Around the World with One Direction: The True Stories as Told By the Fans

Around the World with One Direction: The True Stories as Told By the Fans

by Sarah Oliver

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If you have ever dreamt of meeting One Direction then this is the book for you!Author Sarah Oliver has the inside scoop from 1D's biggest fans from around the world, including all the gossip about what happened when they met Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn….and tour secrets you won't hear anywhere else.Anthony Lee was named 'Australia's Best Dad' and appeared on national TV when he helped his daughter meet the band. Discover how he made it happen.Tiffani from Boston met the boys when they were filming the video for 'Gotta Be You' - find out how she accidentally started the rumour that the boys had died on the way to their second video shoot.Greyson from Pennsylvania was the first fan to find out when Liam broke his toe and how he did it - she knew two weeks before he revealed all on The Today Show.Jenna from Ottawa got to hand out for two hours with Niall's family and play with baby Lux - discover what the boys' families are really like!Sarah Oliver reveals all and much more, including which countries One Direction love the most and some of the crazy things they get up to when they're not on stage. Sit back, relax and follow in the footsteps of One Direction as they go around the world!

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ISBN-13: 9781782197010
Publisher: John Blake Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 10/01/2013
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About the Author

Sarah Oliver is a writer from Widnes in Cheshire. She was the author of Miley Cyrus A-Z and is the most prolific One Direction biographer. She also wrote the Rihanna biography - The Only Girl In The World and appeared in the documentary, One Direction - All For One. Sarah has been a Smiler from the beginning and loves chatting to Miley's biggest fans on Twitter. Why not follow Sarah - @SarahOliverAtoZ - and join the conversation!

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Around the World with One Direction

The True Stories as Told by the Fans

By Sarah Oliver

John Blake Publishing Ltd

Copyright © 2013 Sarah Oliver
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-78219-703-4



As soon as The X Factor was over and the band had finished in third place, they were whisked off to LA by their record label. This was a huge deal because they were going to be recording with some of the best people in the record business. The boys had never expected things to go so fast – it's a good job they all had passports, so could jump on a plane!

Sonny Takhar, the chief executive officer of Syco Records, explained to Music Week, 'We started working with the band immediately after the show had finished – they went to LA and recorded with RedOne. Then, while the boys were out on The X Factor tour between February and April, we started finding and sourcing songs and creating situations where songs were written for the boys in preparation for them to record once they had finished.'

The boys love America. When Marie Morreale interviewed them for the Scholastic blog, she asked them what their first impressions of America were.

'I really like it because it's really hot over there and the people are actually really nice,' Liam replied. 'So when you go to a restaurant and stuff and you ...'

'Even people in the street,' Harry interrupted.

'Yeah, people in the street as well,' Liam continued, 'but in the restaurants, they're always asking like ...'

'Hey, how you doing?' Harry finished his sentence.

'The common line in Florida after you finish your meal is, "Have a good day," which is amazing, I think,' said Liam. 'You don't really hear that in the UK.'

The boys never thought that they would break America; they just thought they would be big in the UK and Ireland, so when they found out that their record company wanted to take them to the States, they were blown away. Even established UK artists with lots of number-one singles under their belts have flopped in America, but this wasn't going to happen to our favourite five lads. 'We're just five normal boys from the UK who've been given this opportunity,' Harry confessed to The AP, 'so we're having a great time working very hard.'

Before the boys went over to America, their record company used social media to build a fan base and to get people talking about them. 'Twitter, Facebook and YouTube have been a large percentage of the reason we've been known outside of the UK. We owe a massive thank you to the fans,' Harry explained.

A website was set up called ( and fans had to compete to win a visit by One Direction to their city. The website stated, 'Are you ready to bring 1D to your city? Visit now to get started on the first challenge. Click on your city for directions about how you can earn points for your city. Each challenge will bring you one step closer to a special 1D event in your city!'

The winning city was Dallas in Texas and the boys arrived on 24 March 2012. Demand for wristbands for the event was so high that the venue had to change from Stonebriar Centre Mall to the much bigger Dr Pepper Ballpark, home of the Frisco RoughRiders baseball team. Fans could get a signed copy of Up All Night and watch One Direction perform.

On 21 March 2012, American Directioners found out the Up All Night Tour was going to be expanded to include 26 North American dates in May and June. The fans were thrilled and rushed out to get tickets as soon as they could. The band's friend Olly Murs, who had been runner-up in the 2009 series of The X Factor, and Filipino-American singer Manika supported the boys.

When the boys were embarking on their first tour of America, they invited Radio 1 to go with them. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn were supporting American band Big Time Rush at ten gigs in February 2012 before going on their own tour. Before their Nashville gig, the boys were staying at the Sheraton Hotel, Tennessee. 'I'm sat in a hotel room at the moment, having my hair done because I have a lot of hair,' Harry told the Radio 1 crew. 'We're doing today a Nickelodeon bit of promo, so a little bit of makeup never hurt anyone. Tonight we're playing in Nashville. I think we're meeting some country singers. We're meeting Martina McBride and Faith Hill, who are coming to the show. They're gonna bring their kids to a, like, meet and greet, so that should be fun.'

On a typical day on tour, the boys wake up somewhere new, catch up on a couple of hours' sleep in a hotel room, have a shower, grab some breakfast and then jump on the tour bus. Then they get their hair/makeup done and head to a radio or television station for some interviews before going to the arena in which they will be performing that night. They might have a sound check, meet some fans, then have something to eat before heading on stage. After their performance, it is usually late and they have to jump back on the tour bus and be driven to a new city and a new hotel. They are literally on the go from the minute they get up in the morning until very late at night. They don't usually arrive at their new hotel until the early hours of the morning, but they still take time out to chat to any fans that are waiting there to see them. Some days they work for 20 or more hours!

The tour bus the boys had for the Big Time Rush tour was really big but the boys didn't keep it very clean. Many times the driver would have to pull over at fast-food restaurants because they were feeling peckish. They would order something and then take it back on the bus to eat. Sometimes they ended up having wrestling matches halfway through eating, so fries would end up everywhere. Niall thinks Louis is the messiest and is usually to blame for starting the wrestling matches.

For the boys it was really special when they performed some of their first gigs in the States and heard the girls in the audience singing their words back to them. They didn't expect it at all, and they loved seeing banners that fans had made. It was clear that some of the banners had taken hours to make as they were very detailed and included sketches of each boy's face, as well as the twitter names of the fans who had made them.

After the boys performed in Nashville, they had to tidy their tour bus and then catch a flight to New York at 5 a.m. They went to the Big Time Movie premiere and then the next day to Z100, the biggest radio station in New York, for an interview, to perform and to meet some fans. When they performed on The Today Show a few days later, they had to be up at 5 a.m. again. It was their first interview on USA TV. The boys arrived on a big red bus and so many fans turned up to see them. During their interview they said the thing they liked most about American girls is that they are loud.

1D superfan Nikki was at the boys' Today Show appearance and managed to meet Niall's family. 'We ended up very close to the stage and right next to the barrier across from where the boys exited and entered,' she said. 'After the sound check, we were all talking and a man in VIP asked my friend Erin who her favourite was. She showed him her sign: NIALL, I'M 100 PER CENT IRISH, and said, "Niall, of course!" He laughed and replied, "Oh, my nephew." Then he pointed to the women beside him and said, "This is his mum."

'We were all a little shocked with everything, you could say. I looked at the woman and realised she'd taken a picture of my sign earlier. She took a few more pictures of our friends and our signs and then we talked to them. My friend Erin began talking to them about Ireland. I made a complete fool out of myself, dropping my sign a few times and asking Maura – Niall's mom – if she knew Zayn's mom. Out of all the questions I could have asked her, I asked if she knew Zayn's mom. I guess it was because I wasn't thinking clearly. But the whole time Niall's family were very nice. You could tell they were very proud of Niall. Then the boys came out and performed and after that we said our goodbyes and left.'

Whenever the boys are in New York, Niall tries to catch up with his cousins who live there. One of his cousins is called Annie and he has two more, each called Katie. His cousins went to the boys' first signing in the city, along with more than 1,000 fans. Their first album, Up All Night, was actually released in America while the boys were in New York. The album came out a week earlier than had been planned because they were so popular, with fans rushing out to buy it on 13 March 2012. Some fans at the signing bought multiple copies. On the day of its release, the deluxe version was number one and the standard version reached number two. The night before it came out, Niall received a well-done tweet from Katy Perry. He explained to Radio 1, 'When I auditioned for The X Factor, Katy Perry was the guest judge and she was the last judge to put me through, and when she put me through, she said, "OK, don't let me down," and I said, "I won't," and then she tweeted me last night: "Congratulations you didn't let me down." I went crazy ... not very often do you get a tweet from Katy Perry, so I was a bit excited.'

The album did even better in America than it did in the UK, taking the number-one spot on the Billboard 200 chart. The boys sold an incredible 176,000 copies in the first week alone, making them the first UK/Ireland group to achieve this with their debut album.

Niall found out that the album was number one in America when he was travelling in a cab. He admitted to CKO196.9 Radio, 'I was in the back of a cab and I was going to Sony music to collect my tickets. I was going to a basketball game and I was with my friend, and my manager called me up and told me we were number one. And I went crazy, I screamed my head off and the taxi driver nearly kicked me out of the car. He was freaked out.'

Harry told MTV, 'We simply cannot believe that we are number one in America! It's beyond a dream come true for us. We want to thank each and every one of our fans in the US who bought our album and we would also like to thank the American public for being so supportive of us.'

Niall added, 'We just found out that we are number one in America and as you can imagine, we are over the moon!'

The boys' first single release from Up All Night was 'What Makes You Beautiful' and it was released in America on Valentine's Day 2012. It was number four on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. It had been released in the UK and in Europe months earlier, on 11 September 2011. The video for 'What Makes You Beautiful' was the boys' first proper music video as a band. It was filmed on a beach in Malibu, California. Liam's dad Geoff told the Express & Star, 'The lads went over to California in July. They were over there for two weeks while they shot the video. They spent three days on the beach shooting the scenes. It was tough work.

'The days were 18 hours long. The first three days over there, they spent getting to know the girls in their video. They went to a funfair so that when they came to shoot, they would feel comfortable with each other.'

In the 'What Makes You Beautiful' video, the boys ride around in an orange camper van driven by Louis. The story of the video is that the boys are meeting up with three girls. They go to the beach and it is revealed that Harry has fallen for one of the girls, who doesn't know she is beautiful. They have lots of fun on the beach and then when it gets dark, sit around a campfire. The actress chosen to play Harry's love interest was called Madison and Louis teased Harry by saying that Harry had fallen for her.

The director of the video, John Urbano, loved working with Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn and told the backstage cameras during filming, 'The video's been going great, it's been a ton of fun. Working with the guys ... they're amazing. They work so well with each other, you know, it's like they've been best friends for ever and that's exactly what we're looking for.'

Wherever the boys are in the world, they get at least one day off a week so they don't burn out. Some of their craziest days off have happened while they were in America. When they had a day off in New York Liam ended up being hit in the face and his shirt was ripped. 'They couldn't see where they were going and it was really, really dangerous,' a source told the Mirror. 'Nearby police had to calm the girls down. They are going to have to be more careful in the future and have at least a security guard each with them. It's a shame for the boys because they appreciate their freedom.'

Liam and Niall were shaken by what happened and tweeted about being mobbed. Niall tweeted, 'This is a complete joke ... ridic ... Day off, wana chill'. And Liam tweeted, 'That wasn't even funny.'

But Niall knew that only a few fans had ruined their day off. Back in the safety of their hotel, he tweeted to let the fans outside know that he could hear them singing.

On their days off the boys like to go the cinema if they can, or to local attractions like theme parks. When they were in California, they went fishing together and Liam managed to catch a baby tiger shark. Once everyone had seen it, and those who wanted to had given it a stroke, he released it back into the ocean.

The boys' filmed their second music video in New York at the Plattsburgh campus of the State University of New York and at Lake Placid. 'Gotta Be You' was released in November 2011 in the UK, Ireland and Australia only. The video was filmed just a month before its release and shows the boys as students, leaving school and travelling to a lake to have a bonfire with some girls. Louis drives a Mini Cooper, Zayn goes by train, Liam drives a Beetle car and Harry travels there on a red scooter. Niall loved being able to play the guitar in this video. It finishes with a big fireworks display and a silhouette of Zayn walking towards his love interest and going to kiss her. To see a behind-the-scenes video, go to YouTube and type in 'Gotta Be You Video Out Takes'. You'll see the boys singing a funny song and Zayn serenading a big teddy bear.

The boys spent a lot of 2012 in America and Harry was even there for his 18th birthday on 1 February. His mum was gutted that she couldn't be there with him and tweeted, 'Happy Birthday darling! @Harry_Styles have a great day. you're very loved!!'

She also tweeted a photo, which showed some of the presents she had received from fans to pass on to Harry when he was next home. The birthday gifts included Haribo sweets, Maltesers, a canvas, a mug with 'I Love Girls' written on it, a woolly hat, T-shirts, a teddy bear and loads of cards.

Harry told his followers, 'I feel like I've woken up with suddenly more facial hair and a deeper voice ... Thank you for all your lovely Birthday messages :D .xx'

One Direction have had many highlights during their time in America. Here are some of their favourites:

Acting in iCarly. The boys loved having the opportunity to act in the hit Nickelodeon show iCarlyalongside Miranda Cosgrove. When they arrived at the studio to film their episode, they were greeted by more than 500 fans. When it was shown on TV on 7 April, 'iGo One Direction' was watched by 3.9 million people.

Afterwards a rumour started circulating that the boys were going to be given their own series but Niall soon put the record straight, telling CKO196.9 Radio, 'Since we said we were coming to America, Nickelodeon have been right with us from the start, y'know. They helped us out, y'know – we hosted their Saturday night TV shows for the whole month of March, we did an episode of iCarly, they're giving us the biggest performance, the Kids Choice Awards, next week and us and Katy Perry are the only people performing, so it's very much a big deal. Nickelodeon has been really good to us but there's no TV show.'

The Baby Prank. When the boys were being interviewed by Nickelodeon, Louis and Zayn joined in a prank to make Harry, Liam and Niall think that the woman interviewing them was about to give birth. Harry completely fell for it and Louis even tried to ring his mum, who is a nurse. Harry admitted to the cameras, 'I was thinking, this is going to be a great press story – "One Direction delivers child!"' To see the video, search on YouTube for 'One Direction Prank on Nickelodeon'.

The Up All Night Tour. It is impossible for the boys to agree on one favourite performance from the Up All Night Tour, but the last one at Fort Lauderdale, Florida was pretty special. Harry tweeted, 'Last show of the tour tonight. Thanks to an amazing crew, and everyone involved for making it what it was. Tonight will be fun.' It was the end of an era as they had finished a run of over 60 shows worldwide.

Niall tweeted after the concert, 'Wow ft, lauderdale! Great way to finish our 1st headline US tour! #upallnight tour is done! Long six months but amazing! Thank you all so much.'

MTV Video Music Awards. The boys picked up three awards at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles and Niall even got a kiss from Katy Perry. Niall and Zayn were so thrilled to win that they stayed in America for a few more days rather than fly back home with the others.

Niall told Australian radio hosts Kyle and Jackie O, 'Katy Perry had lovely purple lipstick on and I still haven't washed it off, to be fair!'

He also sent a tweet to Katy with a picture of their kiss and the message, '@katyperry looks like its official ... me and you' Fans of both stars loved it and it was tweeted over 77,000 times. Katy replied, 'I'll be your Mrs Robinson.' (Mrs Robinson is a character from the 1967 movie The Graduate, which saw a young graduate being seduced by an older woman.)

Saturday Night Live. Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn were musical guests on the American hit comedy sketch show Saturday Night Live in April 2012, alongside Modern Family star Sofia Vergara, who was hosting the episode. More than 37 million people watch the show every week – so it was a lot bigger than the iCarly show.

The boys performed 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'One Thing'. They had to wear moustaches and wigs for The Manuel Ortiz Show sketch, which they found really fun to do. After the show Niall tweeted, 'SNL tonight was amazing. Thanks to @nbcsnl for having us. Much appreciated!'


Excerpted from Around the World with One Direction by Sarah Oliver. Copyright © 2013 Sarah Oliver. Excerpted by permission of John Blake Publishing Ltd.
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