Beneath an Italian Sky

Beneath an Italian Sky

by Stacy Henrie

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A love match turns into a lonely marriage. Will Clare and Emmett reconcile their differences before it's too late?

American heiress Clare Herschel made what she hoped was a love match when she married the handsome, witty Emmett Markham, the Earl of Linwood. A little over a year into her marriage, though, Clare finds herself wintering in Sicily—alone. She is sure the mild climate is the answer to avoiding another miscarriage and Emmett's apparent indifference, so she's determined to remain in Italy as long as possible. The last person she expects to show up at the villa is her husband, especially when Emmett confesses he's there to convince her to return to England.

As the only surviving son of a marquess, Emmett has done everything his father has asked of him—even agreeing to run for a seat in the House of Commons. However, this latest task comes with a nearly impossible caveat. He must convince his wife Clare to come back to England with him in order for them to appear to be a happy couple for his political campaigning. Emmett isn't confident Clare will agree to the plan, though, not when she seems to want nothing to do with him or the life they'd begun building before she abruptly left him for Italy.

When a massive earthquake strikes Messina, Sicily, claiming the lives of thousands, Clare and Emmett must set aside their mutual misgivings about their marriage in order to survive and lend a helping hand to others. But in the wake of the destruction, they begin to realize they've been given a chance to decide if their love is stronger than the upheavals of the past.

Night at the Opera
Beneath an Italian Sky
Among Sand and Sunrise (October 2019)

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BN ID: 2940161177495
Publisher: Mirror Press, LLC
Publication date: 04/23/2019
Series: An American Heiress , #2
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 13,571
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About the Author

Stacy Henrie is a USA Today bestselling author specializing in inspirational historical romances. Her book, Hope at Dawn, was a 2015 RITA Award finalist for excellence in romance. Born and raised in the West, she received her degree from Brigham Young University in public relations. She currently resides in Utah with her family where she enjoys reading, interior decorating, and chocolate. For more information, please visit

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Beneath an Italian Sky 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous 27 days ago
good clean story
Austen-Heyer-fan 10 months ago
Beneath an Italian Sky by Stacie Henry (3.5 stars) The story of a young married couple who are struggling against familial expectations, grief and miscommunication. They survive the Messina, Italy earthquake and that event is the start of their journey of reconciliation. The author did thorough research and was able to recreate the quake in detail. So very tragic. The relationship of the couple is definitely a journey of growth and learning of to communicate effectively. It’s a very good story, well-written and mostly period authentic. It has an HEA and leaves you with a smile. I will admit that it’s not a genre I usually choose - I prefer the romance to be pre-marriage. But it held more meaningful interactions and more authentic romantic tension than any pre-marriage story could have. I’ll also admit that I did get a bit fed up with the miscommunication. Some things could have been cleared up so easily! I guess it’s real life though, when, rather than just talk things through, people assume they know the other’s thoughts/motivations and the chasm of miscommunication opens wider and wider. *poor, **ok, ***good, ****very good, *****something special
mara1108 11 months ago
A marriage of love turns lonely only a couple of years later. Can they find a second chance at love while dealing with the aftermath of a devastating earthquake? I loved this story and was thrilled when Emmett finally decided to listen to the wise counsel his grandfather had given him as a young boy, "You have your own unique strengths, Emmett. Different than your father's or mine or anyone else's. God knows what they are. And He will help you and place you in situations to learn them for yourself." I inwardly cheered when Emmett became his own person--when he quit trying to live up to the unrealistic expectations of his father, and competing with a brother who died before Emmett was born. Poor Clare suffered through 2 miscarriages feeling alone in her mourning and grief. Her husband's family wasn't very welcoming and treated her as if she married Emmett only for his title, although they didn't mind using her money to restore their estate. Add in their continued friendship with a (jealous) woman who had hoped to marry Emmett, and Clare was rightfully feeling insecure about her husband's feelings for her. I like that the chapters told both Emmett and Clare's points of view, and enjoyed the flashbacks telling us the story how they met and fell in love. I especially enjoyed reading the parts that take place after the earthquake because that's when Clare and Emmett show their true selves, and their kindness towards others shines. Taking care of their friends, taking in the orphaned girl, helping the villagers affected by the earthquake, etc. It took quite awhile (and a lot of yelling at them on my part) before Emmett and Clare finally talked about all the things that should've already been discussed--Emmett's true feelings about the miscarriages, why Clare suddenly left England and went to Italy. I'm glad all of that was taken care of before Emmett's parents unexpectedly arrived in Italy, and I was beyond thrilled when Emmett found his backbone and stood up to his father. It was long past due. I loved this wonderful historical romance.
momisreading More than 1 year ago
What a compelling book! The setting of the earthquake and it's aftermath was heartrending. The circumstances brought about real growth in the characters, both individually and together. Emmett and Claire were a love match, but had grown apart through misunderstandings and lack of communication. I was grateful to learn about that part of their relationship through the flashbacks. I felt like I really got to know them and better understand their journey. I loved watching them come together again during such a trying time. It wasn't easy, but they got there. I loved their story! I received a complimentary copy of the book, which I voluntarily reviewed. I have given my honest opinion.
AE2 More than 1 year ago
Emmett Markham, the Earl of Linwood, thought he'd made a love match with American heiress Clare Herschel, but when he finds that she has traveled to Sicily without him, he wonders if she actually cares for him. His father, who wants him to run for a seat in the House of Commons, insists that Emmett needs to bring her home and present the image of a happy family on his campaign trail, so he heads to Sicily, not knowing why Clare left or what it will take to bring her back. After two miscarriages, Clare is afraid to lose another pregnancy, so when her doctor suggests a warmer climate might help her avoid another miscarriage, she heads to Sicily. Since Emmett has seemed indifferent to their previous losses, she can't bear to tell him of their pregnancy. When Emmett arrives in Sicily, Clare doesn't know what to think--and she doesn't have time to sort out her feelings before an earthquake strikes. Working together to help those around them, Clare and Emmett find that maybe their marriage can be a happy one after all. The historical setting for this story was so interesting. It was fascinating to see details of the earthquake and its aftermath. I also really liked how the story alternated between the past (letting us see Clare and Emmett's happy courtship and then the decline of their marriage) and the present. I found Clare and Emmett to be well-developed, with good reasons for the choices they make. This was just a really gripping story, and I really enjoyed it. I read an ARC provided by the publisher. All opinions are my own.
Heidi_Reads More than 1 year ago
Clare and Emmett are a sweet couple and I enjoyed getting to know them as they struggle through obstacles separately and together. They have an affectionate rapport and gentle banter, but when it comes to communicating their more difficult feelings or sharing about their past, they have more to learn. Their experiences in Italy draw them closer together, but also brings their hidden conflicts to the surface for them to deal with. Emmett's family dynamics are a source of unhappiness for them both, especially his father's rigid expectations. Hope for her new pregnancy makes Clare stand up for herself more than she had in the past, and I appreciated seeing Emmett's growth as he becomes his own man and the leader of his family. The historical details were intriguing and I was especially moved by the scenes of the earthquake and the devastation there at the turn of the century. (I received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own)
MoniqueD More than 1 year ago
How had it come to that? Only twenty months before, meeting Emmett Markham, the Earl of Linwood, had brought such joy in Clare's life. An American heiress coming from trade had few chances of making a good match in New York, so Clare Herschel and her mother had traveled all the way to England. Snagging the son of a marquess had never entered Clare's mind; it was Emmett, the man, who had enchanted her. Emmett's father wanted his son to marry money, and Lord Hadwell was pleased with his son's choice. Emmett couldn't believe his luck: he never thought his father would approve of the woman he loved. But months went by and still there was no heir. After Clare's two miscarriages, she left for Sicily, hoping the milder climate would help her heal. Emmett didn't seem to care; had their love been just an illusion? When Emmett arrived in Italy without warning, Clare should have been pleased. Instead seeing that Emmett was only doing his father's bidding angered her. The marquess wants Emmett to seek a seat in Parliament, thus bring back his wife to England. Appearances, and all that. Before they even have time to talk things over, an earthquake hits Messina, and survival becomes paramount. With the story alternating between past and present, we go through the gamut of emotions and I felt it was the ideal way to understand what Clare and Emmett go through. The earthquake in Messina did happen in 1908 and provides an ideal backdrop to showcase the couple's growth. Ms. Henrie knows how to hold her reader captive and maintain a steady pace, all the while keeping a healthy balance between the light and the dark. BENEATH AN ITALIAN SKY is a fascinating and heartwrenching look at how a happy marriage can crumble under the weight of expectations. It is a true second chance romance, but I believe it will have many of us taking a closer look at ourselves. This was a very difficult book for me to review. I think I am just too overwhelmed to express my feelings properly, so I will leave it to you to judge how fabulous BENEATH AN ITALIAN SKY is.