of the Great Central Sun 130

Past, Present, and Future Energy 132

Personal and Planetary Holographic Healing Chambers 133

Changing Negative Images from the Past into Positive Images 134

An Exercise in Holographic Healing 136

Interactions between the Energies of the Past, Present, and Future 138

Downloading New Healing Images into Earths Collective Unconscious 139

Bringing Energy from Your Future into Your Present 139

Book 2, Part 2 143

1 Reactivation Ceremony of Sant Pere de Ribes, Spain David Miller 145

Earth Responds to Our Actions 145

Bringing Higher Energy and Balance to Sant Pere de Ribes 146

Connecting the Planetary Cities of Light to Each Other and to Earth 147

Beautiful Healing Thoughts for the Earth 148

2 Reactivation Ceremony of the Groom Creek/Spruce Mountain Area in Arizona: Chief White Eagle, Juliano, and the Arcturians 149

Calling Earths Attention to the Parts of Her That Most Need Balance 149

Activating an Energetic Circle of Light 150

Visions of a Fifth-Dimensional City of Light 151

Communicating Directly with Mother Earth through the Medicine Wheel 152

Connecting the Planetary Cities of Light 154

Book 3, Part 1 157

1 The Arcturian Perspective on Earth: Juliano and the Arcturians 161

You Are at the Point of Ascension 161

Preparing Yourself for the Moment of Ascension 162

Earth Offers Unique Ascension Possibilities 164

You Will Hear the Clarion Call of the Ascension 166

Arcturian Stargates and Life on Earth After the Ascension 167

An Exercise to Experience the Feel of Fifth-Dimensional Energy 168

2 Planetary Evolution: Juliano and the Arcturians 171

The Spiritual Light Quotient 171

Acknowledge That Earth Is a Living Spiritual Energy Force 173

Fifth-Dimensional Energies and Closeness to the Creator 174

Nuclear Energy's Disastrous Effects on Earths Energy Field 175

3 Healing, Chi, and the Omega Light Quan Yin 179

Primordial and Secondary Chi 179

Specific and Undifferentiated Chi 180

Exercises in Chi Healing 181

The Transformational Quantum Healing Powers of the Omega Light 183

4 Explanation of the Planetary Tree of Life David Miller 185

Wisdom and Understanding 186

A Balance of Loving Kindness and Judgment 187

Social Justice and Manifesting the Fifth Dimension in Our World 188

5 The Arcturian Planetary Tree of Life: Juliano and the Arcturians 189

It's Getting Harder for Earth to Keep Herself Healthy 189

How Holographic Energy Applies to Earth 190

Establishing an Ongoing Relationship with Mother Earth 192

Medicine Wheels, Crop Circles, and Orbs 193

Transmitting Fifth-Dimensional Light and the Energies of Compassion 194

The Presence of Extraterrestrials on Earth 196

Working with Crystals, Subcrystals and Planetary Cities of Light 196

6 Working with the Holographic Healing Chambers Helio-ah 199

Your Past, Present, and Future Selves Can Interact with Each Other 199

Modifying Past Events in the Holographic Healing Chamber 200

Using the Holographic Healing Chamber to Modify the Future 202

The Planetary Holographic Healing Chamber 203

An Exercise in Personal Holographic Healing of a Past Event 205

Holographic Healing Using Near-Future Events 207

7 Uncovering the Mystery of the Mental Body Vywamus 209

The Power of Thoughts and Beliefs 209

You Have the Free Will to Reclaim Your Mental Body 211

Accessing Your Core Belief System 212

The Slow Speed of Manifestation on Earth 215

Accessing Core Beliefs to Help Fix a Memory Problem 216

8 Just Societies and the Etheric Crystal of Grose Valley Sanat Kumara 223

Challenges to the Balance of Earths Biosphere 223

The Power of Etheric Crystals 224

The Just Society and the Planetary Cities of Light Are Vital to One Another 225

Propagating Brotherhood and Sisterhood 227

Beginning the Creation of the Just Society 229

Preparing for the Ascension 231

9 The Kaballah and Receptivity Metatron 233

You Must Empty Yourself to Receive the Highest Truths 233

Unlocking the Codes of Ascension Held in Your Genetic Structure 234

The Power of Names 236

Unification Serves the Divine Will 238

10 Deepening Arcturian Spiritual Technology on Earth: Juliano and the Arcturians 241

Opening Up the Human Perceptual Range 241

Measuring the Power of Thought 243

Amplifying and Working with Arcan Light 244

Dangerous Human Technologies Are Causing

Serious Earth Distortions 245

The Ring of Ascension and the Iskalia Mirror 247

Serious Problems with Nuclear Technology 248

Past Karma at Play in the Recent Tragedies in Japan 250

11 Current Feminine Power and Allusions to Mayan Prophecy: Chief White Eagle 253

The Wisdom and Limitations of the Ancient Prophecies 254

The Purifying Power of the White Buffalo Calf Woman 255

12 Unlocking the Energy of Your Heart for Changes: Chief Buffalo Heart 259

White Buffalo Calf Woman Will Bring Down a Great Heart Opening 259

Carrying the Light of the Buffalo Heart 261

Book 3, Part 2 263

1 Trauma and Ascension, Part 1 Gudrun Miller 265

Coping with Exquisite Sensitivity in the Third Dimension 265

Choosing an Earth Family 266

The Hidden Strength of Trauma Survivors 267

Learning to Look at Ourselves in a Whole New Way 268

Why We Are Challenged with Emotional Bodies 270

"Accept and Expand" Instead of "Fight or Flight" 272

Changes and Continuities from One Life to the Next 273

Moving beyond Judgment and Obsessive Behaviors 275

Free Will, Soul Advancement, and the Choice to Return to Earth 276

2 Trauma and Ascension, Part 2 Gudrun Miller 279

Our Emotional and Mental Bodies Have Much Work to Do 280

Overcoming Past-Life Trauma to Succeed Emotionally in the Present 282

A Time for Acceptance and Expansion 284

Working with the Subpersonalities 285

Asking for Help Is a Necessary Step 286

Masters beyond the Fifth Dimension 287

3 Changes in Your Belief System Gudrun Miller 291

Acceptance, Expansion, Adrenaline, and Love 291

Where Your Core Beliefs Come From 292

Negative Core Beliefs Are Like Cancers in Your Belief System 293

Cracking Your Negative Core Beliefs 294

Replacing Your Cracked Core Beliefs with Correct New Ideas 295

Working with Your Inner Child 299

4 Hypnotic Regression: An Explanation of Life between Lives in a Slate of Trance Gudrun Miller 301

Visiting the In-Between-Lives Time 301

Integrating Lessons from Previous Lifetimes 302

Extreme Trauma in a Previous Lifetime 304

Epilogue: Planetary Healing: Juliano and the Arcturians 307

The Energies of the Etheric Crystals and the Omega Light 307

Earth's Response to the Dangers of Nuclear Energy 308

Connecting the Energy of Fifth-Dimensional Planets to Earth 310

Working with Earths Feedback Loop System 311

Personal Healing through the Tree of life and Universal Energy 313

Working with the Subconscious of Inner Earth 314

Glossary 315

About the Author 322

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