Big Town Biography

Big Town Biography

by New York Daily News

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This book is the follow-up volume to the award-winning, critically acclaimed Daily News series, Big Town Big Time, which was published last year. While Big Town Big Time focused on the events of the past 100 years that have made New York famous, Big Town Biography features the people - some famous, some infamous, and some obscure - who have made New York the greatest city of the century. The book will include features on politicians, entertainers, sports heroes, business leaders, criminals and crime stoppers, philanthropists, high society personalities, and the everyday New Yorker whose life contributes to the fabric of the world's greatest city.

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ISBN-13: 9781582612386
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
Publication date: 12/28/2000
Series: Daily News Series
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 9.79(w) x 13.30(h) x 0.59(d)

Table of Contents

1Vivian Gordon: Moth to the Flame11
2Johnny Broderick: True Detective12
3Arnold Rothstein: The Big Gray Rat13
4Texas Guinan: Heart of Gold14
5Gene Tunney: Breaks of the Game15
6Henry Clay Frick: American Sepulchral16
7The Dead End Kids: East Side Story17
8Kip and Alice Rhinelander: Social Error18
9Anna Lonergan: Silence of the Rose19
10Anthony Comstock: Burning the Witch20
11Dr. Frederick Cook: The Grail at the Top of the World21
12John Purroy Mitchel: The Boy Mayor22
13John Purroy Mitchel: The War Mayor23
14A. Philip Randolph: Hammer and Tongs24
15John D. Rockefeller Jr.: God's Gold25
16Molly Goldberg: Come Will and Come May26
17Nathan Handwerker: Good Dog27
18Father Divine: Peace in the Valley28
19Major Bowes: Around and Around29
20Jacob Ruppert: The Old Ball Game30
21Jafsie: Half-Dream31
22Mamma Leone: Un Piccolo Posticino32
23Hetty Green: Penny Saved, Penny Earned33
24Bat Masterson: Guns Off34
25Charles Chapin: The Good Earth35
26Monk Eastman: Our Lost Pal36
27Kid Dropper: Rites of Passage37
28Nikola Tesla: Stormbringer38
29Robert Elliott: Good with Electricity39
30Arthur Schomburg: The Frontiersman40
31John Hammond: White Cat41
32Nathan Straus: Safe as Milk42
33Rodman Wanamaker: Dreamland43
34Clifford Holland: The Digger44
35Mock Duck: Red Flags45
36Mock Duck: Blood of the Flower46
37Mock Duck: Blood of the Rooster47
38Shipwreck Kelly: The Guy in the Sky48
39Alice Diamond: Not the Kind to Bear a Grudge49
40Zelda Fitzgerald: Awfully Happy50
41Al Jolson: Faint Lavender51
42Big Tim Sullivan: Damned Fine Irishman52
43R.F. Outcault: Polychromous Effulgence53
44Harry Reichenbach: Packing the House54
45George and Ira Gershwin: Out to Write Hits55
46Alain Locke: Forward on a Star56
47Frankie Manning: At the Hop57
48Charles Atlas: Clean Work58
49George V. Denny Jr.: Yes and No59
50Edwin Franko Goldman: On the Mall60
51Toscanini: Miracle of the Canaries61
52John Reed: The Free of Washington Square62
53Sidney Hillman: Constructive Cooperation63
54Father Duffy: God and Country64
55Smoky Joe Martin: Last of the Breed65
56Conde Nast: Golden Needles66
57Conde Nast: Golden Needles (Part two of two)67
58Phil Payne: Cute Newspaper Stuff68
59Phil Payne: Cute Newspaper Stuff (Part two of two)69
60Frances Grayson: Still Small Voice70
61Frances Grayson: Still Small Voice (Part two of two)71
62George Palmer Putnam: Inventing Amelia72
63Floyd Bennett: The Isles Beyond the Ice73
64Helen Walsh: Called by Angels74
65Bernarr Macfadden: Out Goes the Bad Air75
66Big Bill Dwyer: The Sporting Life76
67Stanley Weyman: Not Wholly Symmetrical77
68Richard Whitney: Not Good Enough78
69Dixie Davis: Nice Boy79
70Johnny Roventini: Smoke and Mirrors80
71Dick Merrill: Over the Trees81
72Gerald MacGuire: Conspiracy Theory82
73Juan Trippe: Chosen Instrument83
74Brigid And Willie Hitler: The In-Laws84
75Gen. Robert Danford: Under Arms, Sort Of85
76John Roy Carlson: The Joiner86
77Meyer Levin: The Bombardier87
78Harry the Hipster: Frantic88
79Lewis Valentine: Many a Black Eye89
80Red Barber: Another Country90
81Sugar ray Robinson: The Sweet Life91
82Generoso Pope: Good Soldier92
83Generoso Pope: Good Soldier (Part two of two)93
84Joseph Scottoriggio: Rain on the Grave94
85Joe Gould: The Duty of the Bohemian95
86Ed and Pegeen Fitzgerald: For Better or for Worse96
87Toots Shor: Prayers for the Dead97
88Roxy: Pleasant Dreams98
89Dr. Martin Couney: All the World Loves a Baby99
90Dazzy Vance: One and Only One100
91Samuel Battle: An Officer and a Gentleman101
92Joseph Ryan: Quiet Curses102
93Willie Bryant: Something Big103
94Minnie Marx: Mother's Day104
95Billy Strayhorn: Cracking the Code105
96Harry Smith: Perfecting the Self106
97Mad Dog Coll: Mayhem107
98George Metesky: Fair Play108
99Vito Battista: Go Fight City Hall109
100Fred Friendly: High Road110
101Chuck McCann: Absence of Restraint111
102Stanford White: All Things Gorgeous112
103Sime Silverman: Mugging the Theater113
104Hart Crane: Falling Shadows114
105Anne Chisari: Human Interest Story115
106Oscar Collazo: Ni con Carcel, Ni con Balas116
107Ralph & Alice Kramden: Hitting the High Note117
108Junius Kellogg: The Unfixer118
109Dr. Wallace Howell: Stormy Weather119
110Bobby Thomson: Watching It Sail120
111Rudolph Halley: Streak of Light121
112The Harlem Globetrotters: Showtime in Jerusalem122
113Austin Tobin: The Port Authority123
114Pat Weaver: Remembering the Future124
115Bishop Sheen: God Love You125
116Bill W.: Great White Light126
117Sam LeFrak: Better Homes and Gardens127
118Mickey Mantle: So Young, So Strong128
119Rudolf Abel: The Spy Next Door129
120Bill Shea: Piece of the Heart130
121Casey Stengel: The Baseball Angle131
122Dion and the Belmonts: Pure Bronx Soul132
123Ed Sullivan: Sunday Night Story133
124J. Raymond Jones: Inside Outside134
125Roy Cohn: No Fingerprints135
126Allen Ginsberg: Gone Dithyrambs136
127The Rev. John Gensel: Night Flock137
128George Delacorte: Pharaoh in Wonderland138
129Moondog: Viking about Town139
130Mark Rudd: The Children's Crusade140
131The Smothers Brothers: Line of Responsibility141
132Tiny Tim: The Voices Within142
133Freddie Prinze: Everything in the World143
134Joe Papp: The Torrent144
135Shirley Chisholm: Riding Alone145
136Joe Namath: No Commandments146
137Martin Hodas: Naked City147
138Frank Serpico: Brothers in Blue148
139Crazy Joey Gallo: Dead Man Walking149
140The Kekiches and The Petersons: National Pastime150
141Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: Everyday Things151
142Alberta Hunter: Old Violins152
143Mother Hale: Amazing Grace153
144Jonathan Larson: La Vie Boheme154
145Tony Bennett: Doing What You Do155
146Ab Cahan: Clean Noses156
147Archie Bunker: Change of Life157
148Madison Grant: All Along the Watchtower158
Alphabetical List of Biographies159

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