Awen: The Quest of the Celtic Mysteries

Awen: The Quest of the Celtic Mysteries




It was the Celtic bards who laid down the foundation of inner wisdom that has come down to us as Arthurian legend, passing their traditions to the Arthurian romancers of the 12th and 13th centuries. Thus the Celts provide an immediate bridge that leads to a very ancient world. Focusing on the Brythonic Celtic material and the "Taliesin" cult whose lineage preserved the mysteries through the Mabinogion and other texts, Awen: the Quest of the Celtic Mysteries reveals the sources of the British sacred tradition right back to the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, and, as some believe, further back still to even more ancient sources.

Awen is a Welsh word often translated as "inspiration". However, in its fullness it has a much deeper meaning, an irradiation of the soul from paradisal origins. In the context of the Celtic folk-soul it casts the paradisal pattern by which the people and the land were harmonised. Through the aligned symbolism of the goddess, the sacred king and the stars, a compelling picture is built of a thriving mystery tradition which marries the constellations to the landscape, exploring as an example the interwoven five-fold and seven-fold stellar geometry of Moel ty Uchaf stone circle in North Wales, and the stellar alignments on the landscape of Cadair Idris.

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ISBN-13: 9781928754008
Publisher: Sun Chalice Books
Publication date: 05/28/1999
Pages: 314
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Guest More than 1 year ago
The amount of information contained within this book is a rare find-one would have to read several books on the subject to match it. Anyone interested in Sacred Kingship must get this one! Rarely has this subject been presented with such detail. The book richly describes the Arthurian/Grail Myths, studies in-depth the important role of the bards with focus upon Taliesin, and even presents other ancient traditions, such as the Hebrew and Greek, in a very cohesive strand of knowledge which allows the reader to recognize the similarities within all of the great ancient mysteries. I especially found the correlations of certain star patterns upon the land to be quite interesting. I would recommend this book to the student of Celtic history as well as to those interested in esoteric studies. I would especially recommend it to anyone who is actively pursuing a path of spiritual unfoldment, as it contains much to explain certain patterns and experiences that every student involved in the work of spiritual enlightenment will eventually be confronted with.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I still can not believe the amount of information concerning the Celtic mysteries that I found here. While most books present material that still elusive, this book is extremely detailed and refined. It encompasses all aspects of this magical and mystical system that seems to making a modern day revival. I would recommend this book to all interested in the subject.