Believe in God but Not in Religion!

Believe in God but Not in Religion!

by Lakshmi Narayan

Paperback(Revised & Enlarged Edition)

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In certain circumstances and in certain moods ideas flashed before my mind that there is something otherwise than dictation of Organized Religion. The wonderful 'Hyman of Creation" of Rig Veda-'one of the oldest surviving records of philosophic doubt in the history of the world marks the development of high stage of abstract thinking.' gives heat and light and also opened vista of ideas of the book.

Believe in God or in Absolute, but not to believe in Organized Religion-which is not natural but is man-made, that not having 'Global Order and Oneness Principle.' We need such Religion which should give light, that light should show the path, that light should bring us from darkness to dawn of life and spirituality.

Let the intellectuals of the world prepare background so that farce and cheater Organized Religion should go. Let the mighty minds think seriously about dangerous consequences of Organized Religion; consider its delusions, and come with a mission to make Universal Religion. Appreciated by Oxford University, British Library London, Oxford University Press Oxford and Hon'ble President of India Mr. A P J Abdul Kalam; in present spiritual crisis, book may be useful for impartial observers, academicians, interesting for general readers.

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Publication date: 11/28/2005
Edition description: Revised & Enlarged Edition
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