Behind The Flying Saucers -- The Truth About The Aztec UFO Crash - Updated Edition

Behind The Flying Saucers -- The Truth About The Aztec UFO Crash - Updated Edition

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This book contains Bonus Section: TRUTH ABOUT AZTEC UFO CRASH By Sean Casteel!

The CONSPIRACY JOURNAL is very proud to offer this expanded version of perhaps the most seminal book in the history of the unexplained . . . a case that now stands right beside the UFO crash at Roswell, MN for its credibility and veracity. For years the Aztec case was spurned by serious researchers who did not have access to all the information now available on the crash.

In addition to reprinting the entire, unabridged, text to the rare 50s Scully book (reset in an easy to read, "large print," large format edition) journalist Sean Casteel has dug deep to provide the reader with an updated account of what really happened outside this isolated desert town near the Four Corners. His up to date research on Aztec includes material supplied by such outstanding researchers as NICK REDFERN -- STANTON FRIEDMAN -- ART CAMPBELL -- SCOTT and SUZANNE RAMSEY.

AN IMPORTANT RE-EXAMINATION OF AN HISTORICAL UFO CASE! - - - Were 16 alien bodies recovered from a dome-shaped device that crashed near the town of Aztec, New Mexico circa 1948? . . . Why does the FBI continue to withhold 200 pages of classified material on the case for alleged "national security reasons?" . . . Was the incident covered up with a camouflaged "front story" presided over by con men and scam artists, who were perhaps in the government's "back pocket?" . . . Did President Eisenhower make contact with aliens around the same time, thus adding weight to this and other UFO crash cases?

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Publication date: 05/04/2011
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Behind The Flying Saucers -- The Truth About The Aztec UFO Crash - Updated Edition 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Frank Scully¿s ¿Behind the Flying Saucers¿ was originally published in 1950 and became an instant bestseller. It was the first nonfiction hardback book published on the then quite new subject of crashed UFOs and holds up very well today after the passage of nearly 60 years. ¿Behind The Flying Saucers,¿ which has recently been reprinted by Timothy Green Beckley at Global Communications, tells the complicated story of the crash of a flying saucer in Aztec, New Mexico, in March of 1948. The ship itself was largely undamaged, but the dead bodies of 14 to 16 small aliens were reported to have been found alongside the spacecraft. The aliens were described as being like ¿little men,¿ similar to the grays of our own time, which was unusual in an age when contactees would soon after be regaling the media with visits by blonde, human-looking Venusians. Scully, a reporter at the time for Hollywood¿s ¿Variety¿ newspaper, came by his information in what would prove to be a controversial way. Screen legend Linda Darnell and her husband, cinematographer Peverly Marley, urged him to contact a wealthy oil man named Silas Newton, who had a story for Scully that he shouldn¿t pass up. Newton was well-known among the denizens of Hollywood, as was Scully, who had inspired trust in all the celebrities he wrote about for ¿Variety.¿ Scully met with Newton, as Darnell had recommended, and was impressed enough by Newton¿s story and the testimony of a scientist named ¿Dr. Gee¿ to give the Aztec crash story a book-length treatment. Things seemed to be going rather well for Scully as he reaped enormous book sales and brought the truth of crashed UFOs to a public eager to learn more about the mysterious craft appearing in our skies with alarming regularity. But a couple of years after the publication of ¿Behind The Flying Saucers,¿ a reporter from ¿The San Francisco Chronicle,¿ J.P. Cahn, who had jealously tried to buy Scully¿s story from him before the book¿s publication, wrote an expose for ¿True Magazine¿ in which he ¿revealed¿ that Silas Newton was an out and out conman and the mysterious ¿Dr. Gee¿ was really his partner-in-crime Leo GeBauer. The arguments about the ultimate truth of the Aztec crash story rage on to this day. Was Scully deceived by a pair of conmen who were attempting to sell a method of discovering oil by using recovered alien technology? Or did the pair of unsuspecting swindlers ironically stumble on to something real, in spite of their shady past, which they felt compelled to announce to the world using Scully as a mouthpiece? One of the experts interviewed for the introduction/update to the reprint of ¿Behind The Flying Saucers,¿ Nick Redfern, has collected around 600 pages of declassified files on Scully, Newton and GeBauer from the FBI, the Army and the Air Force. (The mass of documentation easily dwarfs the amount of material available on Roswell.) Redfern readily admits that Newton and GeBauer were indeed less than completely honest in their business dealings, according to the files, but also notes that 200 pages on Leo GeBauer were withheld for National Security reasons. That seems a little unusual if we¿re dealing here with only an oil field swindler.