Better: The Fundamentals of Leadership

Better: The Fundamentals of Leadership

by Tim Stevenson


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Every significant group accomplishment -- and failure -- in the history of the world can be traced back to leadership. Leaders make things happen. Ideally, leaders make things BETTER.Organizations constantly search for quality leaders, but finding and developing them remains a perpetual challenge. Helpful insights and practical applications for leaders are widely available, but where can you find a comprehensive presentation of the basics of leadership itself, showing from the beginning what it takes to lead effectively?In BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership, Tim Stevenson systematically presents the ABCs of leadership, those things that must be known and applied by everyone, from the beginner to the advanced leader. Whether you lead an entire organization or a small team, you will learn what you must know and do if you want others to follow you.Tim draws from his extensive coaching and training experience to present clear principles illustrated by vivid real-life people stories and memorable illustrations. His writing style is conversational and easy-going, making this book a stimulating and inspiring read.BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership challenges many of the common assumptions of organizations today, particularly how leaders are chosen. Commonly, a person's professional competence (knowledge & skills) is considered sufficient qualification for leadership, but the high rate of leadership failures demonstrates that something is wrong. Tim Stevenson contends in BETTER that personal conduct (behavior) is just as important, if not more so.The rule of thumb is that many executives rise to leadership on the basis of their professional competence, but fail because they fall short in managing the people side of their roles. BETTER clearly outlines what kind of behaviors are required for leadership success, and provides clear guidance for anyone in a leading role.The book is divided into three parts:Part I consists of three chapters which form the foundation for this investigation, beginning with the elementary question, "What is a leader?" Also addressed is whether or not a particular temperament is necessary, and what is required to win followers.Part II presents the requirements of effective leadership in 10 Leadership Propositions. These are ten assertions explaining essential qualities and practices for successful, long-term leadership. They lay out the cost required in order to lead and awareness needed for the leader's journey.Part III shares insights from an executive coach's perspective and valuable equipment for moving ahead in leadership. These final three chapters present helpful tools for conducting a leadership self-evaluation, making desired behavioral changes, doing essential self-maintenance, and setting and protecting boundaries.Each chapter in the book is followed by a summary of take-aways called "Leading Insights" to help crystallize and capture its major applications.BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership shares wisdom and applicable principles for leaders at the highest levels of organizations. At the same time, it can be given to young people at the starting line of their careers to provide them with what they need to know and do to progress and learn how to lead others effectively.In short, BETTER: The Fundamentals of Leadership provides valuable wisdom, necessary understanding, and practical insights for anyone interested in the challenging subject of leadership.

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Publication date: 05/23/2016
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About the Author

Tim Stevenson has devoted his life to developing leaders and organizations. He was an effective leader for more than 30 years, serving four nonprofit and for-profit organizations. In 2007 Tim decided to specialize in the field of leadership development, and added certifications in Sherpa Executive Coaching and Sherpa Leadership Institute processes. In 2014 he was honored with the distinction of Master Sherpa Coach, one of only seven in the world. His full-time emphasis today is helping men and women become more successful through becoming better leaders and growing in personal effectiveness.

Beyond being a successful leader himself, in every organization he has served Tim has created leadership-development processes. He has actively developed hundreds of other leaders, many of whom have themselves become leadership developers in countries all over the world.

His executive coaching clients have included C-level executives, physicians, directors, and managers in a variety of industries, including healthcare, commercial real estate development, relocation services, church and denominational leaders, and many more.

Tim is an accomplished speaker and team facilitator, applying leadership and team effectiveness workshops for numerous groups.

Always active as a writer, Tim publishes his free e-newsletter Leading Insights, with over 180 articles to date on leadership applications, managing principles, and tips for greater personal effectiveness. He has also previously written 8 published books.

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