Between the Lines

Between the Lines

by Max Thompson


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This was written when Max was between the ages of eighteen and twenty-one. Max takes you on a journey within the depths of his thoughts at the time. This is a very personal look at a young man’s struggle to find his place in this world.

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ISBN-13: 9781524647537
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/27/2016
Pages: 164
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.38(d)

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Between the Lines

By Max Thompson


Copyright © 2016 Max Thompson
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-4753-7


    City child
    (Ain't no changing it)

    Brick giants tickling the clouds
    A maze of asphalt covering the grounds
    Simple everyday noises seem to amplify every time they come around
    A city child lost in a jungle of sound
    And their ain't no changing it!

    People rushing for work like ants rush for food
    These days the streets are full of 9 to 5 fools
    Juveniles on the curb with absolutely nothing to do
    A city child living by the jungle rules
    And their ain't no changing it!

    Smell the dirt in the air, go ahead, taste it
    See the bricks stacking up, go ahead, touch them
    Hear the noise traveling, go ahead, lean your ear towards it
    I will always be a city child, born and raised in all this shit
    and like I said before, Their ain't no changing it!

    I am only human

    I have been through hell
    I have walked down the stairway of flames
    I met the devil in a narcotic type of way
    He appeared to me in my dreams and also while I was awake
    It seemed to me like I was locked up in chains and I
    couldn't get away
    A slave to my own addictions, my brain cells creating
    Therefore, the sparks ignited impairing my way of thinking
    I've lost 'enough respect for myself yet I gained wisdom
    Gained the notion that I'm only human
    Capable of good or evil, failing or succeeding
    Capable of giving life as well as taking it
    A human responsible for the next generation
    So as I live my life the way I want to live it
    I remember that I'm only human
    A human only capable of being human


    Scientific or sent from above
    Whichever one it is, you can only know love once you've experienced
    It's both heaven and hell
    Not always angelic like a dove
    It could only be what you make it
    Either it hurts or feels good like a simple hug
    Is it for money, self-empowerment or just for the fun of it
    None of the above
    Simply for love and what it's made of
    Visualize yourself in the arms of your chosen one
    The one who you trust to give you a daughter or son
    The same one who trusts you to carry the child he brung
    Through love we bring life
    Through life we bring light
    With light we open their eyes
    And to my eyes love will survive


    The root of all evil, the seed for greed
    trying to live lavish to conceal the need

    Rich man's friend poor man's enemy
    It's love at first touch but leaves your fingers dirty

    Ruler of this world present to past
    Go to any length to get it like tits and ass

    Hunter and the hunted in this life
    It just goes to show that we all need more


    I belong

    We live everyday like the one before
    Looking for spliff 12 out of 24
    It seems like without it life's a bore
    It just takes one puff to open a new door
    And I belong to that generation
    The ones who wander the streets identified as children of the night
    We fight because we only want to take flight
    And take control of our lives
    Now, some of us are murderers
    But some of you too
    So as I stand here with pride I tell you this I'm proud of being part of
    this generation
    And if it means death then so be it

    I need you

    I need you by my side
    I need you next to me when I wake up in the morning
    To kiss me goodnight
    Close to me while I'm dreaming
    I need you to tell me when I'm out of line and to support these crazy
    ideas of mine
    To be there when needed when there are mountains to climb
    I need you to be happy to bring out the same in me
    So always remember,
    You'll always be my baby and the best is yet to be
    I need you

    Think about it

    They say that a higher power controls our lives
    Or it's just simply fate
    Just the thought of it makes me cry
    But see now I'm awake
    Because I made it happen
    Not God, Buddha or Allah
    I make my own rules, call my own shots and accept my flaws
    I'm responsible for the way I am today
    So fuck the one whom you thought you saw
    See, I don't believe in fate or destiny
    Or that our lives are pre-planned
    I believe in individuality and that I can ...
    Sorry, I mean I did make it happen
    I urge you to do the same


    See, friends can turn bitch in a matter of seconds
    The same amount of time it takes for a bullet to hit you once it leaves
    the weapon
    I guess it's just the way it is
    Real friends stay, roaches start fading
    A connection that was never meant to be
    Compliments tum to threats
    A friendship that was never meant to be
    so tell me, who will be next
    The fact is, no matter how much favors or good deeds you might do
    for a person, the selfishness remains
    The tension is sustained until one person proves to himself he's a
    bigger man
    Fuck all them! !
    We'll see who gets the last laugh
    Even though I'm not laughing at the moment
    Tomorrow, all this shit will be in the past
    We'll see who gets the last laugh nigga


    Sometimes I like to kiss
    Sometimes I like to lick
    Run my tongue on every square inch of your body
    No matter what time it is

    Sometimes I like to play
    All night with you HI lay
    Make you wet for days and days No matter what you say
    Sometimes I want to freak
    Take a little trip down beneath
    but no matter what I do
    I need you to feed the freak in me

    Sometimes turns to always
    Simple thoughts tum to freaky ways
    Let the world know from Sidney o Santa-fe
    Sometimes I know you feel the same way


    Something happened to me today
    For the very first time I felt this way
    I don't know if I was jealous or just afraid either way something
    strange happened to me today

    I don't think it was jealousy because we're not together
    per say
    Still I felt pain, so I guess I'm just afraid
    But afraid of what?
    I can't answer myself
    All I know is that she means more to me than any kings' wealth

    I don't believe in fate but her and I were meant to be
    Since the first day we met, a while back at an outdoor party
    I looked in her eyes, she looked in mine
    I took a chance, it wasn't a daily opportunity

    Scared or not, I don't want her to fall for the wrong man Jealous or
    not, the matter is now out of my hands
    I can't drain the seas or change the earth's rotation
    But if I can't have her
    There's a lucky man out there who can

    A simple theory

    A split second reaction
    Live or die
    It's only a matter of moments now
    Adrenaline high
    Blood rushing like highway traffic through your veins
    Can't think straight, can't even feel the pain
    React quickly, turn the situation around
    Get the upper hand
    Force your foes to the ground
    Use what you found, be invisible like sound
    Confuse your opponent
    Tum his self-esteem around
    Only one person can step away a winner
    You decide, is it you or the other?
    Because it's not necessarily the one who
    leaves unharmed who claims the victory
    But the one who uses talent and skill Both physically and mentally
    It's a simple theory

    No angel

    There are moments when I feel trapped
    Even lost perhaps
    Wandering by myself in my own thoughts in effort to find out where
    I'm at
    My place in this world is yet to be determined
    And I'm no angel, that's a fact
    It only takes a matter of seconds to make a nigga like me snap
    I try not to stay to close to the ones I love
    I always take a step back
    Because I don't want to harm them with all the shit I got on my back
    That's probably the biggest mistake I ever made
    Pushing my family away
    Because life to me they gave
    I realize it but can't apply it to my ways
    I haven't got the slightest idea why I act this way
    Is it my entourage, the schools I went to or the drugs I do?
    Like I said I have no clue
    But I must be on the right path because I'm writing this today


    Did you know that every word in our vocabulary is based on
    Except for one: Death!
    How can we have a word for something that has never manifested
    itself to us
    Of course we've seen death
    But never over our own heads 'cause it's always someone else
    So what is death?
    Is there something laying behind its darkest doors
    Or is it just the end
    The eternal shut down of our thoughts and feelings
    Some people qualify it as a very deep sleep which should be peaceful
    But if you never awaken from your sleep all the benefits that are
    supposed to go with it are annulled
    The purpose of sleeping is rejuvenation
    Without the walking up part it's worth nothing
    But there's one thing of which I'm sure and one thing only
    I don't want to find out the answer to this question to quickly
    I prefer living ignorant about the subject than not living at all
    Death remains an enigma to us all

    This is not a goodbye

    Nice guys finish last
    This was shown to me through personal experience
    So many situations in the past turned to dark moments
    It's the thug over the poet
    And love, you're scared to show it

    Recently I felt both the pain and joy of being in love
    And of course, being a human, pain is more apparent than joy
    It seems like if joy just passes by but pain
    leaves a deeply rooted stain
    I learned this the hard way,
    but deep down I remain the same
    The man, poet, MC
    The lover not the hatter
    And no matter how much I might care for you
    I won't change

    So because of my personality I remain nothing but a shoulder to cry
    on, the best friend
    Yet you'd feel funny seeing me with another woman
    Now here's my question
    Am I supposed to keep on torturing myself and prive myself of any
    other relationship
    because I'm obsessed by the simplest things like your presence?
    Or do I move on, forget about my feelings and dull my senses?
    I tend to lean towards the second option no matter how painful it may be
    And I intend to approach the situation with caution
    I'm not the type to harm the ones I love
    I just want you to promise me one thing
    Don' t ever say that you never found someone who cares for you
    Because you and I both know it ain't true

    maybe it's for the better that we part our own ways
    But know this
    Never in a million years would I regret meeting someone like you
    Even if it was for the shortest minute
    I loved you then
    I love you now
    And the feeling will remain until the end of my living days
    Don't you dare forget it

    The stage

    I can hear her calling me
    Softly whispering my name like the wind on an autumn day
    I can see her staring at me
    Yet very rarely together we play
    I can still remember the very first time I laid eyes on her
    We touched once and were as one for life
    Her and her freaky ways!
    Our first encounter involved a threesome with a mic
    The stage captured my heart and soul
    And when we're together all lights shine bright
    We are as one in the spotlight


Excerpted from Between the Lines by Max Thompson. Copyright © 2016 Max Thompson. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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