Baiting the Boss

Baiting the Boss

by Coleen Kwan

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Baiting the Boss by Coleen Kwan

For years Grace Owens harbored a secret crush on her boss, Jack Macintyre, the heir to the Macintyre Corporation. But Jack relocates to a remote tropical island after tragedy upends his life, cutting off all contact. Now Grace's new boss issues an ultimatum: return Jack to the family fold or pack her briefcase and move on.

When she turns up at Jack's bungalow, he can't deny his attraction to the fiery woman determined to lure him out of his tropical paradise. Little does she know that returning is the last thing he wants—he's nobody's boss, and he likes it that way.

If he stays, she'll lose her job. If he goes, she'll lose her heart.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781622661886
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 10/14/2013
Series: Entangled Indulgence
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 184
Sales rank: 499,154
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Coleen Kwan was a certified bookworm from a very early age, but she never dreamt she'd one day be writing her own stories. After graduating from university with a degree in Computer Science, she worked in IT for many years. It was only when she took long service leave that she seriously considered writing. Her first attempts will thankfully never see the light of day, but joining a writers' organization proved invaluable. Her debut novel, WHEN HARRIET CAME HOME, was published in 2011.

Coleen lives in Sydney with her partner and two children. She loves writing contemporary romance and steampunk romance. When she isn't writing she enjoys avoiding housework, eating chocolate, and watching The Office.

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Grace Owens bent and clutched her heaving stomach as the boat pitched over yet another wave, and the entire vessel juddered at the impact.

"Lovey, if you barf inside the cabin, it's gonna cost you extra," the captain said.

She couldn't muster the strength to scowl at him. If ever there was a sea rogue, Wally was one, with his leathery face, tobacco-stained teeth, and leering eyes. Not to mention the exorbitant fee he was charging to take her to Filemu Island. Talk about high-seas piracy.

He had lied to her. He'd told her with a straight face that the trip from Hiva, capital of the British Sullivan Islands, to Filemu Island would take no more than two hours, but here they were, still at sea four hours later, and she was about to lie down on the stinking cabin floor and never get up again.

God, the things she did for the Macintyres.

"Look, there it is. Filemu Island!" Wally cackled. "I told you we'd make it."

Grace peered through the salt-speckled window. All around them, the Pacific Ocean rolled in an endless, wind-tossed sea of whitecaps. They were in the vast, trackless stretches between Australia and Hawaii, and there on the hazy horizon was a pocket-size island, shimmering in the sunlight like an entrancing mirage.

Oh, please don't let it be a mirage.

A second later, the boat hit a monster wave, and Grace lost her grip on the window ledge and floundered across the cabin.

"Yahoo!" Willy clung to the wheel, a demonic smirk cracking his face.

He was completely mad, Grace decided. No, she was mad. Right now, she should be sitting in her clean, orderly office in Sydney, not careening through the Pacific looking for a man who didn't want to be found. She should have stood up to Lachlan Macintyre and told him to send someone else to track down his grandson. She did enough for Lachlan, didn't she? But even the toughest men found it difficult to refuse the crusty, forthright eighty-year-old CEO and chairman of the Macintyre empire, and his was a very personal request.

Find Jack Macintyre. Find him, and bring him back to Sydney.

Why couldn't he hire a private detective? she'd asked. But Lachlan wanted to keep this hush-hush. He didn't trust strangers with family business. He wanted Grace to handle the matter, like she'd been handling every difficult odd job — personal or business — for him since Jack had left three years ago, burning his boats behind him. After Jack's wife had died, there'd been a mysterious falling out between Jack and Lachlan. Jack had resigned from the family business, sold his shares and all his possessions, and quit Australia for good.

It was as if he no longer wanted to be Jack Macintyre.

Grace clawed her way out onto the deck, desperate for fresh air. If only Jack had used his money to retire to a more accessible hideout like a Tuscan villa or a New York penthouse. Instead, he'd spent the last year on Filemu Island, a remote little dot on the map that was one of the Sullivan Islands, a former British protectorate undisturbed by mass tourism — and unblessed by up-to-date communications.

As they neared the island, she blinked in amazement, her nausea forgotten. Three sharp mountains dominated the center of the island. Thick, green jungle spilled down the slopes while mist clung to their peaks. Closer to shore, palm trees swayed and climbing vines rioted in explosions of red, pink, and orange. Filemu Island glowed like an idyllic paradise from a Gauguin painting.

A blast of wind hit them right outside the harbor, and the boat yawed like a bucking bronco. Grace's stomach protested violently. Hanging over the side of the boat, she heaved up her breakfast until they reached the calmer waters of the harbor, and Wally began securing the boat to the wharf.

When the gangplank was in place, Grace tottered onto the wharf, pulling her battered suitcase behind her. The sun sizzled down on her, and perspiration broke out between her shoulder blades. Fanning her flushed cheeks, she pondered her next move.

She smiled at a group of children staring shyly at her. "Hello there. I wonder if you could help me? I'm looking for Jack Macintyre. Do you know where he lives?"

Silence. Wide eyes peeped at her. Disquiet knotted Grace's stomach. What if Jack wasn't here? What if he'd moved on to another island? She'd have to risk Wally's boat again. No way was she doing that. She'd reached the limit of her endurance.

She raised her voice. "Jack Macintyre? Is he here?"

A murmur broke out, accompanied by gesticulating hands pointing toward a cluster of huts nestled against the mountain slope. Grace breathed a small sigh of relief. At least she'd found the right island. As she trudged off the wharf with her suitcase bumping beside her, the children followed, giggling and nudging among themselves. She struggled up the dirt path, light-headed and nauseous from her journey, her shirt sticking to her back. Longing to collapse in the shade of a tree, she gritted her teeth and forged on.

She wouldn't give up. For too long she'd wondered and daydreamed about Jack Macintyre, and now she was so close to finding him. What would he look like? Would he even remember her? Her breathing tightened. Over the years she'd thought a lot about Jack, but what if he'd completely forgotten her?

As she neared the crest of a hill, a beautiful young woman dressed in a red-and-white sarong appeared on the path. She stopped as soon as she saw Grace. "May I help you?"

Thank goodness, a responsible adult, Grace thought as she rested her suitcase. "Yes, I'm looking for Jack Macintyre's place. Can you point me in the right direction?"

The young woman's brows drew together. "You're looking for Jack?"

Grace nodded, wiping the back of her forearm across her sweltering brow. "Do you know him?"

But the young woman only looked her up and down, still frowning while the children gathered round. Is she going to help? Grace wondered. The girl's crisp reserve only made her feel more frazzled.

Just then, a figure striding along the path toward them caught Grace's attention. The man was tall, dark-haired, tanned, and there was something deeply familiar about the way he moved. Her heart skittered, her nerves fizzling like water on a hot skillet. Only one man had ever had that effect on her. Only one man could make her brain seize as his long, easy gait ate up the distance between them.

Only one man, the man she'd been tracking down — Jack Macintyre.

Except he wasn't the Jack she'd known three years ago. Back then he'd still been unfairly handsome with his windswept dark hair, gleaming gray eyes, and wicked smile, but now ... now he was something else altogether — a well-built, broad-chested hunk of a man with a potent aura of testosterone as tangy as the smell of the sea. He even seemed taller than she remembered, which couldn't be right. Maybe she was just awed by his appearance.

She eyed his ragged denim shorts, which clung to his muscular thighs, and his loose cotton shirt, unbuttoned halfway to the waist. The air shriveled from her lungs as she studied the wedge of bare chest revealed, his impressive abs glowing like caramel in the hot afternoon sun.

A chorus of babbles broke out from the children as Jack Macintyre drew up beside the group. He nodded at them before glancing at Grace.

"Hi, I'm Jack Macintyre." His voice was as deep as she remembered. "Can I help you?"

He towered over her, his ebony hair tousled around his collar, his strong features chiseled and bronzed, his lips full yet firm at the same time. Finally she met his eyes, gray and restless as a stormy sea.

She gulped and took a quick breath. "Hello. I'm Grace Owens. You might not remember me, but —"

His head tilted a fraction. "Grace Owens. Of course." He thrust out a broad hand at her, lifting his eyebrows. "How could I forget the most hard-working graduate I ever hired?"

Flushing slightly, she shook hands with him, remembering the first time she'd done so as a starstruck new recruit, and how lucky she'd thought herself to work for Jack Macintyre.

"You look a bit worse for wear." He remained formal, not smiling. "Rough ride?"

She nodded and wiped the back of her hand across her mouth, all too aware of her rumpled hair coming loose from its ponytail, the creases and stains on her once spotless linen shirt and shorts, and the incomparable odor of fish and vomit lingering about her. What a fantastic way to meet the man she'd once had an enormous crush on. "I had a hard time getting a charter boat from Hiva. Only Wally seemed willing."

Jack snorted. "That's because he's the only one crazy enough to make the crossing in this kind of weather. The storm's closing in on us soon. You're lucky not to be caught out at sea." Grace glanced up at the clear skies. "Oh, it looks fine now," he continued, "but out here the weather can change in fifteen minutes. You must have been pretty keen to get here."

Oh yes, she was keen all right. Keen to complete her assignment so she could get home to Sydney. Filemu Island might be delightful, but she had a career waiting to be kick-started, and besides, she'd always been a homebody. She became aware of the children surrounding them, listening to every word they said. The girl in the red-and-white sarong had been following the entire conversation, her dark eyes darting between Grace and Jack.

"Perhaps we could go somewhere more private?" she asked. "I have something to discuss with you."

An abrupt stillness descended over Jack. His body tensed as his gaze drilled into hers. "Bad news?"

She inhaled sharply. "No! Oh, no, it's not what you think —"

Oh, damn, how could she have let him suspect ...? But, of course, once he'd recognized her, that would have been his first thought. That she was bringing him bad news about his grandfather or someone else in his family. How crass of her, especially since she'd been with him in his office when the call had come that his wife had died in a car accident. The memory still pierced her — how the silence had clotted when Jack put the phone down, how he'd reeled as if the life had been punched out of him, how his eyes had burned as he walked out of the office. He'd looked like a condemned man marching to the hangman's scaffold.

Impulsively, she grabbed his right hand in both of hers. "It's nothing like that, I promise. I just — I just need to talk to you, that's all."

He glanced down at his hand imprisoned in hers, and she dropped it like a hot coal. Suspicion crawled across his hardened features. "Okay. You can come up to my bungalow."

Not exactly a heartfelt welcome, but then again she had dropped unannounced into his tropical paradise. "Thanks." She grabbed hold of her suitcase again.

He paused and frowned at her suitcase. "Leave that here. I'll get someone to take it to Tupua's place."


"I'll do it." The girl in the red-and-white sarong sprang forward. Before Grace could protest, she'd grabbed the suitcase handle.

"Sefina, it's too heavy for you," Jack protested.

"Not too heavy." The girl skipped away, her thick rope of hair bouncing down her back. "See you later, Jack."

Jack shook his head before moving off, but the flirtatious note in the girl's voice hadn't escaped Grace's notice. In an island bursting with beauty, Sefina stood out like a siren. Grace pursed her lips. She'd always suspected persuading Jack back to Sydney wouldn't be easy, but what if it was impossible? Grace hated to fail, and in this case, failure wasn't an option.

Granddad isn't dead. That thought remained uppermost in Jack's mind as he led the way to his bungalow. Mixed emotions weltered through him. All too clearly he recalled the last time he'd seen his grandfather — that ugly confrontation at his grandfather's house, and how his hawk-like face had contorted with rage as he roared at Jack. Ungrateful sluggard. If you quit now, don't ever bother to come crawling back. Jack had stalked out of his grandfather's study, convinced that he'd never, ever crawl back to that despot.

He owed Lachlan nothing. Although the irascible old man had raised him after his parents had died, Lachlan's idea of child nurturing meant a rotation of nannies and housekeepers until Jack was old enough to go to boarding school. Before Jack had graduated from university, his grandfather had lashed him to the wheel of the Macintyre ship and ordered him to stay there come hell or high water.

So what was Grace Owens doing here on Filemu Island? It could be nothing good. He cast a surreptitious glance at the woman walking beside him.

Who would have thought Grace of all people would turn up on his doorstep? She must be — what, twenty-five now? He'd known her just a few brief months when she'd joined Macintyre Inc. as a graduate. She'd been hardworking, intelligent, and eager to learn. He remembered the stiff, corporate suits she used to wear and the conservative leather pumps, the carefully applied makeup, the hair twisted up in a bun. Grace had been so keen to emulate her superiors. No job was too much to ask of her.

But despite their difference in status, an odd little friendship had sprung up between them, based on nothing more than a shared love of laksa at a local lunch spot. Away from the office, she was easier to talk to, less awed by his executive position.

Now he sensed a difference in her. She wasn't the wide-eyed novice anymore. She'd gained more confidence, and her greenness had matured, ripened. As she walked, she smoothed back her oak-brown hair and tucked the tails of her rumpled shirt into her shorts. Her shorts were loose-fitting, but they were brief enough to reveal her legs, and with a start he realized she had long, firm, supple legs. Had he ever noticed them before, or was this the first time?

"It's beautiful here." She flashed him a smile.

He blinked. After all this time, he still remembered her smile. How her one front tooth was ever so slightly crooked, how her lips curved up, how a dimple hovered in the corner of her cheek. He'd forgotten many things but never that luminous smile of hers. Why was that? He frowned and shook his head.

"You don't agree?" A puzzled look came over her.

He gave a brief laugh. "I was thinking of something else." And what was he thinking of? He didn't want to be reminded of Grace's smile or Macintyre's or Sydney. He'd left that life behind him for good. He pulled his straying thoughts together and lengthened his stride. The sooner Grace told him why she was here, the sooner he could get rid of her.

Jack's bungalow stood on the very edge of the village, a little apart from everyone else's homes. A bit like Jack himself, Grace thought. He'd always been one to stand out from the crowd. The bungalow, like the others she'd passed along the road, was a simple wooden structure, raised off the ground on stilts, with a thatched roof and generous deck. The outside walls were only built halfway to the roof, topped with screens and roll-up blinds for privacy. He led her onto the front deck and gestured toward a couple of loungers piled with bright cotton cushions.

"Make yourself comfortable. I'll get us something to drink." He disappeared inside.

Grace settled herself on a cushion, glad to be out of the blazing sun. Fishing rods and a well-waxed surfboard leaned against the wall. On the beach just beyond the garden, a couple of canoes lay on the sand. A hammock strung beneath the palm trees rocked in the strengthening breeze that stirred the damp hair at her temples. She breathed in the salty air, only to jerk upright as Jack returned bearing a tray with a jug of iced tea and two tumblers.

She wished he didn't have that effect on her, but she'd been infatuated with him almost from day one, and his mere presence had always unsettled her. Apparently after three years, that hadn't changed, much to her chagrin. It didn't help that her attention was drawn to the muscles in his legs rippling as he sat down, or that she fidgeted as he studied her, as if she were a puzzle to be solved. He had buttoned up his shirt, and she wondered if that was because of her. Good thing, too. She didn't need to be distracted by his abs when she had a delicate task ahead of her.

"Lachlan sent you, didn't he?" He poured a glass of iced tea and passed it to her.

Her hand wobbled slightly. "Yes, he did."

"How did you track me down?"

"It wasn't that hard." She shrugged. "I had to go through the Department of Foreign Affairs. It took a while, but I persisted."


Excerpted from "Baiting the Boss"
by .
Copyright © 2013 Coleen Kwan.
Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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Baiting the Boss 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Grace always has a crush on Jack Macintyre but could never doing anything about it. A few months into her career at Macintyre Corporation Jack has a falling out with his grandfather, the CEO, and drops off the face of the earth. Three years later Jack’s grandfather is getting ready to retire and wants the family company in good hands, so Grace is sent to track down Jack. Grace forgot just how much she liked Jack till she is forced to chase him down and bring him back to Macintyre Corporation, and things start to get dangerous once she finds him. Grace is looking for stability after a childhood without it and Jack threatens everything. Grace and Jack have an undeniable attraction but Jack is just looking for a fling, even though he knows Grace is not that type of girl. Jack was an easy character to love, he had a lot of heartache in his past and doesn’t want to repeat it again. Grace is an honest character, just looking for a place in the world where she’s stable and loved. I really liked the book, it didn’t take me long to read it, and it moved along fairly quickly. My only problem with the book was this end, it felt forced, it was like boom boom DONE! I think the book could have used another 20 pages and an epilogue to really polish off the story and pull everything together. I did receive this book as an ARC for an honest review.
Jasmyn9 More than 1 year ago
Another winner from Entangled Indulgence this month.  Grace has been sent to find her boss's long lost grandson who ran off to a mostly deserted island after a tragic falling out with the family.  But now the family business needs him back and Grace won't give up until she convinces him to at least give it a shot. Jack has demons in his past.  When they erupted into an argument with his grandfather he left and swore never to return.  But Grace has ways of making him see things differently and after spending some time with her on his island, he thinks that maybe returning wouldn't be so bad after all - as long as he gets to return with her. A very touching romance with some fantastic and real characters.  Jack's haunted side comes out when needed, but stays away enough to keep him from being too dark and brooding.  While Grace seems to be full of light and happiness they make for a very interesting and explosive couple.  Jack's family is a great secondary character to help push and pull at the couple the whole time, leaving you wondering at times if they are really going to get their happily ever after or not.
PrissP More than 1 year ago
Wonderful, quick read! I could not put it down! Great, strong characters that hold your attention and make you feel for them.
Tammy_SmutReviewer More than 1 year ago
I wanted to love this one, I really did. Despite being bored, I actually stuck with it and read it all the way to the end. I was hoping at some point that I would connect with Grace or Jack or someone, but it just never happened. I didn't hate it, I just didn't love it. It just falls in the "meh" category. I hate when I can't rave about a book, but sometimes we have to do it. With that said, it had potential. Kind of. I would try a Coleen Kwan novel again, just for curiosity sakes, because some of her books have good ratings. It just wasn't for me. *Copy provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
psee More than 1 year ago
This was the first book I have read by Colleen Kwan and I found it to be enjoyable. The story went along at a nice quick pace and I finished it in less then one day. Kwan's writing style was easy to enjoy and I found the book to be well written.  Grace Owens is responsible for bringing Jack Macintyre, her former boss and crush, back to Sydney and the family. Jack, due to old ghosts, has no desire to return to his grandfather Lachlan and the family company. Along the way chemistry between Grace and Jack intensifies leaving both uncertain about their feelings. I find the story to have a very real feel to it. Nothing seemed forced and the realization of their feelings occurred naturally. My only problem was that once Jack became one with his feelings, his actions seemed to progress too rapidly for me. It gave the story a fairytale type ending and it took away from the realism for me.  Overall, I would recommend the book as it is a stand alone and you get your HEA. I did miss an Epiloge which would have given me the little extra that I love after the HEA.  Thanks to Indulgence Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
sharonc06 More than 1 year ago
I so enjoy the Baiting the Boss by Coleen Kwan. The story is about Grace Owen a loyal employee of Macintyre Corporation.  She has been sent by the head of company to bring back his grandson and her secret crush.  Jack had left three years ago after his wife death and difficult time he had with his grandfather Grace travels the island where Jack has been living for the last year. She will need to convince him to come home. This not an easy task. Especially since Jack is happy where he is.   I love the way Coleen Kwan wrote the story.  I love the interaction between both Grace and Jack.   I liked watching the story of the their relationship unfold.   I love how Grace and Jack have moments from the past times together that is brought to the present.  Moments they shared at one time that seemed to be nothing but in the end meant more.  The story really told a wonderful romance.   I so enjoyed it reading.  It so hard to put this book down. 
Nicola_1202 More than 1 year ago
Having read Coleen's 'Real Men' series from Entangled's Bliss line, I grabbed the chance when given the opportunity to read this as an ARC. She's proven she can give us men to fall in love with and ladies who give them a run for their money, but with the addition of steamy action, well that can only be an added bonus. With a buff, sexy, stubborn Aussie hero who has brains as well as brawn, a sweet-natured, determined lady with a quiet feistiness about her, heat, passion, a beautiful setting and a good storyline, Baiting the Boss was largely a great read. Jack and Grace were so endearing, realistic and easy to love and their chemistry was perfect. But the ending let it down. I had become completely invested in their journey and struggled to put it down, it flowed well and was so easy to read, but it fell at the final hurdle. I just felt that such wonderful characters deserved more than how it was played out and how quickly it was wrapped up. Had it been right, it would've had more stars. Nevertheless, on the whole it's still a fun, sexy, easy-reading romance and I look forward to more from Coleen in the future.
Cheryl-S More than 1 year ago
Jack Macintyre was made was made a widow by tragic accident that he blames himself for. After this tragedy, Jack had a falling out with Lachlan, his grandfather. He quit the family business, cut all ties, and moved from Sydney to Filemu Island. Now, 3 years later, Lachlan wants his grandson back. He sends Jack's former assistant, Grace Owens, to bring him back to Sydney. I truly enjoyed reading this book and had it been longer, it would have been a 5-star read. The chemistry between the characters was amazing. The steamy scenes between Jack and Grace were sizzling! My favorite scene was at Atea Falls. I also felt sorry for Lachlan because even though he's gruff and a bully, he truly loves his grandson. I don't believe he knows any other way to be but he's not too old to change. I love the writing style of Coleen Kwan. This is my first book by this author and I'm very excited to read more. I received a copy of this book for an honest review.
Eve379 More than 1 year ago
I was offered this book in exchange for an honest review. I'm actually really impressed with this book. I've read Coleen Kwan's Real Men series (from Entangled's Bliss line) and thought they were light reads but good. I think Baiting the Boss is better than both of those books. The book starts out with Grace Owens, who's a hard working, devoted employee of Macintyre Corp, on a boat to a small island in the Pacific. She's headed there in an attempt to find and bring home her boss' grandson. Her careers been at a standstill and her boss has promised to look into a transfer if she's able to bring him home. As hard as her task is, she's somewhat excited about it because she's always had a crush on him. Jack Macintyre, grandson of Lachlan Macintyre. He left Macintyre Corp and his whole family behind after suffering a personal loss. It's been 3 years since he had any contact with anyone back in Sydney. He remembers Grace as they had struck up a friendship during the short time they worked together, but has no intention of going back with her. He's pigheaded, and she's stubborn. They begin a test of wills when she tries to convince him to come home, and he tries to convince her to leave the island. I have to say I loved Grace. I loved the fact that she wasn't the cookie cutter weepy heroine. Instead of balling her eyes out when her feelings were hurt she raised her chin and moved on. This book made for a perfect Sunday morning read for me and I stayed in bed until I finished it! One thing I will mention is that Coleen is Australian so there are some words/phrases that some might not understand. Since I've read some of her previous works I knew that a head of time. Luckily it's not so often that it interrupts the enjoyment of it.
busymama49 More than 1 year ago
How far would you go to keep your job and be promoted? Our Grace survives the boat ride from hell to reach her boss's grandson...barely! In addition to being seasick, she has to prepare herself to convince Jack (the grandson) to forget his ongoing disagreement with his grandfather, and please, return to Macintyre Industries. His grandfather is ready to surrender his control on the company and needs him to take over the reigns. I can relate to Grace's dedication and obstinacy to complete the job she has been entrusted to do. She is proud of her history in delivering results to every assignment she has been given. This is the first assignment where she will not be able to deliver results and it will cost her. The scenes between Jack and Grace are well written. This book was enjoyable. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a love affair that runs a slow burn with a happy ending.
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
I got a chance to read Baiting the Boss by Coleen Kwan. I enjoy Coleen's other books, so I was super excited to see she was coming out with a new story. This a fairly fast read, which I happen to enjoy reading. In the story we meet Grace Owens, and she has been working Macintyre Industries for about three years. Well, she was tasked to go find Jack the grandson of the CEO of Macintyre Industries, who happens to be on some tropical island. Jack Macintyre decided to run away from the life he use to live after his wife tragically died. He had no desires to return to Sydney, but he feels like he needs to go back to save Grace from his grandfather. I did enjoy Baiting the Boss. I love the flow of the writing, because it just made the story move along. The story was pretty sweet and nice with a dash of heat. There is a little tension between Jack and Grace, and it all stems from the grandfather. I felt a bit bad for Grace cause she was kind of abuse by Jack and his grandfather. Nothing physical, but more they had selfish tendency and Grace happens to be caught in the middle. Of course we all know everything works out in the end, but it's how they get to the end that matters. So, if you are looking for that sweet romance that is fairly fast, you might want to try Baiting the Boss. Copy provided by publisher
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
grandmareads102 More than 1 year ago
Grace Owens works for Lachlan Macintyre. He sends Grace to find his grandson, Jack, and convince him to return to the family company. That will not be an easy task. These two stubborn men have been estranged for three years. Grace tracks Jack to Filemu Island. As expected he refuses to return and demands that she leave immediately, but Grace is stubborn and decides to stay . What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object? Coleen Kwan has written a passionate romance between an Alpha male who won't let himself be hurt again and a vulnerable woman who wants security and stability. Grace and Jack complete each other and their chemistry is off the charts. Can they overcome their painful past to find happiness together? I was drawn into their romance and wasn't able to put the book down. These characters are filled with so much emotion and passion. I wanted them to find each other. This is the first book I've read by Coleen Kwan but it won't be the last. She has a wonderful writing style. Don't miss Baiting the Boss! I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.