Blue Cat In Paradise: A Lou Malloy Crime Series

Blue Cat In Paradise: A Lou Malloy Crime Series

by J Frank James


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Hilary Kelly receives an invitation to be in her best friend's wedding and Lou Malloy decides that it would be best if he went with her. Their destination is Manaus, Brazil on the edge of Amazonia. Hilary is excited to see her friend, Maria Batista, only to learn that all is not well when one of Maria's servants, Davi, show up to enlist the aid of Hilary Kelly and Lou Malloy to drive out the people trying to take over his Mistresses plantation. When Hilary learns that her friend's fiancé has been killed and she has been forced to vacate her family's plantation where they have lived since the late 1800s. Helping Hilary's friend would seem simple enough for Lou Malloy, except he has to fight a corporate buyer by the name of Henrich Jergins, hungry for land along the Rio Negro River to add to an abandoned city where Jergins wants to create a new Germany. Then there is the ruthless outlaw known as El Machete, who likes to kill his prisoners by removing their heads. To mix things up, there is a dangerous tribe of Indians who make shrinking heads into an art form. Hilary is determined to help her friend and enlists Malloy to figure out the best way to do that. While in Manaus, Malloy meets the inscrutable Dondi Arterio, who is actually a spy for Max's Homeland Security Organization and a Major in the Brazilian Secret Service, ABIN, but brings a lot of skills when it comes to surviving in the jungle. However, the solutions appear limited for Malloy. He has to somehow save Hilary's friend from being killed by two killers as well as fight off two eco-terrorists who want to prevent the settlement of the rainforest at all costs. When Malloy learns that the area was frequented by group of Vikings when he reads an old diary about their exploits and that there is a lost city in the mountain area of Brazil known as the Twin Mountains. There he meets the leader of the Airomar Indians, who looks more like a Viking than any Indian Malloy has ever met before. In addition to these minor details, there is an animal called the Blue Cat that acts as a vigilante of one removing dangerous people and showing up at the right time and then disappearing. And if that is not enough a Hitler want-to-be shows up to claim his legacy and Malloy learns that he may hold the secret to a hundred million in gold taken from German coffers and removed to Brazil by the Germans just before the end of World War Two. It is this gold that Max Reynolds now wants to get back as well as prevent this Nazi want-a-be from creating more political damage than he already has. Max thinks that the new Hitler my not be new at all, but the old Hitler in a new skin. If that is the case and word gets out that the real Hitler has survived the war, world turmoil will occur. Max's instructions are to make sure that does not happen. However, first the team of Malloy and company has to battle a horde of blood thirsty savages lead by a Chief who never saw a head that he didn't want to shrink. As the war rages on, Malloy fights the chief assassin, known as the Black Sword, to the death. Hired by the Germans to kill Hilary' friend, Maria Batista, Hilary and Malloy seek to prevent the Germans from getting control of Maria's plantation and the hundred million in gold. To help him in his effort, in addition to Hilary Kelly, Malloy has enlisted the support of Crusher and Jeremy and even Max Reynolds gets into the action. Following every avenue he can think of, Malloy and Max and forty of their closest friends descend on a lost city carved deep into the side of a mountain by the Germans during World War Two that is more an underground fortress than a city. The man, who now calls himself Adolf Hitler, returns to remove the gold and return to Germany victorious again and return Germany to its glory days of old. One thing that the new Hitler didn't count on was the presence of the Blue Cat. A beast with paws the size of pie plates, the would-be Hitler doesn't escape the grasp of the Blue C

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ISBN-13: 9781492826835
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/27/2013
Series: A Lou Malloy Crime Series , #3
Pages: 314
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

J. Frank James is a synonym for James F. Johnson. Jim has been many things in his life, but the one thing that he enjoys the most is to communicate with people and introduce new readers to the cast of characters that appear in his books.
Born in Tennessee, Jim began his career in writing by first securing a BS degree in Journalism and a BS degree in Advertising from the University Of Florida College Of Journalism. While in school, he worked for the Gainesville Sun as a reporter, photographer and plate maker and several of his news stories were picked up by the Associated Press. From there Jim attended law school, obtained a Doctorate of Law. While in Law School he was a member of the law review and published an article as a member there.
It wasn't until later in his life that Jim's journalism skills came back around and he started writing books. There Jim will introduce you to his cast of characters that make up the Crime Bandit team. You will learn about Lou Malloy as he leads the team of Hilary Kelly, Crusher Barnes and the mysterious "Blue" as the fight their way through one intrigue after another.
You can purchase Jim's books on Amazon and view Jim on and on his website at
As a self-taught artist and rug designer concentrating on endangered species, Jim has displayed his art in several galleries, such as in Booth Bay Gallery, Booth Bay, Maine; The Goodyear Cottage On Jekyll Island, GA (where he had a one man show); Blue Frog Gallery, Atlanta, GA; Glynn Art Ass'n, St. Simon's Island, GA and now McIntosh Art Ass'n, Darien, GA. Working in acrylics, his work is bold, fun and inspiring. His prints are limited editions on both paper and stretched canvas.
To date, Jim has written ten novels under the pen name J. Frank James in honor of his Father who was killed in World War Two. Jim lives in Atlanta with his lovely wife, Lorraine, and their ninety-five pound boxer named Jake.

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