Bitter Frost (Bitter Frost #1: Frost Series):

Bitter Frost (Bitter Frost #1: Frost Series):

by Kailin Gow


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From the author of the ALA YALSA Reader's Choice Winner in Science Fiction and Fantasy and award-winning filmmaker Kailin Gow comes an epic fantasy series, called Bitter Frost!


"Loved this book and am so excited to see what happens in the next one. I have a feeling that Mrs. Gow will be the next it author." - Amanda Drost, Broken Arrow

"This is my first novel by Kailin Gow and I promise it won't be the last! She has a wonderful way of capturing the reader from the start and easily transports them to an interesting and fascinating world of Feyland where fairies, pixies and werewolves exist – a beautiful place where magic is normal and necessary, and a place where humans normally cannot survive." - Theresa, Just One More Paragraph

"OMG...this series just keeps getting better! I absolutely love this series. I love reading Kailin's books." – Jamie Johnson, Fantasy Book Chick blog

""I love Kailin Gows books and Frost Kisses is no exception. She is an amazing author who can weave her magic so throughly that you feel as if you are there." - Jessica Bolton, Book Rock Goddess

"I have to give the author credit – Love Triangle – very different. What I mean by that – not typical. The author makes it where it will just shock the sh*t out of you. I can't really explain it with out giving it away. The only hint I can give is that it doesn't go down the way traditional love triangles go. I think the author was very bold and for that, she made me a fan." - Sunny

"This needs to be a TV or movie series. I love books and this one effected me so much! The story makes you feel like your in the series. I would watch this any day!" - Christina Rossner


All her life, Breena had always dreamed about fairies as though she lived among them...beautiful fairies living among mortals and living in Feyland. In her dreams, he was always there the breathtakingly handsome but dangerous Winter Prince, Kian, who is her intended. When Breena turns sixteen, she begins seeing fairies and other creatures mortals don t see. Her best friend Logan, suddenly acts very protective. Then she sees Kian, who seems intent on finding her and carrying her off to Feyland. That's fine and all, but for the fact that humans rarely survive a trip to Feyland, a kiss from a fairy generally means death to the human unless that human has fairy blood in them or is very strong, and although Kian seemed to be her intended, he seems to hate her and wants her dead.

This edgy tale about beautiful and dangerous fairies, based on Dutch lore, will leave you breathless...

This is the new release of Bitter Frost (Book 1) of the Frost Series combined with the first book of the Wolf Fey Series, the Series about Logan from Bitter Frost.

The Wolf Fey is the spin-off series about the Shifter Fey, fey who could shift into wolf form.


Bitter Frost
Forever Frost
Silver Frost
The Fairy Letters (Kian's Novel)
Frost Kisses
Midnight Frost
Frost Fire
Spring Frost
Enchanted Frost

Ring of Ice (A year after Enchanted Frost)

Companion Series to the Frost Series:


The Wolf Fey
The Red Wolf
Wolf Magic

THE FAIRY ROSE CHRONICLES - 5 Years Before Bitter Frost

The Fairy Rose
The Fairy Fair
Pixies Vs. Fairies

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781987017762
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 06/07/2011
Series: Bitter Frost: Frost Series , #1
Pages: 186
Sales rank: 617,789
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.43(d)

About the Author

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Kailin Gow is an award-winning international bestselling author of over 400 book titles in over 50 series. She is also a multi-award-winning film/television producer, filmmaker, and global speaker. Her films have premiered in theaters around the world including Cannes. Having traveled to over 25 countries, lived in the American South, in California, Las Vegas, and briefly in England; Kailin Gow feels blessed to be able to use her experiences and inspirations to bring characters and stories from the places she visit, to life.

From visiting Romania, she was asked to write stories about vampires; visiting the Black Forest in Germany and seeing the castles of Europe inspired her to write fantasy; visiting Asia's mystical mountains inspired her to write action adventure and mythological dystopians. From her experience in college as a peer counselor and her volunteer work with women's shelters, she was inspired to write contemporary romance with social issues for women, new adults, young adults, and teens. Having faced adversity, including battling stereotypes and bullying, Kailin Gow has become a well-known speaker and figure in media. Her adventurous bold spirit has taken her around the world, where she has ridden on top of elephants through jungles, hand-fed sting rays, studied kung fu from a Shaolin Temple monk, and learned cooking from a celebrity chef.

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Bitter Frost (Bitter Frost #1: Frost Series) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 193 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will read anything from the prolific Kailin Gow in any genres. Now only does she have hundreds of books, but they are addicting. I have spent many nights staying up trying to finish a series. You read one book, you have to read the next. I am not the only lifelong fan. My sister and cousins are all reading her. There's vintage Kailin Gow and then there's her newest releases. You have to read them all!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Happy there is a game released for Bitter Frost! Can't wait for the film. It will be EPIC!!!
BeautifulBooksForYA More than 1 year ago
Riveting from beginning to end. The action and romance will keep you suspended and wanting more. I became a fan of Miss Gow instantly and forward to her YA novels.
yabookaddict22 More than 1 year ago
Although this book has familiar themes found in some fey books, it is original in many ways. Yes, there is a fairy war, and there is a princess who grows up in the human world, unaware how special she is. But what makes this fey story stand out is the strong family relationships and friendships found throughout the series. This book series isn't about a teen girl lusting after a cold-hearted can't have love interest, it is about a teen girl, her friends growing up and reaching their destinies. Each one of them have their own destinies and challenges. There has been reviews downright critical of this book, which I believe are plants by a rival fey series. I, like so many other fans of this series, think this series is one of the best teen and young adult books out there. There are themes of growing up and being true to yourself. Read this book series for yourself and decide. I've read a few of the books before review this first one, and have now recommended this series to my daughter's school and Girl Scouts Group. I recommend reading this book in order. Bitter Frost, Forever Frost, Silver Frost, Frost Kisses, Midnight Frost, and Frost Fire. There is a spin-off series called The Wolf Fey. I recommend reading The Wolf Fey and The Red Wolf between Bitter Frost and Forever Frost.
MOPSmother More than 1 year ago
Having read all the books in the Frost series, I can honestly say this is one of the best teen/ya fantasy books out there. I fell in love with all the characters. Breena, Kian, Logan, Shasta, Rodney, the Fey Queens, Raine Malloy, even the bad pixie King Delano is sexy and charming. Who wouldn't want to be seduced by him? I'm so happy this series was chosen to become a worldwide major game by one of the biggest game companies. I can't wait. The world in this series is so rich, many fellow readers along with I have said we felt like we can escape real life and get drawn into Breena's world. I recommend you reading Book 2 right after Bitter Frost. Then Book 3 and the rest.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Can't wait for the movie!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read this about a year ago but re-read the entire series because of the release of its spin off The Ring of Ice. Love this series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It's like I'm entering another world. The world building is incredible!
BrendaJBN More than 1 year ago
Over Christmas, I received book 1, 2, 3. Bitter Frost was great, but Forever Frost and Silver Frost were much better. Silver Frost alone was epic. Now I have to get Frost Kisses.
Booklover58AR More than 1 year ago
A quick read, I found myself reading the entire book in one sitting. I can't stop, it was engaging from start to finish. I picked up the second book and the third book right after. Emotionally engaging. Good series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excited about the game released for Bitter Frost! Can't wait for the film. It will be EPIC!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Escape into this fantastic world. You will forget the hours as you get drawn into the story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excited for the film!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you like beautiful strong fairies with some darkness and edge to them, then you will love Bitter Frost. This series reminds me of Wicked Lovely because there is a war going on between Summer and Winter. Breena is the Summer princess. I truly liked that the author made her strong from the beginning. Not once was she a whiny heroine. She's also pretty in her own way to begin with, not later on in so many YA books where suddenly, they become instantly beautiful. I love all things fantasy so this definitely fits what I love. I highly recommend the Bitter Frost Series and everything else from this author.
alyxandra More than 1 year ago
It was alot better than i first expected it to be. The story line progresses pretty fast, but it was still very enjoyable!!! Its totally one of my new favorite YA novels. I highly reccomend this exciting new series!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A fey classic since 2003! I love how it is now on the Nook!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Bitter Frost is on my summer reading list at my library. It has become my favorite series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Like a girl Lord of the Rings!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book club read of the month!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Feels like I am escaping into this world. Kailin Gow's books are a remedy to my chronic pain. You get caught up in it and lose all sense of time and place.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Breena is the Katniss of the Fey world. She is cool.