Behind the Tower of Babel

Behind the Tower of Babel

by Steve Preston


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Have you ever wondered if the Tower of Babel Story was about a real thing? Certainly, many scientists and historians try not to confirmed its existence but according to many, people were simply too dumb to have created such a thing 6 thousand years ago. If we believe the scientists, we must not believe the Biblical history. Well! By many pieces of evidence, the Tower did exist and therefore scientists are keeping things from you. This book tells you a more truthful history that does not throw religion under the bus nor does it disregard substantial amounts of information that convince us that the people before the Stone Age were smarter and more civilized than we are today. The tower was built and many died during its destruction during what the Indian Text called the Bharata War. You may not want to know about this period in our history, but you had better find out about it anyway.

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Publication date: 04/04/2014
Pages: 232
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