Backyard Bird Feeders: How to get started

Backyard Bird Feeders: How to get started

by Marian Blake


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Backyard Bird Feeders

How to get Started.

Do you want to attract more birds into your garden and help them to survive the winter?

Many birds struggle to survive the winter due to changes in farming practices and an increase in human habitation which have reduced their natural food supply. Feeding them in your garden will help more survive. Birds are natural predators of many garden pests as well as being one of the ways nature has designed to spread plant species. Keeping a healthy wild population of birds in your area will help your garden without the use of pesticides and fertilizer.

Why should you attract birds into your garden?

  1. Helps the birds to survive the winter
  2. A great way to watch nature from the comfort of your own home
  3. Keeping birds alive means they can help control pests in your garden.
  4. It's fun and easy to do.
  5. 65 Million Americans who have tried it can't be wrong

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