Awakening Past Lives: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Exploration

Awakening Past Lives: A Step-by-Step Guide to Self-Exploration

by John Z. Amoroso


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As Dr. John Amoroso explains it, we come into our lives with a specific soul purpose or life mission. Based on our personal karmic or past-life history, this can involve a vocation or avocation, an interest, or simply a way of being in the world. In any case, it is personal and unique for each of us, and it encompasses the positive themes or aspects of ourselves. It is the negative, disruptive themes from past lives (the unfinished business) that can block or disrupt the ability to realize one's purpose.

Using Integrated Imagery-a practice the author has used with clients for over 20 years-Amoroso will help you to explore the positive and negative themes of your past lives and the behaviors that you carried into this life. Most important, you'll receive insight as to how these karmic themes function and interact with each other.

Using exercises, the enclosed audio CD, an autobiographical time line, self-reflection, and journaling you will start to clarify what you already know about yourself. From there, you'll learn how to de-energize the negative and accentuate the positive.

This step-by-step guide includes practical, experiential exercises that can be benefitted from immediately.

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ISBN-13: 9780876046852
Publisher: A. R. E. Press
Publication date: 09/28/2012
Pages: 185
Sales rank: 1,195,990
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Table of Contents

Introduction xi

The Philosophy of Reincarnation xiv

The History of Reincarnation Thinking xv

Past-Life Regression Therapy xvi

How to Use This Book xviii

One Important Point to Remember xix

An Exercise to Start Your Awakening Process xxii

Section 1 Reincarnation Thinking in Perspective

Chapter 1 The History of Reincarnation Thinking and Past-Life Regression 1

The Eastern Religious Traditions 1

The Primitive and Preliterate Spiritual Philosophies 3

The Early European History 4

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam 5

Reincarnation and Christianity 6

Reincarnation in the Religion of Islam 7

In Conclusion 8

The Life of Edgar Cayce 9

The History of Past-Life Regression 11

The Early Days of Past-Life Regression Therapy 11

The Recent History of Past-Life Regression Therapy 13

Important Points in This Chapter 17

An Exercise to Continue Your Awakening Process 18

Chapter 2 Edgar Cayce on Reincarnation and Soul Purpose 21

The Creation Story 22

Ideals and Soul Purpose 24

Examples of Soul Theme 25

Important Points in This Chapter 26

An Exercise to Start Your Exploration of Soul Purpose 26

Chapter 3 The Laws of Karma 29

The Edgar Cayce Readings on Karma 30

Some Key Points to Remember in the Cayce Readings 33

The Work of Hans TenDam 35

An Important Note 38

Important Points in This Chapter 38

An Exercise to Start to Explore Your Karma 39

Chapter 4 Integrated Imagery 41

In the Last Two Sections of This Book 44

Important Points in This Chapter 44

Section 2 The Themes That We Carry

Chapter 5 The Purpose and Process of Life 49

The First Order of Business 50

The Transition Period 51

In the Ideal World 52

The Second Order of Business 57

Important Points in This Chapter 61

An Exercise to Start to Explore These Stages of Your Life 62

Chapter 6 The Negative Complexes That Plague Our Lives 63

Carl Jung's Idea of the Complex 64

The Formation of Negative Complexes 65

An Example of Negative Complex Formation 66

Sarah's Problem with Authority 68

Some Examples of the Themes of Negative Complexes 71

The Reactive Behaviors of Negative Complexes 71

Negative Complexes Come in Other Forms 74

The Physical Manifestation of a Complex 76

A Note about Biographical History 77

Important Points in This Chapter 78

An Exercise to Further Define Your Negative Complexes 78

Chapter 7 The Formation and Function of Positive Complexes 81

A Positive Complex Associated With a Skill 82

A Positive Complex Regarding Ways of Being 83

Some Examples of Positive Themes or Complexes 86

Positive Complexes in the Therapeutic Process 86

The Reactive Behaviors of the Complex 87

Conditioned Behavior and the Somatic Imprint 88

Acute Behavior and the Somatic Reaction 88

Repetitive Reactions 89

Important Points in This Chapter 91

An Exercise to Take Stock of the Positive Complexes in Your Life 91

Chapter 8 The Interactive Dynamics of Complexes 93

A Word about Soul Purpose 94

The Ego Matrix Is the Container 96

How the Complexes Interact 96

A Word of Caution 99

How the Complexes in the Ego Matrix Surface 99

The Magnetic Energy of Complexes 100

Another Implication 101

Complexes Get Projected 102

How We Unconsciously Induce a Complex 103

To This Point 104

Some Important Points in This Chapter 105

An Exercise to Reflect on the Interactive Dynamics of Your Complexes 105

Section 3 Exploring Your Biographical Life- An Introspective Process

Chapter 9 Taking Stock of the Positive Themes and Complexes in Your Life 109

Exercise One: Positive Complexes in Your Autobiographical Time Line 111

Exercise Two: The Positive Aspects of Who You Are 112

Active Imagination 113

Exercise Three: Journal All of Your Reflections and Insights 115

Exercise Four: The Personal 360 Analysis 115

Exercise Five: Define Your Positive Themes and Complexes 116

Exercise Six: Zeroing In on Your Soul Purpose 117

Active Imagination Exercise to Explore Your Soul Purpose 117

Exercise Seven: Journal Your Reflections and Write a Definitive Statement of Your Soul Purpose 119

Examples of Soul Purpose Themes 119

A Final Note 120

Chapter 10 Defining the Negative Themes 121

Exercise One: Reflecting On the Negative Karmic Themes 122

Exercise Two: Active Imagination on Your Negative Complexes 124

Exercise Three: Journal All Your Reflections and Insights 125

Exercise Four: How Your Negative Complexes Surface and Interact 125

Exercise Five: Active Imagination to Explore How These Complexes Affect Each Other 127

Exercise Six: Reflect On All of Your Positive and Negative Complexes as They Relate to Your Sense of Soul Purpose 127

Section 4 Awakening Past Lives

Chapter 11 Awakening the Positive Themes of Past Lives 131

A Few Reminders 132

One Important Note before You Begin 133

An Overview of the Exercises Ahead 133

The Four Steps in Each Integrated Imagery Exercise 135

Integrated Imagery Exercise One (Track Two): Awakening the Roots of Your Positive Themes 137

Chapter 12 Exploring the Rest of the Energetic Chain of Experience 139

Integrated Imagery Exercise Two (Track Three): Exploring the Negative Complexes 140

Proceed with the Integrated Imagery Exercise on Track Three 140

Integrated Imagery Exercise Three (Track Four): Awakening Your Soul Purpose Memories 141

Proceed with the Integrated Imagery Exercise to Explore Your Soul Purpose 142

Integrated Imagery Exercise Four (Track Five): Awakening Perinatal Memories 142

Proceed with the Integrated Imagery Exercise Four (Track Five) to Explore Your Perinatal Experience 143

One Final Thought 143

One Final Exercise in Your Process of Awakening 144

Chapter 13 An Afterthought 145

Psychic Readings Regarding Your Past Lives 145

Astrological Readings 146

Appendix A Diagrams 149

Diagram 1 The Energetic Chain of Experience 149

Diagram 2 The Complex Mechanism 150

Appendix B Transcripts of the Integrated Imagery Exercises on the CD 151

Track One: The Progressive Relaxation Exercise 151

Track 1 Awakening the Roots of Your Positive Themes 153

Track 2 Exploring the Negative Complexes 159

Track 3 Awakening Your Soul Purpose Memories 167

Track 4 Awakening Perinatal Memories 170

Appendix C Frequently Asked Questions 175

Bibliography 181

About the Author 185

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