Baby I Love You: Greatest Hits

Baby I Love You: Greatest Hits

by Andy KimAndy Kim


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Andy Kim had many of his greatest songs and successes behind the scenes as a songwriter for such effervescent pop groups as the Monkees. He did have a solo career, however, that peaked with the terrific single "Rock Me Gently," a smash hit at the time and a staple of '70s compilations ever since. Of course, that's on Baby I Love You: Greatest Hits, which also includes smaller singles like the title track and "Shoot 'Em Up, Baby," along with oldies covers ("Be My Baby," "Oh Pretty Woman") and some fun originals by Kim. None of this strays too far from the sound etched out on "Rock Me Gently," even on the slower numbers, and while nothing is quite as good, it's enjoyable nevertheless, at least for fans of Kim and '70s AM pop.

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