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There’s more to me than just being awk-weird. I own my own flower shop, have some great friends, and I have my eye on adopting the most adorable kitten. But sadly, hot guys don’t tend to be blown away by my trivia-spouting, dorky self.

So when a Thor-lookalike who happens to be a professional hockey player hits on me at my bestie’s wedding rehearsal party... You better believe I climbed that tree like a cat. And the fact that it happened not once, not twice, but three times? Yeah, that’s pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a woman like me.

There’s zero chance I’ll end up ever seeing him again...right?

Until the pregnancy test comes up positive. What happens next?

Oh my God, I wish I knew…

Each book in the Ice Knights series is STANDALONE:
* Parental Guidance
* Awk-Weird
* Loud Mouth

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ISBN-13: 9781640638686
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/14/2019
Series: Ice Knights , #2
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 325
Sales rank: 690
File size: 915 KB

About the Author

When Avery Flynn isn't writing about alpha heroes and the women who tame them, she is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. She has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and has a slight shoe addiction. Find out more about Avery on her website, follow her on Twitter, like her on her Facebook page or friend her on her Facebook profile. Also, if you figure out how to send Oreos through the Internet, she’ll be your best friend for life.

Contact her at She’d love to hear from you.

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Awk-weird 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 33 reviews.
MaimeosAngelsEL 3 months ago
Avery Flynn is a relatively new author to me and I have no idea why that is. Having read the first book in the series I couldn’t wait to dive in and see who was next. Cole plays for the Ice Knights, it’s all he wants to do. When he meets Tess at the wedding he is attracted to her whilst Tess cannot believe that this gorgeous Thor look alike could possibly be interested in her. The chemistry between Cole and Tess sizzles as a hook up suddenly morphs in to so much more. I loved the banter between them as they got to know each other and I freely admit to some laugh out loud moments which got me some strange looks on the train. The secondary characters were just as entertaining. Both Cole and Tess are certainly quirky characters that you couldn’t help but fall for. In fact they were so great together that I didn’t want their story to end. Awk-Weird is a great example of RomCom at it’s finest and I cannot wait to read more in the Ice Knights series.
JWright57 3 months ago
Awk-Weird is everything you want in a romantic comedy, it’s funny, it’s sweet and it has characters that are adorable. Let’s be honest what’s not to love when you have a hot Thor ice hockey player as the hero and a nerdy sweet awkward girl as the heroine. This author always finds characters you can identify with maybe it’s you always manage to see a little bit of yourself in each and everyone she creates or maybe she just weaves a tale we would like to be a part of and Awk-Weird is no different it’s a story that will draw you in and keep you hooked through to the last line. Cole has moved around most of his childhood never spending much time in one place and that has made him an independent control freak who has a place for everything and it’s never out of place including his feelings, well that was until Tess dropped into his life, she is the complete opposite a nerdy messy funny girl who takes life as it comes so what happens when the nerd hooks up with the hot Thor look alike I guess you need to read the book to find that out.... This is a book that ticked all my boxes, I laughed, I sighed and I loved watching these two characters evolve as I joined their beautifully written love story, this was everything I expected from the queen of rom- com and I can’t wait for the next installation of the Ice Knights. Entertaining funny read.
Anonymous 16 days ago
Three and a half stars. Tess and Cole's story. Tess is a factoid-spewing florist with a devil kitten. Cole is an ice-hockey player wedded to his routines and in an on-again, off-again relationship with the coach's daughter. Tess and Cole meet and bond at a wedding rehearsal party (seriously, who has one of those?) over trivia and end up getting weddinged (carried away into having sex by the whole wedding atmosphere). As you can see by the cover, which is pretty descriptive of the book, Tess gets pregnant from their weddinged night and this is the romantic comedy of how two people brought together by a mutual love of trivia can fall in love while having a baby. This was a fun read, not much hockey and Tess held on to her insecurities too long - she reached that point where I wanted to shake her and tell her she was ignoring all evidence to the contrary just to hold on to her beliefs for no reason.
Anonymous 17 days ago
Good read. Avery is fast becoming an automatic buy for me.
Anonymous 27 days ago
Lit_Litehosue 29 days ago
Awk-weird is a quirky romance filled with amazing, fun and interesting characters. Having a baby is a serious matter, but Ms. Flynn had me laughing out loud at the antics of Tess and Cole as they brought their unique perspective and personalities as the story developed. The characters were well developed and fun and I loved seeing the glances at their personalities and quirks as they were taken out of their comfort zones and thrown together over the unexpected circumstances.
Lit_Litehosue 29 days ago
Awk-weird is a quirky romance filled with amazing, fun and interesting characters. Having a baby is a serious matter, but Ms. Flynn had me laughing out loud at the antics of Tess and Cole as they brought their unique perspective and personalities as the story developed. The characters were well developed and fun and I loved seeing the glances at their personalities and quirks as they were taken out of their comfort zones and thrown together over the unexpected circumstances.
Anonymous 30 days ago
i enjoyed it!
MarshaJo 3 months ago
Love Tess (the Heroine.) She is socially awkward but hilarious. She's had a emotionally rough childhood, but grew past that to have a successful adult life... only thing missing is that forever guy in her life. Cole (the Hero) is an NHL star who likes routine and consistency and is having difficulties adjusting to life with Tess in it. Neither are admitting to each other or to themselves their feelings. This lack of communication causes some trouble in paradise. There are lots of laughs throughout the book, but there are also some emotionally gut wrenching scenes. Don't worry, it's not an ugly cry kind of read though. If you've read the Hartigans series, you will recognize some of the side characters, as this series is a spin off of that series, but each can be read as a stand alone. I love the banter between Cole and his teammates. (That's where we get much of the comic relief.) This is an easy to read, hard to put down book. It alternates between POVs. The sexual content is limited and not graphic. This book is not only entertaining, but also educational.... get ready to learn some random facts! ;)
ScoopyPooh 3 months ago
I’m not gonna lie, most of the time Avery is a hit or miss and I never really know which way it’s gonna go. So I read most of her books LOL because even when they’re a miss, they don’t miss out of the park. This was a hit! If there’s one thing I know that Avery can do well is quirky. As soon as I saw this title, I was all in. I didn’t even need to read the synopsis LOL And it worked for both Cole and Tess! That’s the greatest part! We don’t ever think as jocks as being awk-weird but Cole totally was! And obviously I don’t have to tell you our little trivia superstar book nerd fit the bill as well! These two were fantastic !! Tess has a lot of baggage. Baggage that doesn’t really allow her to trust that someone is going to love her enough to stay. I wouldn’t say that Cole comes into the picture with baggage, but boy does he come into it with some serious quirks(lol). They made a super funny couple and it was a joy to read all the shenanigans, especially Cole’s superstitious behaviors. And he has some serious one LOL, but that’s part of the world of any professional athlete, especial in hockey! If you’re looking for a fun afternoon read, then one-click away, this one will not disappoint!
Cali-Jewel 3 months ago
Adore Tess and Cole! They are sweetly broken in the most heart string pulling way, the perfect pair to repair each other in all the best ways. She is quirky, fun, brilliant and most defiantly my soul sister.... He is sexy, exciting, controlling and engagingly unique, which makes them perfectly endearing. Loved this fun, witty and heart racing adventure!
Anonymous 3 months ago
What a great book! Tess is amazing, Cole is amazing and together they are explosively beautiful! I love the awkwardness and trivia, and can not wait for Petrov!
BookAngel_Emma 3 months ago
Awk-weird has my absolute favourite type of protagonists – the awkward, nerdy, geeky, utterly adorable type. Both the heroine and the hero have the most adorable quirks, but unfortunately, these idiosyncrasies are also partly to blame for their emotional barriers Tess and Cole meet at a wedding where they instantly bond over their shared knowledge of random trivia, while the attraction between them is a slow simmer in the background. However, a turn around the dance floor sets their attraction from simmer to boiling point resulting in a wild night of passion. Although neither are mentally and emotionally in the right place to consider their encounter past that one night. Nonetheless, fate has other plans for the mismatched pair. Surprisingly, both Tess and Coles issues are remarkably similar and stem from the way in which they grew up. It always surprises me how much emotional damage is inflicted during childhood, whether intentional or not. My personal quote has been ‘Like the ebb and flow of the tide, change is inevitable, it is how we adjust to the change that truly defines us.’ This phrase couldn’t be more perfect to describe the approach Tess and Cole have to specific aspects of their lives as a result of their childhood. For Tess, she tends to hold tight to the pessimistic view of not belonging and people always leaving, abandonment issues and connection barriers added to feelings of inferiority make it difficult for Tess to believe in a happily ever after for herself. While Cole has a mild case of OCD recurring order and routine including having all aspects of his life planned out. Although I did approve of his baking skills as a way of coping with stress For all their emotional obstacles, Tess and Cole, slowly manoeuver their way around each hurdle without truly realising the positive improvements they are making to each other’s lives. So when a hiccup on the road to happiness occurs they both react badly falling back on their default coping mechanisms. Luckily, both Tess and Cole have wonderful friends who support them even when they are idiots. Helping them see what is right in front of them and aiding them in dealing with their issues ❤ The Ice Knights are full of larger than life characters, being able to follow their journies and witness the giants falling one by one is a delight to the imagination. Look out Petrov, Avery has you in her sights, get ready to crash in Loud Mouth.
MJHughes12 3 months ago
Hot hockey player + nerdy girl = all sorts of fun! Avery Flynn has once again delivered a fun read that has her trademark snark, sass, and humor, but also brings in a dose of real-life drama when a very unplanned pregnancy is added in to the mix. Tess was quirky and nerdy and had some very funny moments, but it was Cole who stole my heart as he just dealt with whatever came out of Tess’s mouth and ultimately helped her find a comfort zone to manage her verbal spewing of factoids when she was nervous. Cole had his own issues and I enjoyed watching Tess, and her kitty Khan, turn his world upside-down, adding chaos to his perfectly ordered life and helping him see that being so rigid was actually hurting more than helping him, not only personally, but also professionally. There was no shortage of chemistry between these two, but it did get a bit frustrating watching the two of them fight their feelings so hard even though the attraction was so strong and everyone but the two of them knew that the feelings they had for each other were real. Although this can be read as a standalone, having met Tess in a few other books and having some back-story about Cole and his on-again/off-again relationship with his ex made this one easy to jump right into. The supporting cast of characters, from Tess’s friends to Cole’s teammates, added the perfect mix of fun and support for both Tess and Cole, and I loved how they were able to give both Tess and Cole the tough love they needed when they needed it. I just love Avery Flynn’s writing style and her ability to breathe life into her characters. She has a way of making you lose yourself in her stories and wishing her characters were real so you can hang out with them. Definitely one for the TBR! I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book I received from the publisher from NetGalley.
BookSnuggle 3 months ago
Awk-weird by Avery Flynn is book number two in the Ice Knights series. This is Ice Knights hockey player Cole Phillips and florist Tess Gardner’s story. This was a hilarious read! Cole and Tess’ relationship starts off in an awk-weird way. The interactions between these two were so much fun and the chemistry was intense. This was one read that I couldn’t put down until I finished. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
ScrapNSign 3 months ago
Awk-Weird is another goal shot for Avery Flynn! This one will have you laughing from the first chapter, and I highly suggest being careful what you eat or drink while reading. I've loved both books in the Ice Knights series, but this one is my favorite. I smile every time I see the cover, just remembering how much I laughed and even cried a little. This is a one-click for anyone that loves romantic comedies!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Loved the story.
JackiesBookWorld 3 months ago
Not having read other books by Avery Flynn before, I didn’t know what to expect before reading Awk - Weird. Needless to say, I was really impressed with the story and how well Flynn managed to develop the characters from beginning to end. The story was sweet and entertaining, a definite must read for sure. At the beginning of the story we get to meet Tess Gardner, a flower shop owner who happens to love facts. She is attending one of her friend’s wedding rehearsal party when she overhears a group of hockey players playing a trivia game and answers the questions when she thinks that they are not looking. But she is noticed by one of the players and he invites her to play. Everyone has a good time and Tess immediately feels chemistry between her and Cole. They dance and soon things get carried away. It wouldn’t be until a month later that things would change their lives forever. Tess has always felt that she doesn’t belong. After growing up being shuffled from relative to relative like an unwanted obligation, she started to see things as temporary and made her feel invisible. She has a quirky personality to which people weren’t as accepting of and her love for facts began. Her priority changes when she finds out that she is pregnant and feels the need to give the baby what she didn’t have growing up. But it’s her connection with Cole that make things harder for her and the more time they spend together the more she begins to fall for him. She is afraid of getting hurt and doesn’t know if Cole has any feeling for her at all. Cole Phillips is good at what he does, hockey. He is the overachiever who happens to like structure and a routine. So when Tess shows up to tell him that she is pregnant things don’t go as he plans. His life is about to change forever and he doesn’t know how to react at first. He had a one-night-stand with Tess, yet his ex is all he can think about. What she is going to say once they get back together or so he thinks. Cole is hopeful that everything in his back goes back to normal, but the minute Tess moves in with her cat all hell breaks loose and he’ll have to decide if is worth giving their relationship a try or not. I absolutely loved this book! It was quirky and funny. Tess has been through so much growing up so it’s understandable for her to have her guard up. I loved her personality and how caring she is. On the other hand, Cole might love his routine but he has the biggest heart. They have a lot in common and facts is one of them. They have definitely found their match and they are able to help each other overcome their pasts in order to move on. They challenge each other and it just proves how they are meant to be together. I loved the interactions that she has with her friends, they are her family and they made the book that much funnier. All in all, the story was great and the characters developed as well. The ending is so sweet and it’s definitely one not to be missed. I would highly recommend checking out this book and I cannot wait to read more from the author in the future. :) **I voluntarily read an early copy of this title in exchange for an honest review**
Madm007 3 months ago
I really thought this was a pretty good read--fairly fast paced with dialogue that ranged from quirky to funny to sweet. Sometimes idiocy popped up lol, but real and serious emotional issues were also addressed. Cole and Tess were love challenged for sure. So what if the cart came before the horse, they needed the help, in whatever form it came, to figure out nothing is guaranteed, change is inevitable, and just maybe love makes life so much better. Chemistry and intense heat included. The Ice Knights also got to play hockey, share some insight to the game, how long the season lasts, what players do pre/post games and more, described so well, it was very easy to stay involved. I received an advance reader's copy thru Netgalley and am freely giving my honest thoughts and opinions
Rina_S 3 months ago
4.5 stars Awk -Weird certainly lived up to its title with Tess and Cole. Tess was a quirky character that blurted out random weird facts when she was nervous. It was funny to read what she was going to come out with. Needless to say she didnt count on meeting Cole and having such a steamy time!! What eventuatues in this book is something a lot of people go through and I really liked the direction the story went but Tess's penchant for everything around her being temporary surely made things difficult. I loved that she had some really great friends who got her out of her funk and I loved the way the hockey teammates got through to Cole. Sometimes a little awkward makes for a whole lot of fun!! Such a fun read!
savannahsbooklist 3 months ago
This book is SO MUCH FUN!! I enjoyed the story of Tess and Cole so immensely that I burned through the book. I loved both characters...Tess was very relatable and Cole is a fantastic book boyfriend (hello, hunky hockey player anyone?). When Tess is forced to move in with Cole temporarily while her apartment ceiling is repaired, the forced proximity is the perfect catalyst for their relationship. This story had me laughing, swooning, and my heart clenching as these two figure out if they can put aside their comfort zones and fears and make their relationship work. ⁣ /5 steam rating for flirting, sexual tension, and several descriptive sex scenes⁣ {Thank you to @entagled_publishing for the eARC #partner}⁣
GirlWhoLovestoRead1 3 months ago
I loved getting to know Cole and Tess and how their different upbringings gave them such different coping mechanisms and quirks as adults. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them both work through their quicks in order to grow as individuals and as a couple. There were a few instances that I wanted to weep as well as slug some of Tess’s family members when I learned how she was treated by them as she was shuttled around quite a bit during her entire childhood. And, with all of Avery Flynn’s books, there were many times I laughed out loud throughout the book!
onemused 3 months ago
AWK-WEIRD is a charming romantic-comedy, featuring a Thor-appearing hockey player and a florist. Tess is feeling a little awkward at her friend's wedding, attending alone, and trying not to be too obvious about playing an overheard trivia game when Cole, a very attractive hockey player, notices her and pulls her into the game. They get Wedding'd and end up having a very steamy night together. When Tess later finds out she is pregnant, she knows that she wants to keep the baby, and so she lets him know, but she also makes it clear that she does not want to get married or expect anything. Especially since she knows he has a long-term frequent on-again-off-again thing with Marti (which is currently off). Tess has a lot of hang-ups about relationships and family, considering the way she was treated by her mother as a child. Cole is someone who really resists change, and so he always assumed he would be with Marti, not out of passion but comfort. When she broke off the relationship for good, he is not sure if he can accept it. When his coach tells him he has to change up his plays or he'll never be a great player, Cole knows he needs to leave his comfort zone. When Tess becomes a bigger part of his life, he starts maybe liking the changes. As they come together in true rom-com style, their chemistry is off-the-charts, but they will each have to deal with their own hang-ups before they can really embrace the relationship. I loved the plot and characters in this one. While at first Tess's factoids seem charming, it is easy to see why they do get annoying and make her seem "weird," and I love that this was visible to the reader and then also complimented by the relationship. Surprise pregnancies can be pretty hit or miss in books, but this was an absolutely charming hit! I really loved seeing the two characters grow, individually and together, before they embark on the adventure of parenthood. For people who are fans of Flynn's other books, I also loved seeing the characters from the past make appearances here (e.g. Fallon and Lucy). Highly recommend for romantic comedy fans- this is an absolutely charming new surprise-pregnancy take! Please note that I received an ARC. All opinions are my own.
JaneN17 3 months ago
Great Rom-Com!! Cole and Tess were so much fun to get to know! Tess’ ability to remember random trivia was awesome and I thought it was great that Cole was able to come back with his own trivia knowledge. But, Tess also touched my heart with her attitude that everything is temporary. Cole on the other hand, I wanted to strangle him at times. His OCD regarding chaos drove me nuts! LOL!! I did love that his heart was in the right place when it came to Tess. Somebody needed to show her that not EVERYTHING is temporary. Looking for a fun, sexy read with a great HEA this is your kind of romance.
JaneN17 3 months ago
Great Rom-Com!! Cole and Tess were so much fun to get to know! Tess’ ability to remember random trivia was awesome and I thought it was great that Cole was able to come back with his own trivia knowledge. But, Tess also touched my heart with her attitude that everything is temporary. Cole on the other hand, I wanted to strangle him at times. His OCD regarding chaos drove me nuts! LOL!! I did love that his heart was in the right place when it came to Tess. Somebody needed to show her that not EVERYTHING is temporary. Looking for a fun, sexy read with a great HEA this is your kind of romance.