Big Jim

Big Jim

by R. Richard

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Big Jim Mack has an overly large organ. He's made use of it, during company sex parties due to the necessity of preserving contracts to save the company. Will some of the company employees take advantage of Big Jim for their own incestuous sex party? The methods of saving the company may well be considered unusual or shocking, but are nonetheless successful. Big Jim is a reminder that what is considered debased and perverted for some, may well be normal for others.

The time and day arrive and I show up at the party as directed. I walk in wearing just leather pants, a leather vest and shoes.

Hannah and three other girls are flirting with six guys. There are two other women standing off to one side. One of the ladies is dressed in some kinda negligee and the other one is big, ugly and has on leather, a fucking diesel dyke, for damn sure.

Hannah walks over to me, more or less ignoring the fact that one of the guys just untied the side string to the panties of her little nightie. She tells me, “Go get Amy, take her into a bedroom and fuck her brains out!”

I go over to where I'm pointed and the negligee lady says, “I’m Amy, are you Jim?”

I bow slightly and say, “At your service, ma'am!”

Amy beckons me through a door and into a bedroom; diesel dyke follows us in. Amy asks, “See anything you like?”
“I like those tits.” I also start caressing those tits.

Amy says, “Tits I got. Let’s just get over to that bed!”

I pick her up and carry her over and set her gently on the bed. “You know it's difficult to really evaluate a lady like yourself when you wear all those clothes.”

Amy flashes me a little smile and wiggles out of an outer layer of lace. She then reaches back and unfastens her bra, saying, “I’ll need a little help getting this off.”

I help her off with the bra and then with a couple of other items. By the time she's nude and I'm just wearing leather pants, a heavy breathing Amy tells me, “Stick your damn cock in me!”

I lay Amy back on the bed and slide off my leather pants. I then join Amy on the bed.

I grab Amy and put her legs over my shoulders as I did with Hannah. Amy doesn't have the same technique as Hannah, but I know how to move my hips around a bit and I stroke a few times, as I get my whole length in. Amy is a little loose in the pussy department, but I got the equipment to handle the situation. I work Amy’s pussy while she rubs herself and works one tit with her fingers. I help out with my fingers on the other tit and Amy tries to thrust back against me as I fuck her. Amy isn't really strong enough, but I thrust hard enough to get the effect and we work towards a climax. I feel Amy shudder as she climaxes and I let myself come inside Amy, as I finish the job with a half dozen hard finishing strokes, pumping my cum. I then dismount and lie down next to Amy. I tell the lady, “Amy, you were fantastic.”

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Publisher: Lot's Cave, Inc.
Publication date: 07/09/2016
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