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University of Chicago Press
An Atlas of Cat Anatomy / Edition 2

An Atlas of Cat Anatomy / Edition 2

by Hazel E. Field, Mary E. Taylor
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An Atlas of Cat Anatomy can help a student learn twice as much as he could in the same amount of time using only a written description. The book is spiral bound and stands like an easel, taking a minimum amount of space in the work area. Altogether there are fifty-seven plates featuring the various parts and organ systems in their actual size, making identification remarkably easy. A brief verbal description accompanies each plate. In addition, the extensive glossary includes synonymous terms, derivations, definitions, and keys to pronunciation.

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ISBN-13: 9780226248172
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Publication date: 09/28/1969
Edition description: 2d ed. revised and enlarged
Pages: 134
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An Atlas of Cat Anatomy

By Hazel E. Field, Mary E. Taylor

The University of Chicago Press

Copyright © 1969 The University of Chicago
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-0-226-24817-2


PREFACE To First Edition


is intended as a visual aid for the student, a teaching aid for the instructor. Its use in the laboratory will make it possible for the student to observe and read with little interruption while dissecting, and it will make it possible for the instructor to demonstrate the fundamentals of mammalian anatomy clearly and with little effort.

The text accompanying each plate is concise, and excessive detail has been omitted. In trying to present a book which would be practical and informative, it was found that stress should be placed on basic parts rather than on lengthy discussion of fine details. It was felt that the student would gain more through observing and understanding than through memorizing cumbersome lists of details. As there are several reference books on cat anatomy, it has rather been the aim of this book to present the anatomy of the cat visually.

No attempt has been made to present original research, and the listed reference books have been freely used for their information and terminology.

In this book, only one term for each part has been stressed throughout, with its synonyms listed in the Glossary, since in the field of anatomy standardization of terminology common to both human and comparative anatomy has not yet been achieved. Various international commissions have been appointed in the past to solve the inconsistencies in human anatomical nomenclature. A European commission in Basle, Switzerland, in 1895, compiled a list of terms known as the BNA or B.N.A. for Basle Nomina Anatomica. A British revision adopted in Birmingham in 1933 became known as BR or B.R.; a German revision adopted in 1935 became known as NK or N.K., and a modification of this, published in 1937 in Jena, became known as JNA or J.N.A., and also as INA or I.N.A., since it was approved by a commission established by the International Congress of Anatomists meeting in Milan in 1936. This atlas has favored mostly BNA or BR terms, and the source of the terms in the Glossary has been designated. OT has been used to indicate old terminology which was derived from American usage prior to the BNA list, while zoological terms not applicable to human structures are listed with no designation.

A Glossary has been included in order to present the synonyms, pronunciations, and derivations of difficult or interesting words. In order to eliminate the necessity of learning a symbol system for pronunciations, the words have been written according to sound, using letters and combinations of letters the sounds of which are common. Thus it should be possible for the student to look at a word and pronounce it correctly. Pronunciations of frequently mispronounced words have been included in the text. The final authority has been Webster's New International Dictionary (2d ed., 1948).


PREFACE To Second Edition

The wide use and continued demand for An Atlas of Cat Anatomy in the first edition is a tribute to the excellent concept and product of Professor Hazel E. Field and Miss Mary Taylor.

The second edition continues the original purpose of the atlas, and no attempt has been made to change the style. Since the first edition freely utilized B.N.A. terminology, the revision of these terms by the Nomina Anatomica was thought to be advisable. In July 1955, the Sixth International Congress of Anatomists met in Paris and approved the Nomina Anatomica, now known as N.A. or P.N.A. Revisions were made and approved at the Seventh and Eighth International Congresses of Anatomists held at New York in 1960 and at Wiesbaden in 1965. Although terminology is constantly being altered, the use of N.A. aids the student in learning terms which have functional significance and also helps him to bring his knowledge into closer conformity with recently published textbooks in the anatomical sciences.

In the second edition, terms of direction and orientation have been simplified, and eponyms and synonyms have been eliminated. Revision of some sections, particularly the discussion of the nervous system, has been made in the light of recent literature. Each change in the second edition has been made with the student constantly in mind, seeking to facilitate his successful transition into the other subdivisions of the whole field of anatomy.


Associate Professor of Anatomy University of Missouri


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