Authentic Sound Effects, Vol. 1

Authentic Sound Effects, Vol. 1


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Release Date: 10/25/1990
Label: Elektra / Wea
UPC: 0075596073127
catalogNumber: 60731
Rank: 45200


  1. Bottle Sequence (Cap Is Removed, Fizzing Liquid Is Poured)
  2. Bottle Drop
  3. Knife Sharpening: With Sharpening Steel/With Kitchen Sharpener
  4. Frying: Marie's Chicken/Eggs/Bacon on a Griddle
  5. Blender (Turned on, Speed Raised, Lowered, Turned Off)
  6. Kitchen Timer: Ticking/Bell
  7. Ice Pick
  8. Bubbling Water
  9. Dripping Faucet
  10. Water Running into Sink
  11. Garbage Disposal (Water Runs into Sink, Disposal Is Switched on, Grin)
  12. Dish Washer (Starts, Cycles, Runs, May Also Be Used for Clothes Washe)
  13. Electric Wall Heater Switch
  14. Toilet Flush: Pressure Type/Tank Type/Vacuum Type
  15. Water Running into Bathroom Sink
  16. Brushing Teeth: Manuel/Electric Toothbrush (Water Running in Backgrou)
  17. Electric Shaver: Small/Large
  18. Bath Being Drawn
  19. Shower Door: Opens/Closes
  20. Shower Sequence (Shower Turned on, Shower Turned off, Water Drains Ou)
  21. Atomizer
  22. Door Buzzer
  23. Door Chimes
  24. Knocking on Door
  25. Door Opens and Closes
  26. Screen Door Opens and Closes
  27. Squeaky Door Opens and Closes
  28. Wooden Door Opens and Closes
  29. Metal Door Opens and Closes
  30. Corrugated Metal Door: Opens/Closes
  31. Pull Chain Light Switch
  32. Vacuum Cleaner: Large Upright/Small Beater Type/Small Tank Type
  33. Carpet Sweeper
  34. Overstuffed Closet (Contents Crash to Floor)
  35. Air Conditioner (Goes Through Two Speeds)
  36. Venetian Blind (Raised)
  37. Cuckoo Clock Strikes Twelve
  38. Grandmother Clock Strikes Twelve
  39. Small Clock Ticking
  40. Ticking, Then Alarm
  41. Clock Alarm
  42. Travel Alarm
  43. School Bell
  44. Hand Bells
  45. Chimes Tolling Hour
  46. Cigarette Lighting: Match/Fluid Lighter/Butane Lighter
  47. Security System-Test Mode
  48. Burglar Alarm (Traffic in Background)
  49. Wind Chimes
  50. Power Saw
  51. Electric Hand Drill: Forward/Reverse
  52. Electric Screw Driver: Forward/Reverse
  53. Electric Grinding Wheel (Tool Is Sharpened Numerous Times)
  54. Metal Lathe
  55. Hacksaw
  56. Sawing Wood
  57. Hand Sanding
  58. Raking Leaves on Black Top
  59. Lawn Mower (Turned on, Used, Turned Off)
  60. Edger (Turned on, Used, Turned Off)
  61. Weeder (Three Times to Start, Used, Turned Off)
  62. Leaf Blower (Turned on, Used, Turned Off)
  63. Squeaky Gate
  64. Telephone Rings 5 Times
  65. Telephone Sequence #1 (Dial Phone) (Dial Tone, Dials, Rings 5 Times,
  66. Telephone Sequence #2 (Touchtone Phone) (Dial Tone, Dials, Rings 5 Ti
  67. Telephone Sequence #3 (Touchtone) (Dial Tone, Dials, Busy Signal (16
  68. Water Cooler
  69. Dot Matrix Printer in Self-Test Mode
  70. Manual Typewriter (Sheet of Paper Is Rolled into Typewriter, Typing C)
  71. IBM Standard Electric Typewriter (Sheets of Paper Is Rolled into Type)
  72. IBM Selectric Typewriter (Typewriter Turned on, Sheet of Paper Is Rol)
  73. Manual Adding Machine (Figures Are Added, Totalled and Paper Is Torn)
  74. Electric Adding Machine
  75. Cash Register: Modern Style/Crank Style
  76. Factory Whistle
  77. Freight Elevator Sequence
  78. Presses: High Speed (Recorded at N.Y. Daily News) /Moderate Speed (Rec
  79. Teletypes: A/B
  80. Linotypes
  81. City Room: Teletype Perspective (Features Phones Ringing, Typewriter)
  82. Squeaky Water Pump
  83. Milking Machine
  84. Blacksmith's Shop
  85. Dry Cleaning Plant
  86. Bottling Plant (Can Also Be Used for a Production Line Effect)
  87. Factory
  88. Tire Pump
  89. Dentist's Drill (Sound of Water Running in Circular Sink in Backgroun)
  90. Hospital Waiting Room (General Background Sounds, Including Doctor Ca)
  91. Pile Driver
  92. Steam Shovel #1
  93. Steam Shovel #2
  94. Jackhammer
  95. Building Excavation with Jack Hammer and Truck
  96. Street Construction

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