Assassination of an ISIS Field Commander in Washington D.C.

Assassination of an ISIS Field Commander in Washington D.C.

by Mike Ward

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Stephen Haggerty used to work for the British SAS. He was trained to go into the houses of Gulf Arabs in the Middle East and kill the guards and then the occupants. One day the British government threw Haggerty on the scrap heap and he was reduced to driving trucks for $7 an hour. Three years ago Stephen Haggerty was introduced to an American from Philadelphia and now he has a completely different kind of job for a very secretive organization based in Pennsylvania.

Haggerty lives on an island in the Mediterranean and he is used to flying to the United States and assassinating targets in different cities. When the hit file decrypts in his study Haggerty is surprised to see that the targets are both Arabs and this takes him back immediately to his time in the British SAS.

Khalfan Al Daheri and Najia Al Mamory are planning a massacre in Washington D.C. and it will happen soon. Due to the recent attacks on American and European soil the gloves are off and political correctness is out of the window. The targets will be killed ahead of time and they will be killed in a brutal fashion. Those orders come direct from Washington D.C.

The American government wants the couple taken down ahead of time but the hit cannot be done by an official agency so it must be done unofficially by the Talbot Group. Whilst Stephen Haggerty is scheduled to take out the couple in Washington D.C., another of the group's assassins, Diederik Timmermans, will target another Middle Eastern couple in a different city on the East Coast.

In a government office inside the Washington Beltway, Richard Denning is logged onto a security agency camera in the bedroom of Najia Al Mamory and Khalfan Al Daheri. Both are naked and Al Daheri lies on his back while his wife sits astride him. Denning already knows that the camera is scheduled to be blacked out for six hours sometime in the next ten days. He is also aware that something is imminent because he has been told that on no account can he leave his seat without another employee watching the camera feeds from the house. In the basement are five large boxes which almost certainly hold explosives and weapons. As Denning watches his screen the video feed is cut. In his hotel room, Stephen Haggerty has just received instructions to move. He has four different possible ways he can execute the couple – which one will he choose and will they know he's coming?

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BN ID: 2940153107509
Publisher: Mike Ward
Publication date: 07/15/2016
Series: Stephen Haggerty Assassin
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
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About the Author

Mike Ward was born in Glasgow, Scotland and currently lives in Florida, United States with his wife and two children. He is the author of two novels, two non-fiction books and six series of novellas: Parallel Realities series The House on Mars series Jacksonville Jack series Stephen Haggerty Assassin series Lisa Molin Assassin series Dangerous Scotsman series He is also the author of 60 short stories and novellas

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