Better Than Mama

Better Than Mama

by Michelle Griffin


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What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you want to be just like your Mama or Daddy? Well its almost career day, and Molly has to find out what she wants to be someday! Follow Molly May as she discovers that there are no limits to what she can be!

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ISBN-13: 9781481714730
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 02/13/2013
Pages: 24
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.06(d)

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Better Than MaMa

By Michelle Griffin


Copyright © 2013 Michelle Griffin
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4817-1473-0

Chapter One

Molly May raced off the bus and into the house. "Mama! Mama! It's almost career day! I have to figure out what to say. I have to figure out what I want to be someday!" Molly yelled excitingly. "What should I be, Mama? I want to be just like you!" Laughing, Mrs. May said, "Calm down, Molly." Molly replied, "I do, I do, I want to be a nurse just like you!" Mrs. May looked at Molly with a smile and said, "You can be what ever you want to be, as long as you promise to be better than me." A puzzled look was on Molly's face as she responded, "What do you mean better than you, Mama? You are the best nurse I know. You help people feel well, so being just like you would be swell! How can I be a better nurse than, you?" So, Mrs. May responded, "There are plenty of things you can do. You can be a nurse and do what I do, or you can be a nurse practitioner, or even own your own nursing agency and you can be the boss of you!" Then Molly questioned, "Nurse prac ... tish ... ner?

Be my own boss? I love it, I love it, but ... what else could I be?"

"There are plenty of paths for you to pursue. Just ask around and see what our neighbors do. You don't have to choose just one career, for you can do any and everything you want to do." Mrs. May told her.

Molly waved as she raced next door. "I'll go to Ms. Tido's house first! Bye Mama!"

"Ms. Tido! Ms. Tido!" Molly joyfully yelled. "Yes, Molly? Yes, Molly?" Ms. Tido answered. "Guess what! Guess what! We are having career day at school next week! Mama said that I could talk to you and see what you do. I want to be just like you!" Ms. Tido laughed and said, "Molly would you like a snack before we chat?" "Yes, yes, yes!" Molly said as she sat down for her tasty snack. Pineapples, grapes, and strawberries were Molly's favorite. "Yum, yum, yum. I love fruit! Ms. Tido, what do you do?" Molly asked as she ate her fruit. "Well Molly, I do what I love to do! I help people look beautiful, just like you! I am a make-up artist and I enjoy it every day." With a huge grin on her face, Molly exclaimed, "I want to be a make-up artist too! I want to be just like you!" Laughing at Molly's excitement, Ms. Tido replied, "Molly, you can be better than me! What do you like to do?" Molly looked up and said, "I like playing dress up and my dolls like it too!" Ms. Tido replied, "There you have it! You can be a celebrity stylist and help other people dress up too!" Molly looked puzzled. "A ce ... le ... bur ... tee stylist? Dress up other people too? I love it, I love it! That's what I'll do! I will pick out their clothes and jewelry just like me and my dolls do! I'm going to tell Mama! Bye Ms. Tido!" "Wait Molly," Ms. Tido stopped, "Go talk to Mrs. Loren and see what she does." "Great! I will go there now! Bye Ms. Tido!" Molly raced out of Ms. Tido's yard and across the street to Mrs. Loren's house.

"Mrs. Loren! Mrs. Loren!" Molly yelled as she knocked on her neighbor's door. "What is it Molly! Are you okay?" Mrs. Loren asked as she opened the door. "Yes, I'm great! I have to find out what I want to be someday! What do you do Mrs. Loren? I want to do what you do! I want to be just like you!" Molly said full of energy. "Well Molly," Mrs. Loren said, "I am a writer!" Molly looked amazed and said, "A writer, a writer! That's what I'll be! I like to write, so being a writer would be a delight!" Mrs. Loren laughed and replied, "Oh Molly May! You can be a writer too! Just promise to be better than me!" Molly's face looked puzzled. "How can I be a better writer than you?" So Mrs. Loren continued, "You can be a freelance writer, a magazine editor, an author, or even create your own magazine! You can write movie scripts too!" Molly paused, then replied, "A free ... lands ... writer? A magazine editor? An author? My own magazine? Write a movie script? I love it! I love it!" Molly jumped up and raced to the door, "I'm going to tell Mama!" Mrs. Loren stopped Molly as she made her way to the door, "Molly stop by Ms. Lovey's house next door and see what she does!" Molly rushed out the house waving, "Bye, Mrs. Loren!"


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