Baffled: Confabs with my young daughters

Baffled: Confabs with my young daughters

by Don Nelson


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Kids say funny things.

I imagine that, when they are very young, the novelty of speech fuses with their blessedly active imaginations. Words mingle with frames of reference long-forgotten by adults.

This, I imagine, is how they candidly tell tales of seeing wild porcupines in the jungle, declare plans to build flying cars, and state that they punch Dad because he's a boy.

Whimsical (to adults) stories and announcements complement zingers that are not yet intentional.

As they grow older (I imagine), the novelty wears off, imaginations grow, and frames of reference expand further beyond grown-ups' understanding.

As ring-bearer at his daughter's wedding, Dad can dress like a superhero (though not be one) and the six-year-old is, according to the seven-year-old, smarter than Dad.

Fantastic discourse continues to baffle adults, and wisecracks become intentional.

This book collects brief, funny conversations with two of my young daughters and a few appearances by a third daughter (I am blessed with six) and my wife/their mom.

A friend, commenting on these confabulations, remarked that my little girls are precocious.

If precocious means cleverer than their dad, then yes they are.

Blessedly so.

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