Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions: Speaking the Truth Through a Black Woman's Eyes

Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions: Speaking the Truth Through a Black Woman's Eyes

by Kimlin Charise Johnson


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This extraordinary book is part history, part memoir, and part self-help

It enlightens readers on the current examples of racism and ridicule that Black Americans are dealing with, years after the Civil Rights movement. Using historical events and examples from her own life, the author seeks to encourage readers toward the need for Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions (AAA) among all Americans who want to start positive change and make America better. Ten percent of all proceeds from this book will go to the author’s non-profit, The B-RELYT Organization,

The vast majority of police officers are good at their jobs, but there is a small minority of police officers that do not like people that are different and act on those feelings with their guns. The author ran out of tears, from 2014 to 2016, as she watched Black people being murdered at the hands of racist and poorly trained police officers who received no consequences for their actions. It was during this time (2014-2016), that the author began writing AAA and speaking her truth. AAA answers the question: How can all human beings make America better?

Authenticity, Accountability & Ambitions (AAA) touches on the need for change. AAA is a call to action, but more importantly, it discusses how Blacks treat each other and how to resolve this issue. AAA’s Know Your History section (part one) features three interviews with Reverend Cecil L. “Chip” Murray (Rev. Murray). In this book, you will learn:

Some of the untaught history of America

The author’s personal challenges and triumphs of life with her loving husband raising their two children. Black women are not “mad/angry” and how Black men can keep their swagger

Reverend Murray had this to say about AAA:

“Chapter 8: My Mistakes was and is superb. It will be a model for any truly discerning reader, for it teaches the value, the proper value of self-evaluation. At age eighty-eight, I learned so much from your analysis that I know you are going to have a hit on the market of book sales. Keep up the great work, for the best is yet to come!”


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