Biblical Myths and Lies: The Traditions of Men Exposed

Biblical Myths and Lies: The Traditions of Men Exposed

by Edward Lynn Baird


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Biblical Myths and Lies
Traditions of Men Exposed

The Bible is infalible but it is not easy to understand and get at it's truth. There are rules of study that must be employed. Not applying these rules has led to countless misinterpretations and differences of opinion thus we have so many denominations today. One might ask if the Bible is infalible then why is this? It's because men's bias, laziness, greed, have crept into later Bible translations (NIV) and pulpits of the unlearned that have basterdised the text which I call "traditions of men".
One of the most damaging of these traditions and lies, is the popular "rapture doctrin" which I deal with at length. There are fourteen common myths dealt with in my book. The unbelievability of these myths, such as all races stemming from Adam and Eve and the world created in seven 24 hour days, causes many to discount the Bible from the get go.
The goal of my book is to bring truth to the forefront in dealing with man's faulty interpretations so that any Bible reader can start correctly in their quest in seeking the beauty of Gods Word. The poems depict the inner spirit that can be achieved by truly loving our great Creator God. This closeness comes by knowing Him, and that comes by reading with understanding His love letter to all who will's to see and hear.

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ISBN-13: 9781522730859
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/24/2015
Series: Myths and Lies , #1
Pages: 162
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About the Author

Edward Lynn Baird was born in Carmel Ca. in 1945. He met his life partner Bonnie Stalter in 1962 and are together to this day. They have three children and five grandchildren. Baird retired after a 50 year career in management in 2013 and he and Bonnie reside in Santa Barbara, Ca.
Edward had his life changing dream in 1974 starting him on a quest for spritual truth. He began studying the many religeons and dabbled briefly in new ageism. Baird was raised in the Christian Science religeon which enitially turned him off to all religeon. But his dream experience inrtoduced him to the person of Jesus. Now he knew Him to be real.
Baird was drawn to televangalists and watched many of them over the next few years, curious about the alter calls and the emotion. In May of 1985 Baird gave his life to Christ answering the call while watching a telaevangelist.
Being hungry for the Word Baird began his quest for knowledge listenig to radio preachers and tapes during his daily 2 hr commutes to work. He knew in his heart he was hearing alot of false teaching however and felt lost as to how to get deeper into the word. A Christian friend asked Baird to justify the rapture doctrin Shcipturally. Baird, believing in it, was sure he could but after hours found that he could not. Every word or phrase Baird pointed to, his friend could nullify by to the correct translation or intent. The friend used a Strongs concordance in conjuction with a King James Bible and a Ferrar Fenton Bible. This new Bible had the correctly translated word in almost all cases.
Using these tools and more, Baird was now on his way to being a serious Bible student. Baird continued studying on his own and could stand toe to toe with any would be preacher finding fault with most. Baird tried few churches along the way but when hearing false teaching he quickly fled the scene. During this time he wrote several Christian poems.
In 2010 Baird happened on to the television Bible teaching of Shepherd's Chaple taught by Arnold Murray. Now, finally, a man who Baird agreed with on almost every questionable Biblical issue. Murray exposed and cleared up the many false teachings "traditions" of men. Now Baird had a church via the internet and T.V.
Over the next few years Baird studied with Murray picking up more books and tapes as well. Greens Interlinear and The Companion Bible by Bullinger and his book "How to Enjoy the Bible" were critical in Bairds growth leading him to write this Bible primer.

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