The Art of Psychic Protection

The Art of Psychic Protection

by Judy Hall

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Do you suffer from nightmares? Are you a therapist or a healer? Your physical immunity is not the only thing that needs an occasional boost/ sometimes your psychic immunities need extra protection from invading energies, too. The simple and effectivepsychic protection tools explained in this book include visualizations, flower remedies, gems and talismans, as well as practical advice for avoiding psychic compromises.

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ISBN-13: 9781609258528
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 09/01/1997
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Pages: 160
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About the Author

A natural psychic, Judy Hall was trained in metaphysics and esoteric healing by the Western mystic Christine Hartley. Hall is a former counselor with the College of Psychic Studies in London, and has been running a psychic devlopment, karmic astrology, and past life exploration groups for more than 20 years. She is the author of many books including The Karmic Journey (Arkana), and her forthcoming title, The Hades Moon (Weiser, 1998). She lives in London, but travels extensively to teach workshops and see clients.

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By Judy Hall

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 1996 Judy Hall
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-852-8


Natural Protection: The Aura

HUMAN BEINGS ARE NOT SIMPLY PHYSICAL bodies defined by, and enclosed within, a barrier of skin. We have subtle energy bodies that extend out towards, and interact with, everything around us, including other people. Our thoughts and feelings reach others, just as their emotions wash over us. Sensitive people can pick up other people's physical or emotional conditions. Have you developed a headache, only to have the person sitting next to you complain of exactly the same pain? Sometimes we take that pain away with us without ever knowing it is not ours. We may feel drained and exhausted after a quick word with someone. A few desperate souls act like psychic leeches: vampires don't only exist in fiction! Similarly, we may feel down after meeting a particular person, or good after spending time with another, a feeling which has nothing to do with what has passed between us verbally. It is all a question of the energies they are giving out and how we respond.

It is not necessary to be in physical proximity for our energies to interact. We can communicate with other people over vast distances simply by thinking about them. How often have you found yourself wondering how so-and-so is, only to have them call a few moments later? All of these activities take place through the subtle energy bodies that comprise our aura. If our aura is strong, we will be well protected. However, shock and trauma can lead to "breaks," or weakness, in the auric field as can psychic attack and geopathic stress, such as electromagnetic radiation. Any weakness makes us more vulnerable to negative influences and psychic invasion.

Some people are able to see the aura that surrounds us. This is a multi-layered energy field that pulsates with color according to our mood and health. It resonates with the emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being. As auric photographs show, each person's aura is unique. In one person it may extend out several feet; in another it will be tight and close to the body. Angry reds and magentas may predominate, or pale blues and pinks: in the first instance they belong to fiery, strong-willed persons, often with great anger, while in the second case people will be much more passive and calm, and may be low in vitality. In meditation, the aura expands and becomes golden. Intuitives can usually "see" how we are feeling from the colors we are giving out. Gifted psychics are able to read in this aura our whole emotional history. Indeed for many it is like an autobiography. All the details of our lives are set out there.

For most of us, this aura remains an unseen mystery, and yet it is our link to other people. We may unconsciously "read" auras to know what other people are thinking or feeling. Children especially tune into auras and may well include them in drawings of family or friends. I have a wonderful portrait by my, then, 3-year-old granddaughter. I am on tiptoe, with a huge yellow balloon around my head and shoulders. At the time I was engaged in writing a book. Yellow is the color of mental activity. As for being on tiptoe, well, even at the best of times I have to work hard to stay grounded. When I am writing, I am consciously reaching up for inspiration and my contact with the ground becomes even more tenuous. She saw exactly my state of being. When she drew her mother, there was a black balloon at the solar plexus. It was some time before it became apparent to the adults around her that her mother was seriously depressed. But the child had seen it.

Those who can see auras describe what happens when we interact with another person as: "the colors merging and mingling," "the energies becoming entangled," "tentacles reaching out," "a siphon sucking off energy from one person into the other." In healing or empathetic therapy, energy from the therapist will blend with the patient. In love, and especially in orgasm, the two auras will, for a time, become one. When our interaction is finished, we may each take away a small part of the other's energy field. Unless we are aware of this intermingling, we do not realize that we need to withdraw our energies and reestablish our boundary afterwards.

So, by becoming aware of the aura and strengthening its protective function, we can safeguard ourselves against unwanted intrusion or insidious energy leakage. A simple visualization exercise, performed twice a day for a few days, will vastly increase the amount of protection available from your aura. The exercise will become habitual, and can be used in emergency situations when you are aware of needing extra protection simply by thinking, "Light Bubble." You can also use the vibrationary healing of flower essences to cleanse and strengthen the aura. The Australian Bush Essence Fringed Violet is particularly good for repairing any weakness. Anyone who suffers from sensitivity to other people's emanations, and particularly therapists or practitioners, who interact with subtle energies all the time, will find the Gem Auric Protection Remedy most effective. (Other remedies are given in the section on Flower and Gem Essences.)

Using Guided Imagery

The power of the imagination is immense. Whatever we can image, we can bring into being. All the visualization exercises in this book utilize our "inner screen." This is positioned between, and slightly above, our eyebrows. It is the "third eye" chakra. If you have difficulty visualizing, looking up to this spot (without opening your eyes) helps the images to form. The Australian Bush Flower Essence, Boronia, which works on a vibration level attuned to the aura, can help with focusing creative visualization as well as quieting the mind in preparation for meditation—as can Bush Iris which opens up higher perceptions. If you find excessive thoughts are a problem, the Bach Flower Remedy White Chestnut helps to clear the mind chatter. Black Eyed Susan helps you to slow down, turn inward and find the calm center within. A few drops of the essences taken in water before beginning the exercises in this book, will prove helpful.

However, some people will never "see" anything during one of these exercises. They will discover other ways of doing things. Do not try to force images. Because we are invoking the power of thought, it can be helpful to "act as if"—that is to say, to do the exercise as though you are seeing something on that inner screen even when you are not. Gradually, you will develop the feeling, rather than the picture. Whether or not you see the images, it is this feeling of something happening that is important. When you can get a sense of the exercise working around you, of the bubble being there, then you will know that your protection is in place. As with all the exercises in this book, you can memorize it or tape it if you wish, allowing time to carry out all the instructions without hurrying. If you wish to, play a favorite piece of relaxation music in the background to aid you.

If you have difficulty in relaxing, raise and lower your eyelids ten times. On the tenth time, allow them to stay closed. Then let the feeling of relaxation in your eyelids flow down to your feet. Or, imagine yourself getting into an elevator which will take you down to the optimum level for relaxation. After a little practice, getting in the elevator and saying "basement" will automatically take you into deep relaxation.

The Light Bubble

Close your eyes and breathe gently. Let yourself relax and soften, breathing out any tension you may be feeling and breathing in a sense of peace and. relaxation. Take as long as you need to settle comfortably, gradually withdrawing your attention from the outside world and into yourself.

Look up to your inner screen. On that screen, project a picture of a place where you feel happy and protected. It may be a grassy glade, a beach, a church, a garden, a place from your childhood. An actual place or one you imagine. Think about that place, and it will appear on the screen. Spend a few minutes enjoying that place, remembering how good it feels. Let your feet walk there, feeling the ground beneath them. Let your senses bring to you the smell of the place, its own unique, fragrant perfume. Let your skin tell you how warm it is.

Gradually you will become aware that there is a shaft of bright light shining down and touching the ground in front of you. This light pulsates with energy and flashes of color. Indeed, it may be a special color which you need. Or it may be white, containing all the colors within it.

Let yourself go into this light. Stand within it and absorb light into your whole being. Breathe it in, absorb it through your skin, and allow it to permeate your aura. Fill your aura with light and vitality. After a while, you will become conscious of your aura stretching out around you in vibrant color. See the different colored layers flowing out around your body. Check your aura's level of vitality; if you need more, breathe in more light. If it is overpoweringly strong, let it find its appropriate level.

Notice how far out your aura extends. Feel its edges. You can use your physical hands to reach out and touch the edge, or mentally reach out all around you probing its limits. You will find that it is roughly egg-shaped. It extends over your head and below your feet. Check whether it has any breaks or weaknesses. You can experiment with this aura: pull it in close to you, allow it to widen out again. Let it settle, ending at an appropriate distance from your physical body. Knowing the boundary of your aura protects you, so spend as long as you need to become familiar with it.

If you feel you need extra protection, you can "crystallize" your aura's outer edge, making it strong and hard but translucent so you can see out. You will be encased in an egg-shaped crystal full of light.

When you are ready, step out from the column of light. Check that your aura is still glowing, full of light. Check that its boundary is strong and intact. It should completely surround you, forming an impenetrable protective barrier around you. This is your cloak of protection. Nothing can impinge through the aura unless you choose to allow it in. Nothing can drain its energy and vitality. You are protected.

When you are ready, gently bring your awareness back into the room. Be aware of your physical body, of your feet on the earth. Breathe a little more deeply. Move your hands and feet. Get up and stretch. Be aware too of your aura and its protective function. From now on, you will live within a bubble of light.

If you are non-visual: Physically feel your aura with your hands—with a little practice you will feel a warm tingling at the outer edges. Any breaks or weaknesses will be felt as cold spots. Pull it out with your hands, push it in. Find the most comfortable distance. When you know how far it stretches, sense the white light surrounding it, feel its warmth and brightness, and continue the exercise from there.

The Cloak of Protection

When you are deeply relaxed, picture yourself walking into a column of light (in whatever color feels right for you). Wrap this light around your aura so that it forms a cloak of protection. Let it cover your head and sweep right down to your feet. When you are wearing this cloak, nothing can intrude or impress itself on you. You can wrap the cloak around yourself, which will give you complete protection, or open it if you want your psychic energies to interact with someone else. Whenever you finish meditation, or any other psychic or spiritual opening up, ensure that the cloak is wrapped firmly around yourself.

If you are non-visual, or for extra protection during meditation and other psychic work, you may like to make a suitable cloak to wear.

The Grounding Cord

Picture a cord running from the bottom of your feet deep down into the earth. This cord holds you in incamation. It is flexible, it allows you to move, but it is hooked into the center of the Earth anchoring your physical body in everyday reality. With this cord in place, you will always be grounded and earthed.

Levels of Being

THE AURA HAS A PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, mental and spiritual or causal component. It is formed of layers which vibrate at different frequencies. These layers have a complex interaction and there are various schools of thought as to how many layers exist, and in what order. All you need to know in order to protect yourself is that all of life operates at these different levels of vibration, and it is possible to interact with these frequencies at more than one level. You can enhance the integrated functioning of the different levels by the use of an agate crystal, which helps to harmonize the mind, body and spirit.

The diagram on the next page is a simplified, one-dimensional version and should not be taken too literally:

The base level of being is the physical. This is where matter vibrates at its most dense frequency and, therefore, appears most solid. It is the level of form. Although, of course, physicists tell us that, in reality, even an apparently "solid" body contains huge empty spaces where solar winds blow. At the physical level of being we need our senses to interact with the world. We cannot share our physical space with another human being, unless of course we are pregnant and, even then, the fetus is contained with its own skin and aura, cushioned in its own watery world.

Sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are our tools for exploring what is around us. At this level, we communicate with words or pictorial representations. What we can see is real, what we can touch is tangible, what we can taste exists. Even so, we may be aware that there are unseen forces, such as radio-or micro-waves passing through the ether around us.

When people see auras, it is often the "physical" level they see. It shows itself as a brightish, white or gray glow close to the body. This is sometimes known as the etheric or astral body. If part of the body is cut away, the aura still retains the full outline of the missing part. This aura shows our state of physical health: ease or dis-ease.

At the emotional level of being, matter vibrates in a different way. It is resonating at a higher frequency. Our emotional body occupies the same space as the physical, but also extends beyond it. Yes, we experience feelings and emotions in various parts of our bodies, fear catches in our gut, our heart lifts with joy or sinks with sorrow. But our experience is also beyond the physical. When we hug someone, the act is physical, but the feelings that pass between us come through our emotional body. If we are intuitive and empathetic, we can genuinely share what others are feeling because some of their "emotional matter" is transferred to us. If we are not, then we rely on our intellectual understanding of what that feeling is, of our own memories of a time when we felt like that, to know how they feel. Communication at this level of being does not need words, although it may include them. It often comes through touch or smell. (Fear has a raw, rancid odor all of its own.)

If we are pregnant, the fetus shares what we feel; our blood carries with it the tang of fear, the sweetness of joy. Chemical couriers cross the placenta carrying our emotional messages. But the baby can also intuit much of what we are feeling. Contrary to popular opinion, the child in the womb is conscious and aware. If it is wanted, it feels warm and welcomed. If it is not, it feels cold and rejected. This is relevant to psychic protection because sometimes we are sensitized to extremes of emotion before birth. Some children cannot keep their mother's strong feelings out, others learn to shut off very quickly. We continue to operate these early patterns as we mature. Someone with the first pattern is vulnerable to emotional invasion. Someone with the second is more susceptible to mental interference. But both are open to psychic intrusion.

This emotional level of being has its counterpart in the aura, interpenetrating to other layers. It is not, however, available to "normal" sight. It needs a psychic eye. It is said that once out of the physical body, we cannot hide our emotions as then this aura is visible to everyone. So, Earth is the place where we conceal our emotions, play emotional games, wreak emotional havoc on ourselves and others. And so, this is one of the levels most vulnerable to psychic attack.


Excerpted from THE ART OF PSYCHIC PROTECTION by Judy Hall. Copyright © 1996 Judy Hall. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents



Introduction—Why Do We Need Psychic Protection?,

Natural Protection: The Aura,

Levels of Being,

The Chakras,

The Higher Self,

The Power of Thought,

Like Attracts Like,

Thought Forms,

Psychic Attack,


Cleansing the Subconscious Mind,

Meeting the Saboteur,



Out-of-the-Body Experiences (OOBEs),

Protecting Your Space,

Space Clearing Tools,

Screening Out Other People,

Psychic Protection and Children,

Strengthening Another Person's Aura,

Tie Cutting,

Group Protection,

Geopathic Stress,

Chain Letter Cleansing,


Flower and Gem Essences,

Crystals for Protection,

Aroma therapy,

The Quick Fix,


Useful Addresses,


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