Best Keep Quiet, and Not Talk About That! and Take What You Know and Heard, to the Grave!

Best Keep Quiet, and Not Talk About That! and Take What You Know and Heard, to the Grave!

by Derrick D. Calloway

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For over a century, some of these detailed reports have remained hidden and I pray that all of these things would be opened with all respect to the people that were involved and the things we have gained and achieved in these United States. Even though I havent found the real truth about Charlie and his wife Mary, someone would read the book Best Keep Quiet and Lets Not Talk About That! and tell the story that was told to them in their family and us as a family could come together without being ashamed of the past fears of those who came before us. Let us try and mend the hurt and pain and come to the truth about the past. This is to the Callaway or Calloway family, the Williams family, the Hurt family, and English family, and those whom I may not know as well. Your family stories could shed a little light on the mystery that I have come to. I have loved trying to figure out this mystery while traveling through Clarke County, Oglethorpe County, Greene County, Wilkes County, Terrell, Colquitt, and many others as well. I came across lips that were sealed for one reason or another. My wife and I have entered and sat in many courthouses in Tennessee; Washington, D.C.; Alabama; and many others and still came to the same conclusionnothing and always a dead end! The book and my research have lifted my reasoning and understanding to the fact that we as a people of color have a great history that is well hidden under the scrutiny of local, state and Federal government for some reason or another. Either because of pride and or shame or whatever, these lies have kept men and women, both blacks and whites pitted against each other because of the hidden history in the South! Black men and black women living as whites and white men and white women living as if they are black! Lies and more lies!

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