Auschwitz: Eyewitness Reports and Perpetrator Confessions of the Holocaust: 30 Gas-Chamber Witnesses Scrutinized

Auschwitz: Eyewitness Reports and Perpetrator Confessions of the Holocaust: 30 Gas-Chamber Witnesses Scrutinized

by Jürgen Graf

Paperback(English ed.)

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The history of the notorious Auschwitz Camp as perceived by the general public rests almost exclusively on what witnesses on both sides of the camp fence have reported on it. Libraries and video channels like YouTube are full of experience reports. But how reliable are these reports?

One of the most important duties of the historian is the critique of sources, that is, the critical analysis of the evidence on which our understanding of history is based. For venues like Auschwitz, this means determining to what extent witness accounts are reliable, where witnesses may have erred, lied for any of many powerful reasons or, in some cases, may not even have been witnesses at all.

This kind of source criticism examines statements as to whether they are internally consistent, concur with other statements, are confirmed by wartime documents and/or conflict with material evidence.

The present study applies this technique to 30 of the best-known or most-important witnesses about Auschwitz, including putative former inmates Elie Wiesel, Rudolf Vrba, Filip Müller, Charles S. Bendel, Miklós Nyiszli and Olga Lengyel, as well as former members of the SS camp staff Rudolf Höss, Pery Broad, Johann Paul Kremer, Hans Aumeier, Maximilian Grabner and Richard Böck. Graf reproduces the relevant passages of the pertinent statements relating to mass exterminations at Auschwitz, and subjects them to objective, critical analysis.

No other scholar has ever accepted this thankless challenge, since critique of (purported) Holocaust witnesses is considered sacrilege. As such, this is an important, groundbreaking study that will undoubtedly be followed by many more.

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Series: Holocaust Handbooks , #36
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Pages: 372
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Table of Contents

Introduction, p. 7

History of Origins of this Book, p. 7

Two Necessary Clarifications of Terms, p. 9

The Significance of Holocaust Witness Testimonies in Public Awareness, p. 10

The Significance of Witness Testimonies in Orthodox Holocaust Literature, p. 16

The Absence of Documentary Evidence of the Holocaust, p. 17

The Absence of Material Evidence for the Holocaust, p. 20

The Problematic Nature of the Witness Testimonies, p. 22

The Problematic Nature of Perpetrator Confessions, p. 31

The False Witness Testimonies as Acknowledged by the Orthodoxy, p. 34

A Recap to this Point, p. 40

Chapter 1: Crime Scene Auschwitz, p. 43

1.1. A Short Overview of the History of the Auschwitz Camp Complex Based on Documents, p. 45

1.2. How Many Were Deported to Auschwitz?, p. 50

1.3. The Number of Deceased among Registered Detainees, p. 52

1.4. The Basis for the Notion of the “Extermination Camp” and the Total Number of Victims According to the Orthodoxy, p. 53

1.5. The Crematories and their Capacity, p. 56

1.6. Open-Air Incinerations, p. 63

1.7. The Alleged Gassing Sites, p. 67

1.8. The Alleged Murder Weapon: Zyklon B, p. 71

Chapter 2: The Eyewitness Reports, p. 79

2.1. The Reports by the Polish Resistance Movement about the Gas Chambers of Auschwitz (1941-1944), p. 81

2.2. The Vrba-Wetzler Report and Rudolf Vrba’s 1964 Book, p. 102

2.3. The Mordowicz-Rosin Report, p. 118

2.4. The Tabeau Report, p. 119

2.5. Marie-Claude Vaillant-Couturier, p. 122

2.6. Chaim Herman, p. 125

2.7. Salmen Gradowski, p. 132

2.8. Manuscript of an Unknown Author, p. 134

2.9. Salmen Lewenthal, p. 138

2.10. Alter Feinsilber, alias Stanisław Jankowski, alias Kaskowiak, alias Alter Szmul Fajnzylberg, p. 140

2.11. Szlama Dragon, p. 151

2.12. Henryk Tauber and Michał Kula, p. 166

2.13. Dov Paisikovic, p. 179

2.14. Filip Müller, p. 183

2.15. Maurice Benroubi, p. 203

2.16. Moshe Maurice Garbarz, p. 205

2.17. Charles Sigismund Bendel, p. 210

2.18. Miklos Nyiszli, p. 216

2.19. Olga Lengyel, p. 227

2.20. Elie Wiesel, p. 231

Chapter 3: The Perpetrator Confessions, p. 239

3.1. Rudolf Höss, p. 241

3.2. Pery Broad, p. 273

3.3. Johann Paul Kremer, p. 281

3.4. The Franke-Gricksch Report, p. 286

3.5. Richard Böck, p. 290

3.6. Kurt Prüfer and Karl Schultze, p. 298

3.7. Hans Aumeier, p. 321

3.8. Maximilian Grabner, p. 328

Epilogue: To Break the Spell, p. 333

Appendix, p. 346

4.1. Bibliography, p. 346

4.2. Index of Names, p. 355

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