are we completely crazy

are we completely crazy

by Robert J. Firth


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The dictionary defines crazy as mentally deranged, demented, insane, senseless; impractical and totally unsound. The question we ask in this book is- are we an insane and doomed species? That question has tormented those of us who consider such for centuries. The question keeps coming up like the proverbial message in the dark ball that floats into view answering everyman's questions.

Looking at the quantity of wealth and intelligence expended in the 'business' of killing compared to those same qualities expended in saving lives and making the world a better place. I mean here in terms of human input, comparing physicians, medical professionals, artists, musicians, builders and designers; those who make our world a better place- contrasted against those who have dedicated their lives toward designing and, building bombs, tanks, bio-weapons, WMDs including those who dedicate themselves to using these weapons.

If the philosophers can agree that saving lives is a 'moral good' while taking life is not, then the former is a 'good' while the later is clearly a 'bad.' Perhaps, this is a simple way to define and argue that such as "good" and "bad" actually exist and are not, even in this absurd age of 'political correctness' moral ambivalence and the denial of evil, subject to logical argument and ambiguity? That is, of course, if any two philosophers can agree on anything. The skills and education required in pursuit of saving lives (both animal and human) most certainly exceeds that of those who kill for a living. That point cannot be argued. (evidence the happy gang of fun guys right)

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