Black Sunday The Awakening by Jamal Greene

Black Sunday The Awakening by Jamal Greene

by Jamal Greene


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The Awakening igal s about Jamal Heart, who has been free from prison with the help of his sister Aisha Heart, an attorney, and Prince, Jamal's student and friend whom he considers his brother, Jamal tried to live a legal life with his two wives, and children. He was the second man in charge in Black Sunday Organization, until he decided to retire after being freed from prison of charges he didn't commit. He was set up by a corrupted District Attorney, David Clark and his corrupted henchmen on the police force along with Jamal's ex-associate Hakim, who wanted Jamal's place in the organization ...
There were a cartel who had moved into upstate New York, and they wanted Black Sunday's turf in Harlem. They had killed Christian, Jamal's baby mother, and his father, Jimmy Black, who was the Head of the Black Sunday Organization ....
A war had begun between the two powerful organizations bringing Jamal back out of retirement. Jamal had a team of professional female killers, whom he and his sister Alisah formed, and the Death Squad, who protected him. They all waged a vicious war on the streets of Harlem and upstate New York...

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ISBN-13: 9781535370752
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 07/18/2016
Series: Black Sunday Revenge , #2
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

Jamal Greene grow up in the streets of Harlem and went to school there where he met a click of boys and they started hustling on the streets of Harlem and became bosses of their crew along with his cousin Smokey. Jamal was an above average student while in school and became a self taught artist winning awards in school. After some time on the street of Harlem Jamal caught a bid in the state prison and while there he decided to change his attitude and behavior while in prison Jamal taught himself computers and study Law and recieved his certification in Legal Research! While there Jamal chair the N.A. group and helped other prisoners deal with their substance abuse problems upon his release Jamal went to work for Western United Community services as a counselor, Jamal attended Hunter College and got his certification in Understanding Mental Illness, influence by his present wife Denise Thomas Greene and his accomplish son K'wan Foye who also writes began writing fiction novels inside prison and while he was in prison Jamal wrote Black Sunday about the life he known! Jamal mother Bertha Crocker past on while he was in prison whidh also help him to change his life from a negative into a positive person today Jamal lives the life of a Muslim and attend Mosq. Sabur in the Bronx, while in prison Jamal second adopted mother Ethel Foye supported and assist him with her loving heart Jamal first wife and mother to his son K'wan Brenda M. Foye first notice his talent and encourage Jamal to continue to paint pictures and write short stories Jamal use to go by the name of William J Greene and changed his name to Jamal Greene practicing muslims

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