Blue Heeler Training Book for Dogs and Puppies, by BoneUP Dog Training: Are You Ready to Bone Up? Easy Steps * Fast Results Blue Heeler Training

Blue Heeler Training Book for Dogs and Puppies, by BoneUP Dog Training: Are You Ready to Bone Up? Easy Steps * Fast Results Blue Heeler Training

by Karen Douglas Kane


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Blue Heeler Training Book for Dogs & Puppies by BoneUp Dog Training

Are You Ready to Bone Up?

Simple Steps, Quick Results. Blue Heeler Training

Special Bonus Inside

Are You Ready to Bone Up?

Because, this Blue Heeler Training System begins From the Car Ride Home. Like, now. When it counts. When it matters to you, your pup, and your family. From Day One. Today.

Day one makes the success difference in training your Blue Heeler. It's that critical moment to begin communicating with your dog at your pup's level.

There's a name for it too. It's called Dogmanship, and your dog craves it. Fact, it's the key difference in the Bone-Up dog training system that creates the Simple Steps that get you the Quick Results you're looking for - now. Now, and not some time, some-day, in some-future.

Look at what you're about to learn in how to teach your Blue Heeler

BoneUp dog training is all about rewards-based clicker training using Dogmanship, a clicker, treats, praising and phrasing. All in a Simple Steps, Fast Results, Dog Training System for both new, and experienced dog owners.

Simple Steps, Quick Results Dog Training: Including:

Clicker, Treat TrainingThe Ultimate Results Training System

Basic Commands. All of them you could possibly need.

Hand CuesThink about it! Have You Ever Been on the phone, while your dog is barking? Yes? Well no more of that unnecessary nonsense. With Bone Up Hand Cues, here's exactly how to stop that nuisance without skipping a beat.

SocializingDog's love hanging out with friends too. They can also tell who's a true friend too. If you know what I mean.

Dog Behaviors TooSuch as: Barking, growling, peeing, pooping, chewing, begging, whining, rubbing, nipping, jumping, humping, rubbing, digging, running away, chasing, and all the rest, replaced with the best.

Alpha Dog Important-Stuff-Here! Listen, Your dog craves the Alpha. And from the Car ride home its either going to be him or you that determines it. This is critical in training your dog at once. It's Key.

So, if you are ready to bone UP with the best of them, (like, the pros) then try my book right now.

Go ahead ORDER NOW and I can promise you later today, you can and will begin to stop bad behaviors and replace them with dog obedience habits you're seeking to attain - NOW. Now, and not some-time, some-day, in some future, with some other so-called-system.

Want Results Beginning Now?

Order Today! And you will be so glad you decided to Boned-Up on it. (I promise you and I can guarantee it)

.And before you know it, you can attain that special bond and respectful, lifelong fun, loving relationship you want with your dog, and your new family, today.

With loving care, for you and your New Blue Heeler,

Karen Douglas Kane. BoneUp DOG Training Systems, and a Dog Trainer and Lover of Blue Heelers

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ISBN-13: 9781987561487
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/04/2018
Series: Blue Heeler Training , #3
Pages: 102
Sales rank: 1,061,729
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.21(d)

About the Author

Blue Heeler Author and trainer, Karen Douglas Kane is the author and co-author of the Bone Up Dog Training books for dog and puppies. She herself has a couple of dogs of her own named Sam, and Butler. Her whole family gets involved in caring for and training them too.

Karen, began early on as a dog lover and trainer before finishing her master's in English literature and writing. Now a writer of dog training books (her passion) she says, because she grew up on a cattle farm in Wyoming.

Since childhood Karen would always be around cattle dogs and Blue Heeler dogs alike on her farm. However, she continued, retrievers were always running about and playing in the fields with her, and her siblings.

While growing up, Karen learned a lot about training dogs on her own as you could imagine, but also from her father Bill Kane, who was not only an old cowboy and cattle farmer but who also began dog training early on in his teens. Bill learned dog training from his grandpa.

"Dog training has always been part of our life for generations. Guess you can say that it is also kind of a family tradition that we take serious, due in-also to the love of all our dogs, animals care for over the years."

Needing worker dogs, growing up on a farm Karen also trained, hunters and ratters alike, who too, did their fair share of work in keeping the farm free of varmints, and in tip top shape. Working with all these dogs over all these years, has kept her busy, and is now keeping her own family busy, while teaching how to train dogs and putting it into her classic Bone Up Dog Training books.

Karen had a couple of Blue Heeler, a Corgi, a Beagle, and a Maltese, stating she always had lapdogs who were all part of her growing up. She states she wouldn't know what to do with herself if it weren't having her kids and husband, and at least five different dogs roaming and living around the farm and in her happy-home. When she is not writing how to dog training books, she is training dogs whenever she can get a spare moment.

Karen and her small team of dog training experts, wishes you well and fun while training your Blue Heeler.

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