Asking for More: Understanding Energy and Self

Asking for More: Understanding Energy and Self

by Elizabeth Cook, Laurie Stimpson

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Asking For More offers readers information to process, personalize, and ultimately Co-Create the Feeling Experience that IS Understanding, Peace, and Unconditional Love. This is an opportunity to Understand Energy and Self in ways you couldn’t imagine. What can you expect to learn from these Higher teachings? The possibilities are endless, really. Asking For More is not about religion, and it is so much more than an informative Q&A experience from a new perspective. This is a “How To” example in Truly knowing thyself, Remembering Who You Are. In this very honest and detailed dialogue of documented conversations Elizabeth Cook has had with the energies known as The Blessed Mother Mary and The Holy Spirit through Medium Laurie Stimpson, we have been given assistance for our journeys through life.

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ISBN-13: 9781504360395
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 06/30/2016
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About the Author

Elizabeth and Laurie have continued on in their teamwork with Spirit to bring you the 2nd and 3rd installments in this series of teachings that are based in Love, Compassion, and Tolerance To learn more about Elizabeth (Cook) Riebe, you are invited to visit her blog at If you would like to connect with Laurie Stimpson, please visit her website

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Asking for More

Understanding Energy and Self

By ELIZABETH COOK, Laurie Stimpson


Copyright © 2016 Elizabeth Cook and Laurie Stimpson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5043-6040-1


September 26, 2013

Asking For More begins where we left off in A New Sensation- the 1st set of teachings that were led by Jesus.

Jesus: "Hello, my friend. Here we are again. Yes, it's Jesus and I won't be staying for- or I will not be the one as the Medium said. We're going to do this a little bit differently although I will be involved with this but we'll bring in other aspects. The energy known as Mother Mary. We want to introduce you to the energy known as The Holy Spirit. We want to go deeper into the teachings that we have for you and build on what we've already created and move forward so that we can bring more insight, more understanding. So, I wanted to come here to, first off, is there anything that you feel you want to discuss with me before I let my Mother come through. Your Mother, My Mother."

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm so excited! Um, I wanted to discuss with you, the publisher showed up this week and that's super exciting and didn't happen the way that I expected it to come, but it was just such a surprise- it was great.

Jesus: "Yes. Yes, and we are hopeful as well. Again, we have only so much control over all of this. The deciding ones will be the Free Will that the publisher has in recognizing the value of this, if not, it will occur and basically what we would want is that you not lose your direction, not to lose Faith, and we don't see that happening. That is very solid for us. That is Why we are continuing moving forward. Otherwise this probably would have, as you say, fizzled out. That it didn't, it's strong and moving forward because of the desire of you and the Medium, and others involved in this. So we are very hopeful as well that it will be received in the manner in which we have seen as possible thru this publisher. The publisher-those that are the ones that are deciding this-at the moment-we see as being the ones who will benefit not only materially from this experience because we want that there be benefit for all involved-but that they will also learn from the teachings what they know-they know some of these things-but even more information. That they are involved not just as a publisher but they are involved at the very deep level of their own spirit and soul being- wanting to participate in something that is of great importance For Humanity. So that is why we went and directed all of you to come together. Again, Free Will on the part of the publisher to decide whether or not they feel that it is a valuable experience for them and we cannot say because we do not know. Given Free Will. That's why you can't predict the future as we've talked about in our last discussions."

*Note: It ended up not being the publisher. They wanted to go a different route with it that would have taken away significance from the teachings so I turned them down.

Elizabeth: Right. Right. Yes.

Jesus: "So do you have anything for me?"

Elizabeth: Um, no. I was just going to wing it. So..

Jesus: "OK. Then I would like to step aside. I am always here. You can call on me because I am participating in this but this one would be more directed by my as you know, my Mother. You know her as my Mother but the energy of Mother Mary because we want to bring that in. It is very very important. So I will step aside and allow her to come in."

Elizabeth: OK (so excited!!!!!!)

Mary: "Hello, my friend, this is so much fun! You and I have chatted many many times. Now it's time to get down to the real nitty gritty of things and move forward and I see that you are doing well. I see your excitement. We are excited over here as well for what the possibilities that are coming through here. We choose Every-we Take Every Avenue That Opens Up To Us. So just imagine if Everyone-or More were to open up and believe-we would be able to step in and make a difference. We don't want-I don't want to make this sound like I'm scolding-that's anything but- but the reason this is happening and Growing in the way that it is is because of the willingness, your openness, those involved with both of you that are doing this that are putting this together-we are all working as a Team. There's a team effort here. So you aren't the only ones we work with, of course you know that, but the beauty of it-that's what we really want to acknowledge right now. So, we, and I mean all of us that are here. One thing that we see-this second-you call it book-being directed-it will reflect and we will deepen on some of the topics presented in the first but we want to also focus in on understanding energy. Really bringing that out because energy is the basis of everything in the universe. We want to talk about spiritual laws in this phase of the book. We Do want to address The Holy Spirit. That may be possibly for the third one. We need to see how you interact with what we are presenting. But understanding spiritual laws so there are many, many, will be one of the focus' of this understanding energy which is the foundation for all spiritual law. Everything is energy, right? So we will be focusing in on that and understanding what-the veils how they have thinned and how you are connected to what we call-we'll use the term Oneness or Creator and how we are all in a sense here to Serve. So there will be many things that will be addressed but hopefully in a way that will be simple enough that someone who is New to all of this will find it all interesting. We're looking to give Hope because of Where everything is headed. Everyone on your planet is being very very much pushed to Make a Decision where they want to be. That is what's going on. And this will no longer be pertinent upon completion-this push to decide where you want to be-but it will still be relevant. Right now, that is what is going on in the time frame of which we are speaking here, you and I. So you can insert this into your final draft of things but know that it may not be as pertinent one year from now as it is now because many are choosing right now where they want to reside-in a 3rd dimensional reality or in a 5th dimensional reality. That's what's going on and that's why people on your planet are experiencing SO MUCH and those that-I want to say something here-that once, see so you're deciding. Do I want to keep on moving forward and expand? Which means that you're going to go into this 5th dimensional reality. Or do I want to stay and reside in 3rd dimensional reality for I feel that that is where I can learn the most for the time being? So say, one makes the decision at this time to stay in 3rd dimensional reality. Are they stuck there for the rest of their life? No. This is what's the beauty of all of this. You can be there but you can-do to the work of those who Are in 5th dimensional reality-and things like this-what you and I are doing-Will have the opportunity to Have an Awakening so that they can then move into this 5th dimensional reality. So the doors do not close. In spite of what some May Say. The doors will not close. That's not the way the universe works. That is not the way your Loving, Loving Father works for you. And I use that term Father-but you know is a great-it's more than a Being. It's something that you can't possibly comprehend. And we will try to delve into more of an understanding of what You understand as God because we may go against some traditional beliefs in telling you that God isn't the final destination. God was And Is a product of even something greater because that's Just The Way It Goes. So there always has been and always will be. Does that mean God has a supervisor? Not Really. But something was there before God. Call it the God Impetus. The impulse For God. Something brought God into Creation and this goes against the way most people understand and what's Comfortable for most people. So we are bringing in something that many will argue with and we're not here to please anyone in the sense of we don't want to give you information that will make you feel all nice and comfy and cozy and all with half-truths. We are here to give you Truth as best as you are able to assimilate it and understand it given your evolution in that physical form. Does that make sense to you?"

Elizabeth: Yes! Thank you! Because I don't want half-truths. I want to know it all.

Mary: "Yes. And understand that what we give you At The Time is what you are Able to Understand-so it is Truth."

Elizabeth: OK

Mary: "It may be half-truth for a Being that will be existing 200 years from now BECAUSE of Evolution. That's the beauty of it. But things do stay-certain things Are Standard-and will stay the same and that is Universal Law. So we Will Be going in to that-not today-but in this we will be going into it and going into-not just the Law of Attraction and the Law of Compensation and such. We will go into some of the Lesser Known laws so that you can see that you Really Are governed by some very precise-I hate the word rule, rules-but waves of energies that allow you to exist in Harmony. That's how. Understanding the laws will allow you to exist in Harmony and that's the purpose of Earth's ultimate Goal right now is to bring All Of That into Harmony. The spiritual or metaphysical, however you want to term it, that which you cannot see with your physical eyes will come into Harmony with that which is very tangible on your planet. We will talk about Manifestation. How one manifests. We'll get into hopefully more of that. But what we need from you and the Medium and those that are close to you that you can share this with-we need you to cooperate in the sense of understand-learn-pay attention to what we are giving to you-these teachings, put them into practice and come to us each time with your questions, with your concerns, with what Your Input Is. This isn't just us. This is a relationship. An equal partnership is really how you must look at this. And anyone in the future who comes upon this information will need to understand that we are not here teaching you and you are not the student-you are here Remembering and Bringing Forth your Eternal Being's Memory-so your SOUL memory of All of this. Otherwise you would not be able to understand what we bring forth. OK?"

Elizabeth: Yes!

Mary: "So. So already we've given you kind of the foundation for what we are going to be researching here as a Team. Because we really are a team. And as humans we would love that you begin to look at yourselves as Really Truly, the time has come, for ALL to Embrace their Partnership with The Divine-HOWEVER THEY SEE IT. Now someone would say, "What about the Atheists?" and we can do nothing about them. They serve a purpose as well. So, they Have a relationship with what they understand as being The Divine-so no judgment here-but if you were ALL to embrace this relationship with Your Own Divine Being and others that are there to assist you, you will then-then there is no doubt. Faith comes as a natural consequence of all of this. OK?"

Elizabeth: Yes.

Mary: "So. I have been doing some jabbering here. But it's useful. So what- I know that you did not prepare anything but I'm sure that I have stimulated some commentary or questions. What would you like to ask me or comment on?"

Elizabeth: Well, my husband and I were talking yesterday during our lunch, we were at the mall, and I was just saying I don't look at people the same way anymore. I kinda see them as Light Beings just walking around and curious as to what's going on in their life? And I was saying if they all realized, like Who they were, like, anything is possible. Like, it'd be so awesome. (laughing)

Mary: "Yes. Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And that you see was reflected in what I was talking about. That each of you embrace (lost phone reception at exactly 1:11-those ones tell me to keep my thoughts positive)

*During this time of losing signal-which was on Laurie's end-I tried calling her back a few times and sent her a text message. Even the text message FAILED TO SEND. I was not allowed to get through to her. When I finally DID get her back on the line, she said her battery was charged and then she was temporarily Distracted by thoughts of how she has to pay her phone bill and how she was in such bad conditions financially of having to worry about getting her phone turned off.

Mary: "OK. We're back. We can move on. So, let's start with, have you any questions?

Elizabeth: Yeah, my husband has a question actually. Is that OK if he asks you?

Mary: "Absolutely. That's why we are here. Go ahead."

Kevin: I was interested in the dimensions you brought up. What are the varying factors in the different dimensions? Is when you become more intuitive-is that another dimension level? Or when you start seeing spirits for yourself, is that another dimension level? What's the difference-you were talking about the 3rd and the 5th dimensions.

Mary: "Yes. OK. So. You have been. This has many aspects. Your question has many aspects to it so we'll explain it and if we haven't explained it well, to answer your question, you will ask more. So, currently, or not actually entirely, but up until the ending of the Mayan calendar that they spoke of, right? There was a-all humans, everyone walking the planet-all animals-everything on the planet was residing in what you would call a 3rd dimensional reality. It's 3D. So everything takes on a very Solid and dense form. This began to lighten, they were saying the "veils" began to thin-about 20 some years ago. It's been on going but the most dramatic change came maybe 25 years ago on your planet when there began the shifts and many more people began to awaken. That was the beginning of moving into this higher vibrational reality. So, basically, the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, that was so spoken of at one time-means just that. Moving into a Higher vibration. So what's going on right now is that all were residing in that reality. Over the last 25-30 years there has been a moving forward. A Shifting on the part of Humanity. An Awakening. Many use the term, Ascension. So, you are not the only thing that resides and evolves and grows and develops on your planet. So do all the animals and all nature. They are in a state of evolution themselves. So, it's all very gradual. What has been occurring is the physical form really is-where the Soul resides in-it was, at one time, very very dense. Over the last 25 years or so, the physical form has become less and less dense. But not for everyone. Depending on what the soul that is residing in that physical form, has intention of doing, will depend on how dense their form is. And I don't mean dense in regards to them being ignorant or stupid but I mean dense in regards to their filters. How they are able to move out of that heaviness of the physical form. So what occurred last year, when there was all the hoopla about the ending of the Mayan calendar and the dates and all of that, really what that was, was the ending of the obligation for anyone to have full-time residency so to speak, in 3rd dimensional reality And the doorways opened for Entering the 5th dimensional reality. 4 dimensional reality is time and space for you. That's why you go from 3rd dimensional reality through time and space to 5th dimensional reality. What we mean by that is, it's not like you will not have contact with those who are in 3rd dimensional reality. You will not be going and living in another realm. It will seem much the same to you. However, what is occurring now is that individuals vibrations who have chosen to move into this 5th dimensional reality, have been working on their vibrations, their physical forms Matching That, so the genetic structure is changing, it will continue to change. There have been-when one Awakens to certain spiritual laws and spiritual truths and becomes more of a-oh, what's the word I want- I guess when one becomes more Spiritual, for lack of a better word, and they will Awaken, their vibration becomes-changes. And it becomes a vibration that is lighter which allows them and their physical form will match it because they work on their physical form while they are alive. What happens in the, residing in the 5th dimensional reality is what you said. You will have heightened intuition. You will be able to see Spirit much easier. Those that-that will be the indicators. Someone who has chosen the 5th dimensional reality will begin to have sightings where they'll see Spirit. They'll Feel Spirit easier than they ever have. Their intuition will be very Accurate and Constant. You will have your moments but it is a moving into a higher vibration that is closer matched, once again, to the vibration From Which You Come. Your origin. When you are out of physical form. You're not there completely yet, because what would then be the point of you being on Earth? Earth Provides Schooling. But it is then something that has been prophesied. It is then considered The Second Coming. You are In the Midst of all of this. But it's-will go on for many, many, many, generations. So 100 years from now, you will look back-those of you will incarnate and look back-you will Have memory of your previous lifetime or lifetimes here on Earth. That is the other thing. Memory will be Different for those who have chosen to move into this higher vibrational reality because they will be able to retain that which, in a more conscious way, memories of past lives-where they are headed-they will have a stronger connection to their Source. Now, someone who chooses, as I said before, to stay in 3rd dimensional reality, chooses that, not because they are ignorant or dense or incapable, it is because that is where-that is a reality that will Serve them the most to Get them to eventually move into this higher vibrational reality. Now, that is-back-when we speak of realms and dimensions outside of the Earthly existence, that is a Whole Nother area that we Can delve into, but there are many dimensions and there are many realities. Places. Universes. Cosmos. God doesn't just, didn't just create Earth and say, "Oh, aren't they nice, my little Earthlings here." No, he's been continually in an active-God is Creation. He is The Creator. He is Creativity. He is constantly producing and You Are Products Of God. You Are His Children so YOU are constantly creating. So, everything that is occurring on your planet is because all of you have Committed Yourselves to this whole experience on Earth. To move it in a certain direction. Does that explain, at least a little bit, and answer some of your questions?"


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