Beginners Guide to Metal Detecting

Beginners Guide to Metal Detecting

by Julian Evan-Hart

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This best-selling book is both aimed at the beginner and someone who is perhaps considering taking up metal detecting. However it also contains information that the more experienced detectorist may find very useful. After a combined 70 years metal detecting Dave Stuckey and I decided that we had a large amount of research information that allowed us in most cases to quickly assess the potential of areas to search. Why should everyone else have to wait that long to get the same benefits as we had? We simply had to share it all. Who would guess that a flock of regularly appearing birds might just reveal the site of a long lost Roman villa or perhaps that cluster of molehills could be the site of a Georgian manor house? Why on earth is it useful to check rabbit burrows or the tunnelling activities of other creatures? Are changes in the texture and colour of soil important when looking for new sites? Those pieces of twisted metal you have just found might actually pin point the site of a crashed wartime aeroplane. Remember sometimes the most plain and dull appearing of areas can be withholding huge amounts of hidden history just waiting for you to uncover it. How certain types of trees and plants can reveal what happened in the past. How the presence of ducks and other water-birds can reveal ancient hidden water-filled earthworks. Using Google Earth to locate potential search areas that could be worth investigating. As well as some of the pitfalls in interpretation of signs that can be encountered. One such case being where gamekeepers place pheasant breeding pens and then remove them. The markings left in the ground or grassland can look like crop marks of an ancient building. This book enables you to become a true landscape detective, it arms you with facts and details which will hopefully encourage you to progress and become highly successful. Just like a forensic examination every investigative factor is covered here, what might it reveal for you? Written in an “easy read” style that will appeal to someone who is just starting school to those of us of a more advanced age. Included in the text are numerous high quality colour illustrations of finds set out in chronological Age sections as well as typical landscape scenes. Any field can be deceptive; some of our sites yield next to nothing one year and then the year afterwards are veritably heaving with coins and artefacts. So always make several visits over the years as you never know what lies hidden there:- another Hoxne Hoard or magnificent Anglo Saxon treasure could just be waiting for you and your metal detector. This quality publication is perhaps that ideal Christmas or birthday present, or indeed anytime gift for that person in your life you know is, or could well become very interested in metal detecting.

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About the Author

was born in 1962 in Hertfordshire. Ever since I was but a small boy I have had a fascination with collecting things. When I was younger it was anything from small rodent skulls, owl pellets to a curious shaped stone, It seems according to members of my family that I was always the little kid armed with a net investigating rock pools whilst on holiday- terrorising people with decaying crab legs and a whole host of other fascinating collectables. However it was back in the early 1970's that I first heard of and then actually encountered an individual using something which looked most intriguing. It was called a metal detector. How I longed to find a Roman coin like this individual had showed me but it would be some considerable time before I could purchase such a metal locating device of my own. Now after all these years I still simply relish the honour of being able to handle ancient antiquities and coins from bygone ages. In 2003 I co-authored the best-selling book “The Beginners Guide to Metal Detecting” and of course I still write regular metal detecting articles for Treasure Hunting Magazine.

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