Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own #HealthHero for Longevity, Well-Being, and a Joyful Life

Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own #HealthHero for Longevity, Well-Being, and a Joyful Life

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Become your own health hero today!

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ISBN-13: 9781520080307
Publisher: Dreamscape Media
Publication date: 09/12/2017
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 6.04(w) x 5.04(h) x 1.13(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Dr. Partha Nandi is a full-time practicing gastroenterologist, internal medicine physician, and Health Hero activist. His warm, friendly, and knowledgeable demeanor makes him accessible to all. He has his own TV show, Ask Dr. Nandi, a medical lifestyle show whose mission is to improve the health of America and the world with compassion, empathy, and integrity. Airing on seven networks, in eighty million homes in the US and in eighty countries, The Dr. Nandi Plan has become a global success. Dr. Nandi’s approach to discussing health care, fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle not only incorporates compassion but also a sense of community, purpose, and most importantly spirituality.

Table of Contents

Introduction: My First #HealthHeroes 1

Chapter 1 Find Your Purpose 13

Chapter 2 The #HealthHero Nutrition Plan 43

Chapter 3 The #HealthHero Movement Plan 113

Chapter 4 The #HealthHero #Tribe 159

Chapter 5 Cultivating the Mind of the #HealthHero 197

Acknowledgments 237

Notes 239

Resources 241

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Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming your Own #HealthHero for Longevity, Well-being and a Joyful Life 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I am a busy professional. I work 12-15 hours per day, 6 days a week. Keeping up with nutrition and exercise was just not in my schedule. I took some time out to read Dr. Nandi’s book, and he showed me simple things that I could do to take care of myself such bicycling to work or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Incorporating these simple steps improved my energy levels as well as relieved me of my daily stress.
Lora Probert More than 1 year ago
I was very impressed with Dr. Nandi's book. He's inspiring, encouraging and down to earth. He provides a wealth of information, including some very persuasive studies on how your lifestyle affects your health, not just in the short-term, but long-term too. This book is very well written and it comes from a medical doctor who cares about helping people better their lives. He has really given me a lot to think about. I've learned how easy it is to add movement into my daily life. I was so excited to read how everyday things like gardening count. Yippee! Just in time for all the leaves to fall - my mindset has changed and now I'll feel healthy as I get great exercise raking them all up! And best of all, I LOVE how I can eat what I crave in moderation. Now that is fantastic advice! I especially love the recipes - they're not just healthy, they are delicious too! I highly recommend this book. I really enjoyed it and learned a ton.
Ohana1Reader More than 1 year ago
Dr. Nandi's book is something I will refer back to over and over again. I really love that a medical doctor is addressing the entire person MIND BODY and SPIRIT....and not just talking about a prescription to mask a problem. I have tried out his simple steps and they really work (which surprised me because simple in my mind doesn't seem powerful but it is). It is an easy read, he has great stories about his own life, great recipes, practical examples of how to succeed. He shares fascinating research on how things like meditation and having a sense of purpose change us on a cellular level. Just a fantastic book that I would recommend to anyone looking not just for health advice but just ways to bring more joy into their lives...and who doesn't want that? Everyone in my family will be getting a copy for Christmas. Can't think of a better present. Awesome read.
Ktheffernan More than 1 year ago
This book is excellent. It's chock-full of practical, down to earth advice for how to get yourself healthier. Dr. Nandi successfully marries some of the crucial ideas from Eastern medicine that many in th West tend to miss. Like preventing disease before it starts; proper breathing when anxious; the importance of your tribe; and many others. If you've been frustrated by other books that purport to make you healthy but fail at that task, give this book a shot. I plan to read it again.
Love_to_LearnLH More than 1 year ago
By reading Ask Dr. Nandi: 5 Steps to Becoming Your Own #HealthHero for Longevity, Well-Being, and a Joyful Life I learned to be my own #HealthHero! Dr. Nandi is a gerontologist and internist in Detroit. The book is warm, friendly, and filled with great ideas that are accessible to everyone. Clearly Dr. Nandi’s mission is to improve the health of America and the world with compassion, empathy and integrity. Dr. Nandi’s approach to discussing health care, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle not only incorporates compassion but also a sense of community, purpose and most importantly for me, spirituality. Ask Dr. Nandi provided information and solutions to enrich my life and my family. He covers many topics, whether on how to meditate, nutrition, caring for the elderly or the choices in treating breast cancer, Dr. Nandi asks the tough questions where there may not be easy answers. His goal is to stimulate discussion, prompting provocative thought so the reader, patients and families can recognize a problem and get the help they need. In Dr. Nandi’s book he encourages people to be their own #HealthHero and #HealthHero for the family to take the preventative steps to live their best lives. His credo is that if you know better then you truly can be your own “HEALTHHERO!” After reading this, you will feel like you have a new friend that cares and wants to be there for you.