Being An Agile Leader-Manager - Practical skills to handle people challenges in today's world of work

Being An Agile Leader-Manager - Practical skills to handle people challenges in today's world of work

by Catherine Joyce


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Managing other people at work is a challenge for every're not alone!
Are you a practical person but need step-by-step tools to manage others? Want to handle other people's expectations more effectively? Succeed with tricky conversations? Facing resistance to new solutions, new processes or even simple ideas? Want to improve the performance of others? In each chapter, Catherine takes you through a different topic: with exercises, stories and tips to dip into and expand your management skills. If you are a new manager there are practical and useful ways to help you be more effective. If you are an experienced manager there are new processes to learn and fresh strategies to explore. Either way, this book will help you be more agile and deal more effectively with others, be they your employees, your boss, your clients, JV partners or colleagues.

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ISBN-13: 9781784520793
Publisher: Panoma Press Limited
Publication date: 01/18/2016
Pages: 248
Sales rank: 766,634
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.52(d)

About the Author

Catherine is a highly experienced, qualified consultant, facilitator and executive coach with over 20 years’ experience in corporate life. She specialises in helping develop leaders and managers in such a way that they can significantly increase their confidence, competence and impact in the organisations that employ them. She has extensive experience with intact and virtual teams, coaching directors and senior managers in a range of industries. Working with blue chip companies in the areas of leadership, change and management development, she especially enjoys working with individuals, teams and large groups who are in the process of business change and those who want to grow and develop their leader-managers.

Table of Contents

What you want
In this book
In essence
Sayings that this book encapsulates
Chapter 1: The Three Generations at Work
Changing times
Baby Boomers
Generation X
Generation Y
Generation Z
Tips on how to manage the three generations
Retention: The challenge for employers and managers
Maximising the potential of all
Ten tips for leader-managers (L-Ms) who are managing the three generations at work
In essence
Chapter 2: Being a Leader-Manager (L-M) Today
Quick history lesson
The reluctant manager
Defining the Leader-Manager roles
Maximising the ‘potential’ of having leader-managers
Exercise - Assessing yourself as a L-M
Beneath-the-surface drivers
Exercise - What invigorates you?
In essence
Chapter 3: Managing Expectations
WHY explicitly discuss and manage expectations?
WHEN to have the managing expectations conversation
WHAT is the psychological contract?
Activity – take an A4 sheet of paper
HOW: Discussing and managing expectations
Activity – take an A4 sheet of paper
Traps to avoid when discussing and managing expectations
In essence
Chapter 4: Think and Plan Before You Act
Be prepared for the unexpected
Seven strategies to help you be more effective
Encourage consistent behaviours
Maintain standards
Be assertive
Align actions with bigger plan/objectives
Communicate the why!
Doing your preparation
In essence
Chapter 5: Understanding Resistance to Change
From resistance to acceptance
Where resistance most commonly occurs in the organisation
Recognising the forms of push back
Three underlying types of resistance
Common reasons for resistance to change
Five stages of resistance to change
Who is resisting?
Preparing to deal with resistance – ask and answer
Twenty ways to create a climate of change acceptance
In essence
Chapter 6: Managing Good Performance and Underperformance
Why manage performance effectively and confidently?
Activity – engaging your team
Taking action: praise/recognition v acknowledgement/appreciation
Before you give praise or recognition consider this…
Delivering praise, recognition, appreciation
Setting people up for performance success
Managing underperformance
What is underperformance?
Useful skills for managing performance
Actively promoting good performance
Ten top tips for managing underperformance
In essence
Chapter 7: How to Be an Effective Leader-Manager
Understanding yourself and how you can best contribute
Three useful beliefs
Collaborative business relationships BS11000
In essence
Chapter 8: Conversations for Employee Engagement
Employee engagement and motivation
A word about motivation
Conversations for: Clarity
Realignment of performance
In essence
Chapter 9: Handling Difficult ‘Courageous’ Conversations
Conversation for clarity and performance
Why handle difficult conversations?
The power of how you think
A Guided Pathway: A process for constructive Courageous Conversations: before, during and after
Start with the end in mind: Use the 3-Stage, 7-Step Process
3-7: The Courageous Conversation Pathway:
CHECKLIST for your 3-7: Courageous Conversation
Overcoming the barriers to holdingCourageous Conversations
Twenty things to BE when handling Courageous Conversations
In essence
Chapter 10: Effectiveness – Getting it in the muscle
Plan, rehearse, practice
The Forgetting Curve
Knowing is not the same as doing
Getting it in the muscle
In essence
Final Thoughts
Author Biography

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