Asian Cultural Traditions

Asian Cultural Traditions

by Carolyn Brown Heinz, Jeremy A. Murray

Paperback(New Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781478636205
Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.
Publication date: 05/28/2018
Edition description: New Edition
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

Table of Contents

Culture Areas of Asia6
2Asia As Cultured Space11
The "Great Collision" and Asian Landforms13
The Outer Ring of Islands23
Monsoon Asia and Rice Adaptations27
Origins of Rice Cultivation27
Two Rice Cultures29
Rice and the Green Revolution32
Early Asians34
3Tongues, Texts, and Scripts39
Voices from the Past42
Making Family Connections: The Indo-Europeans42
East Asian Homelands46
"You Are Hurting My Language"59
The Search for Sacred Texts60
Written Chinese69
Korean and Japanese73
4Tribal Peoples77
Tribe, State, and Ethnic Group81
Ethnic Identity81
The Colonial Theory of Ethnicity82
How the Thai Became an Ethnic Group86
The Premodern and Modern State87
The Hmong of Thailand91
Who Are the Miao?92
Homong in Thailand94
The Transitory Community95
Adaptation and Response: Opium97
Fathers and Sons101
"Silver Celebrates the Worth of Women"107
Spirits, Domestic and Wild110
An "Empire of the Spirit"?119
The Moral Society122
Dharma: The Moral Order of the Cosmos123
The First Civilizations124
Indus Valley Civilization (2300-1750 B.C.)126
The Vedic Age (1500-450 B.C.)130
A Tale of Two Kings: The Premodern Hindu State134
From Dan to Tax Collection144
The Caste System145
The Varna System146
Pure and Impure150
The Castes of Mithila151
The Jajmani System155
Dangerous Exchange of Substances156
The Dharma of Women158
Upanishadic Thought164
Rediscovering Buddhism167
The Four Periods of Buddhism169
The Three Jewels of Buddhism172
Islamic Civilization in India176
The Islamic Conquerors178
6Southeast Asia183
Four Stages of Southeast Asian History185
The Prehistoric Period 2500-150 B.C.187
Period of Indian Cultural Influence A.D. 100-1300190
The Period of Chinese and Islamic Influence, 1300-1750198
Theravada Buddhism and the Thai State204
The Buddhist Ramayana208
Buddhism and Popular Religion209
The Soul and Other Spirit Entities212
The Monkhood213
Women in Theravada Buddhism218
The Beginnings: Shang, Zhou, and Qin225
"The Ruins of Yin"226
The Uses of Bronze228
Communicating with Heaven228
Idealized Zhou Feudalism229
Two Sages: Confucius and Laozi (Lao Tzu)234
The First Emperor and the Unification of China243
Emergence of the Confucian Elite (Shenshi)246
The Buddhist Challenge to Confucian Civilization249
The Confucian Model for Kinship and Gender259
Ancestor Worship262
Wealth, Power, and Morality in the Large Lineage264
The Family in the Twentieth Century270
Women in Confucian China272
The Yamato State284
Shinto, Folk and Imperial289
The China Connection: Asuka, Nara, and Heian Periods298
Buddhism Comes to Japan300
The Failure of the Centralized State303
Romance at Court306
Warrior Culture in Feudal Japan311
The Shogunate312
The Sumurai Class313
Zen Buddhism and Samurai Culture320
The Practice of Zen322
Zen Buddhism's Institutions325
Zen Culture: Zen and the Arts326
9The Colonial Period329
Trade in the Precolonial Period333
European Empires in Asia336
Portuguese Port Cities and Priests336
English and Dutch Merchant Companies339
Britain's Indian Empire340
China: Opium Wars and the Treaty Century345
"Below the Winds"--Colonizing the Islands354
Burma and Thailand356
The Meiji Era362

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