Between Midnight and Morning: Historic Hauntings from the Frontier, Hispanic, and Native American Traditions

Between Midnight and Morning: Historic Hauntings from the Frontier, Hispanic, and Native American Traditions

by Patrick M. Mendoza


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Historic hauntings and ghost tales from the Frontier, Hispanic and Native American Traditions.
In the shadows lurking between midnight and morning, the imagination reigns. In the ghost lore of the frontier, Hispanic, and Native American traditions, “real” and “imagined” are words with shifting boundaries: shape-shifters live in the shadows; phantom eyes shine in rearview mirrors; invisible mourners chant sacred songs. The 15 tales include: "The Ghosts of Wounded Knee," "The Night of Water," "The Haunting of the Sheridan Inn," and "No Goodbyes."Wolves become women, native artifacts carry curses, and the ghost of Miss Kate catches flying wine glasses. All the stories come from the performance repertory of storyteller Patrick Mendoza, with his narrator's ear for dialogue, eye for detail, and empathy of human frailty. These Native American stories emphasize the importance of fairness and respect.

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ISBN-13: 9780874836073
Publisher: August House Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 12/28/2005
Pages: 128
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About the Author

Pat Mendoza Bio:Pat Mendoza, an internationally acclaimed storyteller, was also an author, singer, composer, humorist, and musician. He was nominated by United States Congressman Mark Udall to represent his home state of Colorado at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Pat's career as a writer, storyteller and songsmith has been unique to say the least. He lived and worked with indigenous peoples in different cultures, in three countries and was formally adopted by the Cheyenne and honored by Lakota people for his storytelling performances. As a result, his unusual stories from native cultures linger in memory and have an authentic style that makes his writing unique.
Prior to his performing career, Mendoza was a police officer and martial arts instructor (he held black belts in Kung fu and Tae Kwando) for seven and a half years (including a year and a half as a homicide investigator). He was a member of two state champion swimming teams, and was an avid weightlifter, martial artist and a PADI certified open water diver.

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