BabyCues: Prevent and Remedy Colic, Reflux, Lactose and Dairy Overload - Nature's Logical Answers

BabyCues: Prevent and Remedy Colic, Reflux, Lactose and Dairy Overload - Nature's Logical Answers

by Philippa Murphy

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Lauren – Mum – Australia
“This book is possibly one of the most important books and contributions to newborn/infant health and wellbeing I have ever read. To say this book has changed our world, is actually quite accurate.”

Dr Mangan - New Zealand
“BabyCues book is a beautifully written practical guide on how to cope with a desperately unsettled baby. As a GP I particularly liked the emphasis on the size of babies stomach and the implications of persistent over feeding and I am delighted to find a medicine free way of managing the over diagnosis of "reflux". As a mother of a child diagnosed with "reflux" I just wish I had had Philippa's great advice to hand. Her "back to basic" nurturing techniques would have made my life and my daughter's first few months a lot more enjoyable instead of the hellish time I recollect. I believe that this book will help other parents to avoid the nightmare and instead discover a nurturing way to manage their baby's problems.

Written for all parents, BabyCues is a revolutionary self-help parenting book that delivers original, proven findings and practical know-how to help parents achieve natural digestive balance for their newborn throughout their first six months of life. This book is perfect if you want to learn how to nurture alongside your child’s natural digestive biology, while confidently understanding and being able to respond to their full array of cues. It will also help you to reduce, if not eliminate the abnormal behaviours of colic, reflux, lactose overload, dairy overload and inconsolable crying as it relays the natural causes of these behaviours, and steps you through the solutions.

Nurturing families through myths, conundrums, remedies and biological facts, BabyCues unveils - for the first time ever – a baby’s innate relationship with trapped air in the stomach and the mechanism of this forming the author’s discovery of their innate Six-Wind-Cues. All of which fosters care that is logical, responsive, respectful and intimate, thus stimulating positive mental and physical development for your child.
This simple read, and candid guide, helps cultivate a choice of care that is based on common sense and dependable ‘life-logical’ solutions. These reacquaint us with the fact....
there is a manual for all babies. We call it biology: Mother Nature calls it life.

Learn the causes of upset behaviour, ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ communication, the digestive capabilities of a newborn, practical feeding, winding and sleep techniques, helpful calming methods, and a new understanding on what forms a baby‘s cues and what they are really saying. You will also read about Philippa’s New Zealand Survey on Colic and Reflux and the parent’s personal accounts of these behaviours.

“I feel empowered. Now I have the tools to sooth my baby.”
“The best decision I made for my boys was to trust in this.”
“I can’t believe I wasn’t taught this. It’s so important.”
“I can now understand what my daughter needs.”
“The change in my little girl was instant.”
“What a salvation for parents.”
“All parents should read this.”
“Finally it all makes sense.”
“Your words are like gold.”
“What a godsend.”

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Publisher: Philippa Murphy
Publication date: 07/18/2018
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About the Author

Philippa is first-and-foremost a mother, the founder and director of BabyCues, author and a leading Postnatal Educator in her home country of New Zealand and Internationally. With a background in Child Development and Psychology her postnatal career spans twenty-four years. She is currently a member and volunteer for the Public Health Association New Zealand, and a member of the Infant Mental Health Association of New Zealand, presenting a paper at their conference in 2015. With a focus on attachment parenting, Philippa is a Attachment Parenting Professional Associate of Attachment Parenting International (API). Previously employed by royalty, dignitaries and celebrities, including Kate Winslet, Philippa specialises in teaching parents how to nurture their newborn and infant within their proven digestive biology, while learning their full array of cues - inclusive of Philippa's discovery of a newborns Six-Wind-Cues. During the early six years of her career, Philippa gleaned some remarkable knowledge from the babies she cared for, working in the families home for 24 hours a day, 6 days a week for up to a period of three months with over thirty-five sets of newborn twins, a handful of triplets and numerous singletons for a period of seven years. Her intuitive and logic based expertise were birthed from this eye-opening time, and a year of researching early human biology - always a passion of hers. On learning more about earlier digestive function, Philippa now marries this and her original findings on a baby’s cues to offer ground breaking solutions in early childhood health and education in her one-on-one family consultations, her self-help parent book BabyCues - Nurture with Nature, which has been supported by doctors, and via her parenting workshops. Philippa is also the founder of The Pudding Club, a piloting non-profit organisation for parents to learn postnatal care, preparing well for their child. Having worked as an early childhood teacher, and manager of a crèche in the United Kingdom, Philippa also offers early childhood teachers professional development courses. These have a focus on the social and emotional development of toddlers, empowering and inspire caring relationships. As an author, Philippa has published many articles in her specialty field including a paper with Lincoln University on her research about the ‘Colic and reflux situation in New Zealand 2012’ published by the Academic Journal of Nursing and Midwifery. In 2016 she began writing for The Natural Parent Magazine on a regular basis and in 2017 was invited to do the same for Kiwi Families. Philippa has also featured in or had articles published in North & South, New Idea Magazine, OHBaby, Family Health Diary, Family Times, Space, Good, Early Buds, Multiple Birth Association, Little Treasures and more. With her free time Philippa enjoys immersing herself in family, painting, writing poetry, gardening, meditating and exploring in nature. She also loves to day dream and work toward the day when the behaviours she heals are a distant memory for newborns and parents. Positions held: Founder/Director of BabyCues Founder of the piloting non-profit organisation The Pudding Club Former NZ National Board Executive for Pregnancy Help Former Parent Centre Committee Member Christchurch, New Zealand Former Canterbury Homebirth Committee Member Christchurch, New Zealand Former Member of Public Health Association New Zealand (PHA) Member of Infant Mental Health Association Aotearoa New Zealand (IMHAANZ) Attachment Parenting International Professional Associate (API)

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