Art at the Speed of Life: motivation + inspiration for making mixed-media art every day

Art at the Speed of Life: motivation + inspiration for making mixed-media art every day

by Pam Carriker

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Need high-energy inspiration when your life gets crazy and your art keeps getting pushed to the back burner? Offering terrific mixed-media art projects, as well as tips for getting organized and inspired, Art at the Speed of Life is a treasure chest of ideas for the artist whose creative goals sometimes get stymied by the frantic pace of modern life. Author and mixed-media artist Pam Carriker proves that art and life can coexist peacefully, productively, and happily. Making things every day can be a joyful reality instead of just wishful thinking.

Each chapter in Art at the Speed of Life includes both essays and project ideas from a variety of contributors, including Suzi Blu, Lisa Bebi, Christy Hydeck, Paulette Insall, Cate Calacous Prato. The projects are inspiring, yet easy to complete on a tight schedule, and include techniques such as assemblage, image transfer, and collage. A bonus seven-day journal project helps you track your work as you go. With a unique combination of time management tips and advice, inspiring essays, and projects designed to fit into busy schedules, Art at the Speed of Life will help you live your dream of making art every day.

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ISBN-13: 9781620333778
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 06/15/2013
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 144
File size: 7 MB

About the Author

Pam Carriker has created art with a variety of media over more than 20 years. She has served on several design teams, and has been featured in magazines including Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studios, The Stamper's Sampler, Art Journaling, and Somerset Apprentice. She currently teaches a successful online workshop series through Creative Workshops and Crescendoh Creative Lab.

Table of Contents


1. I Want to Be an Artist When I Grow Up
a. Introduction Pam Carriker
b. The Best Time to Start is Now Pam Carriker
c. Staying Young at Art Suzi Blu
d. Inspiration at Every Turn Julie Bergmann
e. Project: Laying the Foundation Chrysti Hydeck
f. Becoming an Artist as a Second Career Jodi Ohl
g. A Change of Art Pam Carriker
h. Project: Basic Backgrounds Pam Carriker
i. Project: Ten Minute Journal Pam Carriker
j. Project: Seven-Day Journal Project Pam Carriker

2. So Many Supplies, So Little Time
a. Introduction Pam Carriker
b. Artist Attention Diversion Disorder Cate Prato
c. Downsizing: Keeping Art Affordable to Make/Sell Pam Carriker
d. Live Artfully Suzan Buckner
e. Project: Heartfelt Collage Brandie Butcher Isley
f. Reining in the Stash Alisha Fredrickson and Glenda Bailey
g. Project: Vintage Photo Collage Pam Carriker
h. Project: Seven Day Journal Project, Day Two Pam Carriker

3. Go Skinny On That Latte: Setting Limits a. Introduction Pam Carriker
b. Drive-By Posting Pam Carriker
c. Good Things Come in Small Packages Pam Carriker
d. Who's Minding the Store Gail Schmidt
e. Online Workshops-Be an A+ Student Paulette Insall
f. Project: Papier Mache Dresses Sue Pelletier
g. Project: Toilette Papier Mache Pam Carriker
h. Project: Seven Day Journal Day 3 Pam Carriker

4. Having an Art Attack
a. Introduction Pam Carriker
b. Building Blocks Pam Carriker
c. A Blog A Day Keeps the Doctor Away Laurie Blau-Marshall
d. Deadline Dilemma: What Gives Nancy Lefko
e. Essay Lisa Bebi
f. Project: Encaustic Collage Glenda Bailey
g. Project: None of Your Beeswax Pam Carriker
h. Project: Seven Day Journal Day 4 Pam Carriker

5. Don't Quit Your Day Job a. Introduction Pam Carriker
b. Make a Playdate with Yourself Pam Carriker
c. I'm Not Giving Up My Day Job (Yet) Jodi Ohl
d. From the Desk of Sharon Tomlinson Sharon Tomlinson
e. Project: Assembling Art Seth Apter
f. Managing Work Without Letting Go of Art Brandie Butcher-Isley
g. Project: Assembled Anthology Pam Carriker
h. Project: Seven Day Journal Day 5 Pam Carriker

6. Art on the Fly
a. Introduction Pam Carriker
b. Security Clearance Pam Carriker
c. An Artist's Survival Kit Pam Carriker
d. Live Big Suzi Blu
e. Project: The Carefree Paint-over Technique Lisa Bebi
f. Adding Photographic Elements to Art Seth Apter
g. A Creative Journey Lisa Kettell
h. Project: Paint Under Pam Carriker
i. Project: Seven Day Journal Day 6 Pam Carriker
j. Sidebar: Don't Know What to Write?

7. Declaration of Reclamation a. Introduction Pam Carriker
b. Get Ready, Get Set, Go Pam Carriker
c. Project: Contemporary Expressionist Portraits Paulette Insall
d. Project: Pan Pastel Portrait Pam Carriker
e. Project: Seven Day Journal Day 7 Pam Carriker
f. 411 – The Artists Weigh In All Contributors

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