Beautiful Beyond: Christian Songs in Native Languages

Beautiful Beyond: Christian Songs in Native Languages


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Released to roughly coincide with the 2004 opening of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian, this assembles performances of 33 Christian hymns and songs by tribes of various regions, from Native Hawaiian and Hopi to Mohawk, Cherokee, Comanche, Navajo, Sioux, and others. These selections include both translations of traditional Christian songs into Native American languages and original compositions of Christian songs, also in Native American languages. As a social document, this is extremely important, helping to preserve and promote adaptations of religious music for indigenous cultures. Musically it's very diverse, the styles including a cappella solo singing, unison vocalizing, and harmonizing, sometimes unaccompanied, sometimes backed by basic instrumentation (most often guitar and keyboard), sung by men, women, choirs, and children (sometimes together). While the performances are almost always passionate and sometimes stirring, the breadth of approaches covered guarantees that it will be an uneven listening experience, with few listeners possessing a broad enough taste to enjoy everything. At times its primary value is folkloric rather than purely musical, as with the Kykotsmovi Mennonite Church Choir's rendition of "Silent Night" and some of the starker a cappella items. Others, though, project an undeniable beauty and committed spiritualism, whether it's the ghostly Tewa Women's Choir's "Lord Have Mercy" (backed by nothing but far-off piano and percussive rattle), the vibrato of Nalani Olds and Mauliola Aspelund, the rustic Walker Calhoun (backed by banjo), or the Kingfisher Trio's "That Heavenly Home," which might remind some listeners of the casual gospel-folk of artists like Joseph Spence. All of the tracks are quite short, none lasting for more than three and a half minutes and some for less than a minute, ensuring constant stylistic shifts that keep restlessness at bay.

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Release Date: 08/24/2004
Label: Smithsonian Folkways
UPC: 0093074048023
catalogNumber: 40480
Rank: 98717

Album Credits

Performance Credits

James Emery   Choir, Chorus
James Allen   Vocals
Shelly Johnson   Vocals
Alex Lewis   Vocals
Julian Martinez   Vocals
Betty Kingfisher   Vocals
Jack Kingfisher   Guitar,Vocals
Wesley Kingfisher   Vocals
Edward J. Tahhawah   Vocals
Suzy Wills   Vocals
Carter Cornelius   Vocals
Linda Hill   Vocals
Margaret Allen   Vocals
Dorothy Williams   Vocals
Nancy Brown   Vocal Harmony
Andrien Watkins   Vocals
Beverly Thompson   Vocals
Lori Miller   Vocals
Karen Willis   Vocals
Harvey Williams   Vocals
Dori Grayson   Vocals
Sandy Frazier   Vocals
Karen Williams   Vocals
Rose Johnson   Vocals
Milt Noel   Vocals
Clarence "Blind Lemon" Jefferson   Vocals
Lucille Aitson   Vocals
Maxine Aitson   Vocals
Rev. Thomas A. Andrew   Vocals
Theresa Andrew   Vocals
Predad C. Antoine   Vocals
Dorothy Mae Armenta   Vocals
Mildred Ashalintubbi   Vocals
Agnes Ashepak   Vocals
Holly Backwater   Vocals
Lorene Ballard   Vocals
Austin Battiest   Vocals
Barbara Battiest   Vocals
Patricia Benedict   Vocals
Lula M. Bidtah   Vocals
Doris Bilagody   Vocals
Carolyn Bohanan   Vocals
Juanita Boyd   Vocals
Marcus M. Boyd   Vocals
Margie Broberg   Vocals
Mark Brown   Guitar
Caroline Buffalomeat   Vocals
Gertrude T. Calvert   Vocals
Lena Cata   Vocals
Rosalind Cata   Vocals
Christina Catron   Vocals
Annie Chalepah   Vocals
Lyman Choate   Vocals
Rita Cockrum   Vocals
Mae Cole   Vocals
Arlene Collins   Vocals
Rebecca Cook   Vocals
Ben Corneilous   Vocals
Everett Corneilous   Vocals
Frank Corneilous   Vocals
Terry A. Corneilous   Vocals
Pawnee Crabtree   Vocals
Heather Crittenden   Vocals
Josie Cornelius Daebler   Vocals
Anna Dale   Vocals
Betty Dennison   Vocals
Arlie Doxtator   Vocals
Melinda Doxtator   Vocals
Prudy Doxtator   Vocals
Louise Dreadfulwater   Vocals
Gloria Dudley   Vocals
Ellen Emery   Vocals
Hopan Emery   Choir, Chorus
Steve Emery   Choir, Chorus
Russell Feeling   Vocals
Shirley Feeling   Vocals
Sinaklin Forbit   Leader,Vocals
Elizabeth Francis   Vocals
Reannon Frazier   Vocals
Patricia M. Gaines   Vocals
Melvin L. Gaines   Vocals
Felicita M. Garcia   Vocals
Mary M. Garcia   Vocals
Dyrene "Jitter" Garfield   Vocals
Amanda Give   Vocals,Soloist
Martha Grow   Vocals
Paige Haines   Vocals,Soloist
Judith Hampton   Vocals
Christina Hanvey   Vocals
Delores Harragarra   Vocals
John Haumpy   Leader,Vocals
Marlene Haumpy   Vocals
Michelle Hill   Vocals
Eva M. Hogue   Vocals
Genevieve Holt   Vocals
Carrie Horse   Vocals
Donald Horse   Vocals
Sandy Houston   Vocals
Oxenia Isaac   Vocals
Nicholai Isaac   Vocals
Louise Ishcomer   Vocals
Twilla Jarvis   Vocals
Leo B. Jefferson   Vocals
Vanessa John   Vocals
Elidia Johnson   Vocals
Lorene Kerchee   Vocals
Leslie Ketcher   Vocals
Roserita Kidd   Vocals
Devon Kirby   Vocals
Bernice Lazore   Vocals
Amelia Lewis   Piano,Vocals
Bessie Long   Vocals
Gail Long   Vocals
Garfield Long   Vocals
Theresa Long   Vocals
Libby Marcus   Drums,Vocals
Sherry Martin   Vocals
Querina B. Martinez   Keyboards,Vocals
D.J. McCarter   Vocals
Frances McCarter   Vocals
Esther McKinney   Vocals
Janis McKinney   Vocals
John McKinney   Vocals
Karl McKinney   Vocals
Betty McLester   Vocals
Gordon McLester   Vocals
Sylvia Medina   Vocals
Yvonne Monetathchi   Vocals
Sukie Wilnetta Monoessy   Vocals
Marian Montoya   Vocals
Diana Mouse   Vocals
Ida Mae Murdock   Vocals
Thelma Myron   Vocals
Elena Nicolai   Vocals
Rev. Martin Nicolai   Vocals
Haley Noe   Vocals
Holly Noe   Vocals
Patricia Owen   Vocals
Bonita Paddyeker   Vocals
Mary Ann Padilla   Vocals
Cheryl Pewewardy   Vocals
Harold Pewewardy   Vocals
Lynna Pewewardy   Vocals
Nico Pewewardy   Vocals
Tracy Pickup   Vocals
Vincent Pocowatchit   Vocals
Mary Polacca   Vocals
Lois Powless   Vocals
Ashley Proctor   Vocals
Pearl Reid   Vocals
Martin "Mush" Robinson   Vocals
Carole LaFrance Ross   Vocals
Megan Ross   Vocals
Peggy Faith Sanders   Vocals
Ramoncita C. Sandoval   Vocals
Sandra Sault   Vocals
Kinsey Shade   Vocals
Kayla Sharp   Vocals
Ryan Sierra   Vocals
Delores Skenandore   Vocals
Yvonne Skenandore   Vocals
Selena Smoke   Vocals
Alice Sorrelhorse   Vocals
Amos Steele   Vocals
Eveline Steele   Vocals
Wilda Storey   Vocals
Edward Jerome Tahhahwah   Vocals
Kateri "Kathleen" Thompson   Vocals
Sallie Kerchee Tonips   Vocals
Fred Tsoodle   Leader,Vocals
Peggy Tsoodle   Vocals
Stella T. Vigil   Vocals
Ruby Wade   Vocals
Mark Wauahdooah   Vocals
Susan Wenster Lemens   Vocals
Minerva White   Vocals
Cleland Willis   Vocals
Derek Willis   Vocals
Dorothy Willis   Vocals
Arlene "Ardei" Yazzie   Vocals
Harding Yazzie   Vocals
Rosie Yazzie   Vocals
Lottie Yoyokie   Vocals
Marvin Yoyokie   Vocals
Zelda Yoyokie   Vocals

Technical Credits

Joanne Shenandoah   Producer
Steve Bell   Design Supervisor
Billy Brady   Engineer
Steve Emery   Engineer
Mike Fisher   Engineer
Dave Goodermuth   Engineer
Jim Robeson   Engineer
John Tyler   Engineer
Tom Wasinger   Producer,Engineer
Howard Bass   Producer,Engineer,Liner Notes
Michael Kline   Engineer
W. Richard West   Liner Notes
Joseph Philbrick Webster   Composer
Public Domain   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Edward Wapp Wahpeconiah   Liner Notes
Robert "Jake" Jacobs   Engineer
Nancy Bratton   Cover Design
Gerald L. Hill   Liner Notes
Harriet Lafrance   translation
Jack Loeffler   Engineer
D.J. McCarter   Director
Terence Winch   Executive Producer

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