As You Wish

As You Wish

by Jackson Pearce


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Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing—for someone to love her again and, most important, to belong again—until her wishes inadvertently summon a genie named Jinn out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes. But it's only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she's in love with Jinn . . . and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life—and her world—forever.

Jackson Pearce spins a magical tale about star-crossed lovers, what it means to belong . . . and how important it is to be careful what you wish for.

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ISBN-13: 9780061661549
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 08/31/2010
Series: Fairy Tale Retelling Series
Pages: 298
Sales rank: 800,502
Product dimensions: 8.34(w) x 11.28(h) x 0.74(d)
Age Range: 12 - 15 Years

About the Author

If Jackson Pearce had three wishes, she would wish for wisdom, patience, and for life to be a little more like a musical. She began writing when the school librarian told her there weren't any books that contained a smart girl, horses, baby animals, and magic. Her solution was to write the book herself. Jackson currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, with a slightly cross-eyed cat and a lot of secondhand furniture.

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As You Wish

Chapter One

Viola Cohen

All I've learned in today's Shakespeare class is: Sometimes you have to fall in love with the wrong person just so you can find the right person. A more useful lesson would've been: Sometimes the right person doesn't love you back. Or sometimes the right person is gay. Or sometimes you just aren't the right person.

Thanks for nothing, Shakespeare.

I pretend to read along...the key is to glance up at the teacher occasionally so you appear interested...but really, I'm watching a guy to my right. He slouches back in his chair, slack-jawed, wearing a black coat covered in safety pins. The tips of his hair are magenta, and he has a row of piercings in each ear. He's one of the Punk Guys, though he sometimes drifts into the Wannabe Skater crowd.

I squeeze my eyes a little so his face's easier to imagine how I'd paint him if I let his features run together. My hands twitch, longing to hold a paintbrush instead of a pencil. A fan brush, probably, for the magenta spikes. I'd add a few shades of gray underneath his eyes to try to capture that sleepy, sullen look that all the Punk Guys seem to have.

Everyone in this classroom belongs to one clique or another...a few Pretty Girls, a few Druggies, a Smart Kid or two, a large handful of Emo Girls wearing plastic bracelets. I've studied them all semester, hoping to understand their looks, movements, voices...and then trying to paint it all later. Like if I can just get it down on canvas, I'll have the key to the social mystery of what makes them belong to something bigger than themselves. If I can figure out what it is that makes thembelong, I can figure out why it is that I don't...why I've become an Invisible Girl. The kind of girl who has a handful of friends and a lot of acquaintances, but who doesn't really belong to anything. I guess being invisible is better than faking your way into belonging, but it doesn't feel any less lonely.

"So, basically, the moral of this play is, Wait until you see the person naked before you fall in love, just in case they have the wrong . . . equipment?" a voice says from across the room. The formerly drowsy class...including me...turns to pay close attention to the speaker.

"There's a little more to it, Aaron, but . . . yes," Miss Collins says, putting two fingers to her right temple. She's a young teacher, and she always looks scared when she has to talk about sex.

Aaron shrugs. "I guess I'll start asking girls to undress sooner."

We all laugh under our breath, and the teacher flushes. Aaron smiles...the kind of smile you usually see on Disney princes. He's the only one I know who could deliver that line and not get administrative detention for it. He's also the only one I know who somehow manages to belong to everything...his friends are the leaders of all the other cliques, the beautiful, high-school-famous people who seem to gravitate toward one another...the Royal Family. I try to imagine the way Aaron's broad shoulders might look in watercolor. I wish I could figure out his to belong like he does. I wish I didn't feel invisible.

I sigh, wondering if I'll be doomed to walk home in the rain like I did yesterday, and turn to my left to glance out the window.

Dark brown eyes barrel into mine.

I suppress a gasp...there's supposed to be an open desk next to me. Where the hell did he come from?

The eyes belong to a golden-skinned boy who's sitting motionless like a cat preparing to attack a mouse. He's staring at me so intensely that I can actually feel his gaze boring into my skin. His eyes are deep like an animal's eyes...soft like a deer's, sort of, but also intense like a wolf's. Though I badly want to look away, I can't, as if there are ropes linking me to him. The stranger's skin sparkles even under the school's bland fluorescent lights as the sound of Miss Collins's voice drones on even more than usual. The world blurs at the edges of my vision.Who is he? I blink furiously to try and make the rest of the world come back into focus, but all I can see are his deep brown, watery irises. I'm drowning in them. This isn't right. I shiver and force my eyes away from his. It hurts, as if he'd had his fingers wrapped around my gaze.

I try to fixate on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom, but I can still feel his eyes on me. Chill bumps rise on my arms. I want to ignore him, yet another part of me desperately wants to look at him again. He had been looking at me, studying me, like I study everyone else. Why? I rub my lips together and carefully look back toward him, using a few strands of my hair as a shield between us.

But he's gone.

Not just from his desk...from the classroom. No one has touched the room's only door, but Strangerguy is nowhere to be seen.

I've finally lost my mind, haven't I?

I jump when the bell rings. Class is over. I crumple my sparse notes and shove them into my bag, then head for the door. The rest of the class is sprinting to the hallway; the faster you get into the hall, the longer you can be social before your next class. I linger a moment longer, thinking maybe Stranger-guy is just hiding behind a desk or something. But no...he's definitely gone. I exhale and duck through the doorway, hurrying through the baby-blue hallways to the commons. My best friend, Lawrence, is waiting for me, rerolling the sleeves of his designer shirt.

As You Wish. Copyright © by Jackson Pearce. Reprinted by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved. Available now wherever books are sold.

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Lisa McMann

“As You Wish is compelling, funny, thrilling and sexy, and Jinn is positively swoony. When you get to the end, you’ll wish for more.”

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As You Wish 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 91 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Forget the rules of classical fantasy. Forget princesses and knights, fairies, magic, witches and wizards, battles and duels. Forget heroes who rise up to save the world from certain doom and villains hellbent on destroying all humanity holds dear. Instead, take a simpler approach: a girl. A high school student, months after a horrible break up, facing a destroyed self confidence, a lonely existance, and an art expo. Now give this girl three wishes, strict guidelines to use them, and her own jinn to make those wishes come true, and what do you get? Clue: Not a princess story. Not a Disney movie. Instead, debut author Jackson Pearce delivers a stunning, poignant novel about the power of choice and the importance of priority. Set against the backdrop of a very average high school, the world proposed by Pearce is easy to fall into because it's nothing more than what it claims to be- a refreshing break from alternate worlds in wardrobes and rabbit holes. Everything about this book is absolutely refreshing, starting with its protagonist, Viola: she's a teen girl, and I refrain from saying average, because one beautiful aspect of this story is that it shows skillfully that in the world we live in, there is no average, because inside each person is a world of anxiety, emotions, hopes, doubts, and hormones that, combined, never equal the same concoction as any other person. Viola is heartbroken long before the story begins, and her ego is shattered; Pearce does a wonderful job of making it clear, without giving a lecture or pep talk, that Viola is only as beautiful and worthy of what she wants as she allows herself to be. Rather than going on a journey to discover how amazing she is, as most stories today seem to be, Viola's journey is a personal one, in which she discovers that she has the power to see herself for however she wants to, to make her own happiness or wallow in misery. The story itself is about personal choice, setting it apart from your average fantasy and teen novel. Instead of trying to save the world or their lives, the characters are simply learning how to see themselves, and what they want for themselves, and what they will give up and do in order to keep their emotionally charged lives even- and hopefully tip the scales to happy. Possibly the best part of the story is that there is no set antagonist; rather, each character's personality and life situation makes for the setbacks in the story. What they must over come and defeat is entirely inside themselves, and at they same time, that is where they will find what will allow them to overcome these obstacles. The rules of fantasy, the standard cycle of the monomyth, is presented in a different light in this satisfyingly-romantic-without-being-ridiculous tale, and in the end, the reader is left with not only a deep satisfaction that comes with finishing only the best of books, but also a new take on fiction, lesson needed in a literary world of instant-romance and magic wands: it is the choices we make, how we use our wishes and go after what we want, and not the power of magic or even love, that bind us together, build up our lives, or destroy us, our relationships, and our confidence. As You Wish was a beautiful read, paced skillfully and written masterfully. Five well-earned stars.
bookduck More than 1 year ago
If you think this book looks cute, you're right--As You Wish is all kinds of adorable. On top of that, it's also funny, insightful, thrilling, and incredibly un-putdownable. Seriously. I finished it in just over a day and I already want to whirl through it again. As You Wish is told in alternating first person narration between Viola and Jinn. While the two viewpoints add more dimension to the story, I couldn't distinguish the two voices from one another. The plot, however, sucked me in so absolutely that I quickly got over this complaint and sat back to enjoy the story. The resulting single voice of Viola's and Jinn's near identical narration is appealing and enjoyable. At the opening of As You Wish, it's been just over seven months since Viola's childhood-best-friend-turned-boyfriend, Lawrence, informed Viola that he was gay and broke up with her. While Viola and Lawrence are still close, Viola feels that she's become an "Invisible Girl" since the breakup--with Lawrence, she was special and felt like she belonged. Now, however, Lawrence is invited to parties and Viola gets to hear about them. She feels ignored and out of place and is obsessed with the idea of belonging--how do other people do it? How can she belong again? And then Jinn, a genie, walks into her life, offers her three wishes, and suggests she make them quickly. Jackson Pearce's cast of characters is irresistable--except for a few bad apples, I liked them all instantly. I had fun watching Viola and Jinn fall in love. I was happy when they were happy, and breathless with suspense when they encountered obstacles--I was so invested in the story I was practically biting my fingernails, and I don't usually do that. The ending is satisfying, but not exactly what I expected. As You Wish surprised me to the end. Beyond the plot, the depth of Viola's longing to be a part of the social tapestry around her and her blindness to what she already has adds an emotional angle to the novel that I believe many people, teenagers or not, can identify with. As You Wish is a little book with a lot to say. As far as PG-13 content, I can count the incidents of offensive language on one hand, and while alcohol and promiscuity make a few appearances, there's nothing even close to an R-rated scene, and nothing happens that the average teenager hasn't already read about or seen on TV--As You Wish is refreshingly clean without being unrealistic. As You Wish is a roller coaster ride of laughter, love, and suspense. It's a feel-good novel I couldn't put down, and I highly recommend it.
Gabriela_Iris More than 1 year ago
As You Wish is one of those books that you CAN'T put down until you finish it. It pulls you in quickly, has good pace, and develops characters fairly well. It's an interesting concept that weaves a beautiful story of friendship, finding yourself, and love. I highly recommend this book- it's the epitome of a feel-good read!
StoryBreather More than 1 year ago
As you wish is a delightful, endearing tale. It tugged at my heart, and made me smile and laugh in some places. It was a really quick read, but it held such meaning and promises in it. When Jinn had to leave, my heart called out to him and Viola. Their pain was so poignant, and Jackson displayed it so clearly. This book is one my new favorites. Thank you Jackson, for such a beautiful love story.
Lizzie9208 More than 1 year ago
Jackson Pearce's first book, As You Wish, has set the bar high! In alternating viewpoints, this book details the story of a teenage girl, Viola, who accidentally summons a genie, Jinn. Jinn must remain on Earth until Viola makes three wishes, and it's only after the first wish when they discover they have feelings for one another. Viola and Jinn are forced to make a choice- if she doesn't make all three wishes, the guardian of the genies will push her to wish by hurting the people she loves. But if she makes her three wishes, Jinn will leave her life forever. This book is full of beautiful details and scenes that will delight even the most reluctant reader. Jackson's vivid imagery makes the characters come alive. The book is great for middle-school age kids and the young at heart. I couldn't put this book down!
ErinWalk on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A fresh concept and a sweet love story. Pearce's writing style is inviting and accessible and the characters were very well-crafted. A great book for someone who wants something thought-provoking but not too heavy.
sithereandread on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
AS YOU WISH, by Jackson Pearce, was a sweet treat with a genie to match. This story had an Aladdin-esque vibe to it except the wisher was a angst-filled teenage girl who just wanted her life to be fulfilled, be careful what you wish for...Right from the beginning I was captivated by this charming story of love and magic. After reading Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce (and loved it!), I needed to read more of her work. Pearce's stunning story made me laugh and cry throughout and I will definitely be adding it to my bookshelf.Viola was a genuine girl-next-door who did not want to be invisible anymore. She wished her life was different and in popped Jinn, a handsome, young genie who wanted nothing more but to be back home. Viola opened Jinn's eyes to the kinder and more thoughtful side of humans. Viola and Jinn were such a great couple because of their differing natures and because they were never afraid to be honest with each other.I enjoyed the character progression that Viola went through in terms of how she saw her world after making a wish. The quote, "The grass is always greener on the other side," comes to mind. Jinn's magic worked on illusions and Viola saw that even if you change the picture, deep down the problem still remains.I loved reading both Viola and Jinn's perspective. I really liked the world of Caliban that Pearce created. It seemed like the most beautiful place and the fact that jinn don't age there was an interesting concept. The lack of human emotion that a jinn possesses made some difficult exchanges between Viola and Jinn, but this created the charm of the book.Overall this was a fantastic read, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is lacking a little magic in his or her life.
Krissy724 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
I freakin loved this book!! As You Wish is a perfect book to read over and over again while cuddled in a blanket on a rainy day! Viola, who was dumped by her boyfriend, Lawrence last year, has never been able to get over it. Even though her and Lawrence are best friends, she still feels betrayed. She's lonely and unhappy, and wishes she belonged--Enter the magical genie Jinn! Just like in the classic, genie fairytale, Viola gets three wishes that Jinn has to grant.Viola and Jinn fall in love, but after she makes her three wishes, Jinn will be gone from her life forever. I could not put this book down because I needed to know what happened. If Jinn and Viola did not end up together, I was going to throw my book across the room....**SPOILER ALERT**....I did not throw my book across the room! The ending was perfect!Many times in books, the lead female character bothers me. They are too winy to deal with. Viola complains a lot about feeling invisible and not belonging since Lawrence came out of the closet and broke up with her, but let's face it, this is something that every single teenager has felt. We all at one point or another in our life has felt "invisible in a crowded room". I admired Viola. I thought Viola was strong, selfless, thoughtful, and smart. I also enjoyed Lawrence's character. He was sweet and caring, and brought a lot to the story. Jinn was my favorite. He started off as kind of a sarcastic douche, but once he opened up, it was easy for me (oops, I mean Viola) to fall in love with him! I could not stop picturing Jinn as Aladdin, who I had a childhood crush on, even though he was a cartoon. I know, lame. The only thing I did not like about this book is the cover. The publishers could have done so much with the cover of this novel. But whatever, the book was still amazing!Jackson Pearce is a wonderful, funny, and talented writer. As You Wish was her first book that she wrote while in college (which in itself is really cool!). I've read and reviewed Sisters Red already and I am excited for Sweetly, due out in August 2011!
Theamwriter on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This is my review for the book As You Wish by Jackson Pearce. About the book:Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing¿for someone to love her again and, most important, to belong again¿until her wishes inadvertently summon a genie named Jinn out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes. But it's only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she's in love with Jinn . . . and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life¿and her world¿forever.Jackson Pearce spins a magical tale about star-crossed lovers, what it means to belong . . . and how important it is to be careful what you wish for. My Review:I loved reading this book. I know that this is not the original cover but I think the publishers and the author made a fine choice to change the cover to this one (the final one). The starry night sky as part of the cover is good because the jinn in the story likes to look at the stars in the sky while he waits for Viola to make her next wish. I think this book is beautifully written. I loved the characters, the plot, and I even loved the ending. I got a little teary-eyed around the time in the book where Viola made her 3rd and final wish. But I still enjoyed reading this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves, romance, magic, and a little mystery their reading.
Elentarien on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Interesting premise. A bit too 'teen angsty' for my taste, though. The ending was good, although I did not find it entirely satisfactory. Over all. . .I wouldn't bother reading it again.
ethel55 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
A really wonderful story about high schooler Viola, whose desire to fit in calls forth a jinn at school one day. Turns out, not all genies live in bottles and jinn return to their "homeland" of Caliban after granting three wishes for their master. Viola humanizes the jinn, who becomes Jinn for the story. Jinn breaks a few rules as well, taking Viola's personal feelings into account a little too often.
ylin.0621 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Wow! It just seems that in the short of a few days I¿ve uncovered a lost treasure trove of books. As You Wish was sweet but with a touch of sadness. Viola goes through a breakup with a best friend since childhood because, you guessed it, he¿s gay! It seems that all the good man are always gay, taken, or, you know, ¿mythical¿. She goes through a change that leaves her sad, but just lonely. She can¿t find her place where she belongs, giving herself the nickname Invisible Girl. Sure everyone¿s nice to her but it felt that she¿s not whole when Lawrence broke up with her. Then Jinn comes along¿ Viola was a perfect main character. She grew throughout the entire novel. Jinn was such a swoonful man. In general I thought the progression of the storyline was smooth. This entire setup was nicely done that gave an ease of effortlessness. Magically delicious. Honestly there isn¿t much I can say about this book, just pick it when it comes out! Overall: Awesome!
Ricky21 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
As you wish is a delightful, endearing tale. It tugged at my heart, and made me smile and laugh in some places. It was a really quick read, but it held such meaning and promises in it. When Jinn had to leave, my heart called out to him and Viola. Their pain was so poignant, and Jackson displayed it so clearly. This book is one my new favorites.
ericajsc on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
At first glance, this looks like a pretty light read: girl pines for her ex-boyfriend, she¿s granted three wishes, and suddenly there¿s a new romance on the horizon. It is a quick and easy read, but don¿t let that fool you. There is more in this story beyond what¿s just on the surface. The story is told through both Viola¿s and Jinn¿s points of view, and their voices are distinct enough that this works. Pearce deftly captures the deepest emotions of both narrators. I don¿t think the book would have worked as well if it had only been told from one perspective, because the changes Viola and Jinn made in their thinking about each other happened slowly, with a thought here and a glance there. Also, without Jinn¿s side of the story, there wouldn¿t be the excellent descriptions of Viola¿s power over him as his master, like the way her question yanks at him ¿like being struck and dragged along the sand by a wave.¿I found Viola to be a relatable character in that she¿s paralyzed because she overanalyzes what she does, which happens so often when confidence is low. It¿s not just coming up with three wishes that is difficult for her; she wants to change how she expresses herself in her paintings but she can¿t really figure out how to make the changes, so she plays it safe. Her lack of confidence, whether that came from her breakup with Lawrence or if it was always there, is the biggest obstacle in the way of becoming who she wants to be. Watching the progression of her character is like watching a slowly unfolding rose. This book addresses important issues like being true to yourself, thinking about other people over your own desires, and what truly makes a person whole. But what I love is that it¿s not a story that beats the message into the reader. I wouldn¿t say it¿s subtle, necessarily, but it¿s not so overwhelming that it pushes out the sweetness of the story. I think the lessons in this book are ones everyone needs to be reminded of every now and then.
Alliebeth927 on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
As You Wish was exactly what I wanted and expected- cute, fluffy, and sweet. Viola is very much an 'every girl' kind of character, making it easy to relate when the person she thought would be the love of her life becomes just a friend instead. She struggles to put herself back together after the heartbreak, and unwittingly calls a genie to her service. The love story between she and Jinn is sweet, if predictable. All in all, it's a fun book that would be totally appropriate even for very young teens. It's also much shorter than it looks (huge type, double spaced), which makes it perfect to devour easily in an afternoon.
stephxsu on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
After her best friend and boyfriend, Lawrence, breaks out with her by coming out, Viola has desperately wished to feel as if she belonged to something meaningful and passionate again. Her strong desire summons Jinn out of his genie world to grant her three wishes.Jinn just wants to get the wishes over with so that he can return home to the safe and predictable loveliness of Caliban. Viola holds off on wishing, however, unsure of what it is she wants, exactly, and Jinn is forced to remain in the mortal world with her. As the days pass, Jinn comes to care for her more than he has ever cared about anyone before, and Viola finds that she can¿t live without him.But when Viola makes her third and final wish, Jinn will be forced to leave her life forever.Sounds like the synopsis for the next Disney movie, right? Maybe¿but it¿s one that would appeal to both the children AND the parents. AS YOU WISH took me by surprise with its sincere charm, lighthearted humor, and the best kind of romance.The development of Viola and Jinn¿s from master-genie to romantic love was extraordinarily well done. It was subtle and likable, like a romantic comedy movie unfolding before your eyes, except in words. It seemed completely natural for them to start off wary of one another and then to develop into friends, and finally something more. It is rare nowadays to find a romance that doesn¿t start off from insta-connection and physical attraction, so Viola and Jinn¿s relationship stands out to me in the best way.Likewise, supporting characters are also realistic. With the exception of maybe Aaron, I could believe in the genuineness of the characters¿ interactions with one another. Lawrence in particular is a standout secondary character, one whose fate post-story we can actually feel ourselves caring about.Perhaps the greatest thing about AS YOU WISH, however, is Jackson Pearce¿s effortless narration. How many authors can truly tell a charming story out of a concept that rides the fence on being sweet and too saccharine? AS YOU WISH didn¿t read like a forced novel to me, but more like me experiencing a good friend¿s story, or living out my favorite romantic comedy. I found myself crying through the ending, so involved was I in Jinn, Viola, and Lawrence¿s story.Don¿t be fooled by its childlike cover and fairy tale premise. AS YOU WISH makes you believe in wish-granters and the fact that love can triumph all. This is magical realism at its best, completely worth the list price, and one of the best love stories I¿ve read all year.
librarymeg on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
This book was a clever and sweet riff on the classic forbidden/doomed love story, and was inspired in part by Shakespeare's "The Tempest." Viola is a high school student who has been plagued by a feeling of invisibility ever since her current best friend/ex-boyfriend, Lawrence, broke up with her by coming out. It's enough to throw anyone for a loop, but Viola has never fully recovered. She feels broken, lonely, and out of place with no idea of how to get back to her old self. Her fervent wishes to belong have the miraculous result of summoning a jinn to grant her, you guessed it, three wishes. The biggest problem is that Viola has the feeling that wishing to be popular will only make her feel like more of a loser, which means that the jinn is stuck in limbo while waiting for her to wish.The sweet love story that develops as Viola and Jinn find their common ground is not really surprising, but kept my interest anyway. There are still some roadblocks, as there must be in any good love story, and it may be that I'm just not that creative but I truly wondered how the author would resolve things. It was a satisfying conclusion, although I wouldn't have minded a few dozen more pages. But that's just me. I really liked this one. It's a bit more lighthearted than troubled love stories like Twilight, but will probably appeal to a similar audience.
Senfaye on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Title: As You Wish Author: Jackson Pearce Publisher: Harper Teen Number Of Pages: 300 Publication Date: August 25th, 2009Synopsis from back of book: A MAGICAL TALE ABOUT STAR-CROSSED LOVERS, WHAT IT MEANS TO BELONG¿ And HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.Ever since Viola¿s boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing¿for someone to love her again and most importantly, to belong again¿until her wishes inadvertently summon a genie out of his world and into her own. But it¿s only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she is in love with Jinn. . . and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life¿and her world¿forever.Review: As You Wish was such a fast paced, romantic, witty, and all around incredible story! I loved every minute of it.The story starts out with Viola, who¿s ex-boyfriend is also her best friend. Their relationship, is sort of awkward at first, but as the story progresses you see how much Lawrence and Viola care for each other. Viola and Jinn¿s relationship, was something you would see in a movie, they slowly fall for each other, and then something or someone is trying to keep them apart.As You Wish for my was un-putdownable! I had to keep reading to find out what happened next!! Another thing I enjoyed, was how Viola liked to paint, since I love painting, so by adding that in Jackson made Viola more relatable.Near the end of the book I got anxious to see what would happen to Jinn and Viola, and I almost cried, (for two reasons, that if I shared would spoil the ending!) and it had one of the best endings.Overall, Jackson wrote a story with characters that seem real and relatable. As You Wish is truly unforgettable.I recommend this book if you like romance, magic, and young adult novels.
thekaisu on LibraryThing More than 1 year ago
Reading this book is like one hell of a rollercoaster ride.The opening paragraph was really good. I think its what really got me into reading this. I also like the way Jackson Pearce wrote it using Jinn and Viola's alternating points of view. I don't think I've ever read a style like that recently. I like taking a sneak peek into what they were thinking, what they were feeling.And this is probably the first novel I've read in a while where I got really pissed off with the female protagonist. Really. I wanted to hit Viola in the head really really hard. Right, as if she's the only one in the world who feels like she doesn't belong, whose boyfriend turned out to be gay and decided to just be a friend. I get it, its hard to just go back as friends, but didn't she tried to stop and think that maybe it was her own fault that she feels she didn't belong? That maybe if she just tried she'd be able to "belong" again?I hate how she blamed Lawrence for "breaking" her. I love Lawrence. I think I loved his character more than I loved Viola. I think if there was ever a "victim" in their relationship, it wasn't really Viola. It was Lawrence. He had sacrificed a lot because he loved Viola, but not the way she loved him.I give props to Jackson Pearce though. The way she wrote Jinn is just marvelous. It's like going through a process while reading. He was just a Jinn, someone who doesn't have enough individuality to even deserve a name. But when he started feeling jealousy, the yearning to age, to be like Viola, I was sad and yet happy for him at the same time. He was feeling different, and it scares him so much. What he feels for Viola scares him.I'm not sure if its a good thing I am hating Viola as I read through the book. Hating and pitying her at the same time, actually. She is so messed up, and it was her own doing. Jinn and Viola's relationship confuses the hell out of me. But the tender moments in between makes me smile. A lot. Then suddenly I feel for Viola, then I'm not pissed off anymore. I felt sad and torn when she had to choose between Lawrence and Jinn. And I cried when Viola finally remembered who Jinn is. "I forgot" she said. And yeah, I cried. Wow, emotional rollercoaster. You're good, Jackson Pearce. Really good!If this is how I'm going to feel everytime I read her book, then I'd better grab a copy of Sisters Red soon!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Viola and her lifetime best friend, former boyfriend, Lawrence, broke up with her leaving her broken. She makes a wish during Shakespeare class and everything changes when stranger boy shows up. He scouts her throughtout the day and appears in her room finally telling her he has to grant her three wishes. The more they spend time together....the more they talk and get to understand the other better. After the first wish to have what the popualer kids have they both realize they have feelings for one another. So Jinn the stranger boy calls in an old friend to press her into making the other two wishes out of his hurt and regrets it. When the second wish is granted they are first are on not speaking terms but soon later she fixes the outcome of first wish and the girl the second wish was for had her life greated. By this time Lawrence, Jinn, and Viola are all friends while Jinn is still hiding the feelings for her and she too is trying to hide feelings. But soon the thrid wish is granted by force of the press and Jinn was forced to go leaving her alone...havung forgotten about him the moment he left after kissing her. But this foes not end in sad feeling the two are united in the most passionate loving climax i have ever dreamed of reading about. Sure she did not remember the strangrr at first but after he brought her roses and brought back the treasured filled memories she quickly embraced him ss more than an old friend. They kissed under the stars with all the love they held for the other. This book will forever be the showstopper of all the books i have read. I keep rereading this book to experience this passion filled love story of star crossed lovers all over again i hope Jackson Pierce writes a sequel on how is their happily ever after.
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